Saturday, October 3, 2015

Natures Release Cellulite Hot Cream

Although this is called Hot Cream, I didn't find it too hot. It does have a heated sensation after applying, but it is not so much that I couldn't stand it. The warm feeling fades quickly and I didn't notice it at all after about 30 minutes.

This cream is nice and easy to apply and has the feel of a lotion. It does have a medicine smell to it, sort of menthol and maybe citrus or something. I am not sure what it is, but you can smell this when you remove the lid. The scent fades faster than the warm feeling and isn't bothersome, but is there.

This cream did help my skin appear more firm and smooth. The uneven areas were less visible and it felt softer to the touch. I noticed less dimpling and a more uniform appearance. I think the real plus with this cream is that it works wonders on sore areas and stiff muscles too. I used this on my neck and back, as well as my upper thighs and it helped to relax the stiffness and reduce the pain in the sore places. You can feel a difference in minutes and it lasts awhile too. The warming sensation feels nice on achy muscles and it helped me be able to sleep when nothing else would. It really is a combination cream that has more than one use.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest opinions.

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