Saturday, February 13, 2016

Black Light Painting Is Too Fun!

My kiddos love painting, both on paper, and on themselves. I had an idea paint that glows would be a sure hit with them, and I was right!

This paint kit can be a blast for both kids and adults. It comes complete with paints, palette, brushes and even a black light flashlight, so you can use this right from the box.

 It is easy to use and has a nice variety of color. Two of them are very close, but are different enough to tell them apart, plus, you can mix more colors using the palette. I was surprised by the size of the bottles in this kit, I assumed they would be smaller than they were.

I like that each one is sealed in plastic to avoid leaking, and that they can be seen in lighted places without the black light.

You cannot see them in the dark without the flashlight or another black light bulb. It is more fun with a larger light, so you don't have to shine the flashlight directly on your face to see the full effects.

This paint blends easily and covers fairly well, but takes an extra coat if you want full, all over cover. It is fun to use as is, and even more fun when you get it in the dark, under a black light. You can create everything from pretty faces to freaky looks with this kit, and it washes right off when finished. The kids had a blast playing with this and it would be great for Halloween or a black light party. You can get creative with some adult painting too, just remember, it is not edible, and keep it external!

*I received a discount on this item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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