Monday, August 24, 2015

Women's Pink Leaves Camo Ring

 I love that this is a little rugged, but still has that girly charm to it. The splash of pink lets you know right away it is a feminine ring, and it shows your own personal style.

The ring is a little more heavy then a basic band, but not so much that it feels weighted down. It is a little more wide than I am used to as well, but the absence of a setting, keeps it from being bothersome. It spins easily and moves freely and has a nice smooth finish on the inside too. This makes the rings super easy to glide on and off, and doesn't seem to get stuck as easily if you suffer from swollen fingers at the end of a hard day.

This is a great band to show your own personal style. The quality means it works perfectly as a wedding band, a holiday or birthday gift, for a graduation, or just to wear every day. This is a nice choice for the camo fan who wants to wear their ring all the time, but doesn't want it to catch on anything while working or playing. The thin edging of silver adds a bit of flair to the pattern, and it looks great with all my camo accessories too. I love this ring and would love to see them in every color.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest opinions.

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