Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I won a Chef'N peeler from a blog giveaway a few weeks ago and received it last week.I am in love.I must admit that I was skeptical at first,I even started to skip the giveaway and then thought..what the heck.I was surprised when I won and even more so when I actually tried it out.

This is the best peeler I have ever tried.Not only is it easy to use because it fits on your finger and in the palm of your hand, but it takes NO effort.I figured you had to apply some pressure but you really dont.I tried this out on an apple first and was amazed at how fast and easy it was to use.Not only is this the simplest peeler but it also only takes off what is necessary.No more losing half of your apple or potato etc by using a hand peeler,no more cutting your hand when the knife slips , NO MORE FUSS!!

I was able to peel 2 apples in maybe 2 minutes with little to no waste and even less hassle.My 8 year old son wanted to try, which gave me pause.The first time I told him NO WAY it still has blades on it,however I experimented with it and found that unless you run it directly over your finger,it is not going to cut you or anyone else.The blade is in the center of the pad and it pivots side to side to slide easily over the surface you are peeling.Because of the  pad surrounding it,you never come in contact with the blade.I did let him try and he was able to use it with as much ease as myself. It takes a minute to get used to the idea of  peeling with your palm ,but once you do..oh how wonderful.

I have carpel tunnel as well as fibromyalgia and peeling used to make my wrists throb and my arms cramp up.I have used this about 4 times so far and not one bit of pain.

I did not receive anything for this post, nor was I influenced in any way, all opinions are my own from using the peeler.I just decided to share my experience with a great product and a great blog giveaway with others so they may enjoy it too.Happy Holidays!!

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