Monday, October 26, 2015

AmazaPens are Amazing!

I am in love with these gel pens. My daughter has a few friends and a teacher who have these, so I had heard of them before, but never tried them myself. I prefer to use the AmazaPens for writing, making notes, school forms and such, but they do color beautifully, if you wanted to use them for an art project or display board.


The white and pastel colors look great on black paper or poster board, so my daughter claimed some for her school Alpha Fair. They do work on lined white paper too, but it can be hard to see some of the bright colors like yellow or neon green on white. I prefer the glitter pens because they leave everything you write full of sparkle and shimmer. They work great on lots of colored paper too, so they are a fun addition to scrapbooks. I especially like to use them in cards or Thank You notes because they add a touch of personality, and I can match the ink color to the card.

I scribble a little on paper with them at first, just to get the ink to the tip and flowing. My pens all worked great once I got them started and I haven't had any problems. They write smoothly and evenly, with no ink splotches or missed spots so far. You might be able to see in the photo that two of my pens had a small crack in the outer plastic. It didn't hurt the pens at all and they work just as well as the others. Sometimes when a shell cracks, pieces fall off or the pens falls apart, but this wasn't a problem with the AmazaPens. These would make a great gift alone, or put them in a personalized cup or holder for a one of a kind present almost anyone can use.

*I received a set of pens in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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