Sunday, August 23, 2015

Precision Music Guitar Tuner

My son has gotten into guitar playing in the past couple of years, and that means having to get him supplies and equipment along the way. I guess I don't really have to do it, but I try to support the things they actually show a real interest in, even if it means getting extra supplies!

This guitar tuner was simple and easy to use. It came ready to go right from the box and took only seconds to attach. The clip on method makes it quick and easy to take this on and off, and the compact size allows you to take it with you almost anywhere.

My son wanted one of these for his guitar and it worked exactly how he expected it to. The pitches were spot on and it left him with a nice smooth sound. The simple button control means no configuring a ton of things before you can even use this. This is perfect for anyone looking for an inexpensive, durable and travel friendly tuner.

This has been used multiple times with no problems or issues of any kind. It makes a nice gift for player in your family.

*I was sent a sample item for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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