Monday, February 1, 2016

Slimmin Suzie Clay Body Wraps

When I opened this box, I was surprised to find 8 packets of clay powder inside. I assumed that these would be like other wraps I have tried, a peel and stick type, with a cream or gel on them. Obviously, I was wrong. This set includes the pouches of powder, which you mix with water to create a clay, and two large stretch bandages for wrapping yourself after you apply the clay mixture to your skin. It is not difficult to use the body wrap kit, but it is more detailed and time consuming than the sticky kind.

You control the thickness of the clay depending on how much water you add to the powder. A small bit is all it takes to use this, and I found a thicker mix works best to avoid dripping and running once applied. 

Wrapping the area was not a problem, but it is tricky to hold the wrap tightly in place while you try to pin it. The box does not include safety pins for this, only the little metal clips that often come with compression bandages, and these never seem to hold well for me. 

I did notice a reduction of 1-3 inches each time I used one of these packets, and it seems to work about the same on all the areas I tried. It was not immediate, but after several hours I could see a change that seemed to stay, even after multiple days. I didn't have any reactions or skin issues from this, and there was no cold or burning sensation, but the wet clay itself did make me chilly after about 30 minutes. The instructions they sent me by email (there were none included) said warmth adds to the effects, so wearing this during a workout helped.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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