Monday, August 24, 2015

Wild Red Rose Camo Ring

I am a huge fan of these camo rings. I love that they combine traditional camo patterns with a burst of pretty color, for a fun and feminine look. The red roses in the design add pop and make this already amazing ring even more attractive.

 The ring itself is fairly thin and lightweight and it has a satiny smooth finish inside the band. This is great because there is nothing to snag or catch on anything, and it allows for a nice, even fit. There is a small edging of stainless steel, with the camo band around the center, giving this a unique look that really stands out. The ring has a width a bit larger than a traditional wedding band, but not so wide that it is bothersome.

This would make a great gift for any girl that likes a country or camo look with a twist. These are excellent bands for a camo wedding, as engagement bands or a just because surprise, after all, it is jewelry. The ring is nice and sturdy and doesn't scratch easily either, so you don't have to be constantly worried about damaging your ring. I like these so much, I would love to have a variety of colors and patterns so I could have a different one for each day!

*I received a discounted item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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