Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beejuvenate All Natural Beeswax Premium Skin Balm Review

As the days and weeks pass me by, I find myself making more of an effort to find and use products that help to slow down the signs of aging. I look for sun protection in everything and always have an eye searching for words like "healing, smoothing and softening".

Of course, then I have the ingredient concern. What exactly is in this miracle product that promises to keep me looking young?  Considering some of the ingredients I have come across, I just might prefer to have a few of those wrinkles than to slather on a blend of unknown compounds, so "natural" is a word I look for too.

The Beejuvenate Natural Beeswax Balm caught my attention for two reasons. It says Natural right there in the name, and the ingredients list was full of words I recognize and understand. This is what it says on the jar.

Contains: Beeswax, Coconut, Safflower, Shea Butter, Grape Seed, Kukui, Emu, Macadamia, Cocoa Butter, Avocado, Apricot Kernel and Hemp Seed. As soon as I read the list, my first thought was how delicious this sounded. The mix of ingredients that I have used before made me much more comfortable in giving this a try.

The balm is so thick it forms a solid in the jar. It took a bit of pressure to break into it enough to remove some of the balm, but once I did, it was well worth it. It only takes a small amount of this to do the trick. I was able to cover my elbows and both hands with a dollop the size of a large pea. It smooths onto the skin easily and covers well.

Like any product containing beeswax and oils, this does have a bit of a greasy feel to it. It isn't slippery or bothersome, but it is there.You notice the balm for only a few minutes before it soaks into the skin enough that it doesn't feel oily anymore.  It also has a soft, soothing scent to it that smells like the coconut and Shea butter to me. This is not a bad or overwhelming scent, but a nice, relaxing one.

I plan to keep this on my desk so the kids can use it when coming and going. I imagine it will work well during the cold weather for their hands and faces.

*I received a sample item for review purposes. Al opinions are my own.

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