Monday, February 1, 2016

Automatic Foldable Rain Umbrella

I have to say this is the best umbrella I have ever had. Not only does it look great, but it is sturdy, and holds up well to wind and rain. The bold purple color is pretty and eye catching, and much more interesting than a plain colored version.

Aside from looking great, this is so easy to operate. The umbrella handle has a two button control with up and down arrows. When you press the up, or open button, it snaps out and opens instantly, and has a nice, wide coverage area. When you are finished, you push the down arrow button, and it collapses the umbrella, so you can easily close it. 

There is a strap with a Velcro closure to secure it tightly too. I love that this has a matching cover for storage and it folds up small enough to fit under a seat, in a tote, or you can carry it by the strap. It's fun and convenient, and does the job well. I have had several chances to use this with the weather here in Ohio, and I haven't had any issues yet.

*I received a discount on this item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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