Wednesday, October 28, 2015

O.B. On the Go!

All woman have to face that dreaded week where Mother Nature decides to visit each month. Just because we don't have a choice in the visits, doesn't mean we can't have a say in how it all goes down.

It's bad enough we have to deal with cramping, bloating, hormones and breakouts, but we should at least have a say in how we protect ourselves during this time. The O.B. Pro Comfort non applicator tampons offer total protection in a form that goes anywhere. The small size means you can keep them in your purse or pocket  and because they don't have applicators, you don't have that mess to throw away either.

There are even cute little storage containers for just this purpose. Nobody has to know what is in there, but you have your tampons on hand all the time. This is perfect for on the go, at a concert, while camping and much more. Keep yourself fully covered without a lot of hassle.

* I received samples for myself and to share with friends as part of a promotion through Crowdtap. All opinions are my own

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