Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bitch and Moan

Fairy Blog Mother

I love thie idea ,especially as I do it all the time.Great fun to read to!!

First on the whole TWILIGHT thing.I refuse to even watch this stuff or have anything to do with it for so many reasons.

1.I WILL NOT be among the masses of mindless teenagers frantically screaming over someone they will never even know..what's the point? I mean honestly how great can he be..he's human and a man.."nuff said.

2. There are so many better "vampire" movies out there..Bram Stoker,Nosferatu,Dracula..(Bela Lugosi) ,The Lost Boys,ever heard of "Interview"..try reading an Anne Rice novel for gods' sake.

3.I don't know about you but if I'm gonna watch a pale,thin,mussy haired man running around, Im gonna add some red lipstick and white shoes and watch Robert Smith..mmm..the Cure.

Ok on to other things


I homeschool my kids through ECOT-Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow.First off I should say I do love ECOT,however not everything about it.My son Aiden is 6 years old in second grade.

Aiden completed all of 4 weeks of first grade before I said enough already, he can read at about a fourth grade level with 119 words per minute average on his State Test last month.They wanted him to sit and read I see Spot or whatever the hell they have these days..seriously? He can spell elephant,probably,alphabet,etc and they were giving him..SEE,THE,GONE etc for spelling words.Give Me A Fucking Break!!

Not only did the teacher not notice this  herself, but she wanted to argue with me when I contacted her about testing Aiden for acceleration to the next grade.So eventually my bitchy self won out and they did test him..only to call me and say..we think Aiden should move up to second grade..YOU THINK? I only told you that a hundred damn times before.

So anyway they did move him up and he is on Honor Roll. Last week I  received a call from his teacher telling me if Aiden did not turn in a reading paper she was going to turn him/me in to the truancy department for failure to participate.Mind you I am having health issues,am on multiple medications,facing yet another surgery  and have kept the teachers well aware of the situation..weekly in fact.It is MY responsibility to scan and submit his work to the teacher ..NOT HIS
In ECOT  over half of the work is done online and they have daily class with a teacher and other students..which he is guessed it..DAILY.
Given that -
1.I have informed them of what is happening
2.He is well ahead of the masses ..still the best reader in 2nd grade with the closest to him being 90 words per minute
3.He is on HONOR ROLL  and in class with her every day

Yet she cannot email me or even call me nicely to  inquire about the missing paper,instead she is going to threaten me on my voicemail!! I had had enough.Needless to say not only did I tell her what I thought ,but I also called the principal and raised 90 kinds of hell about it.

Guess what..I have not heard a word from the teacher since.


I have a cat who I wanna strangle.I know that sounds bad but I mean it.I love animals of all kinds , and especially cats.This particular cat I found outside about 2 years ago and decided to keep the poor starving thing.He has grown and is beautiful but ignorant I swear.All this time he has been a wonderful pet,until recently.First we discovered he had been using our bedroom closet as a litter box.I only have 1 cat,he has a covered box that gets cleaned constantly and he has used for 2 out of the blue he is being a jackass.He has also decided that he wants to eat bread,rolls,cookies,donuts etc off my kitchen counter, stove,and even on top of the refridgerator..grrrr.We have to keep our bread in the fridge to avoid this.Yesterday I saw him hovering over my daughters diaper bag..I ran over but too late,he had decided to pee inside the bag.He managed to ruin almost an entire pack of pull-ups and was working on taking a crap in it too..WHAT THE HELL? Not only did he do this but he did it not 10 feet away from his nice clean ,freshly changed box..can you say CAT MURDER..grr.He is now going to live on the farm..enough is enough!!


Annette said...

I have to agree, even though I'm a fan of Twilight, there are better vampire flicks out there.

And OMG the cat? Yeah I'd want to kill it too...have you taken him to the vet though? My Mom's cat was having similar problems and it was due to a urinary tract infection or something. Maybe he's a jackass...maybe he's sick?

Thanks for stopping by and bitching and moaning with me! See ya next week! :D

hollowsins said...

Yeah I had thought of that but found out he is fine..just being a