Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saving Money With Online Coupons

I used to marvel at those ladies who had it all together with their couponing. I would see them in the store with those organized binders, carefully going down the aisles with a list in hand. I imagined myself going on one of those shopping trips and coming home with a ton of stuff for only a few dollars, like I see them do. I would think about doing it, but it just seemed like so much more work than I had time for.

One of the biggest reasons I was unsure of starting a coupon venture was living in a small town. We only have a tiny local paper, so we get coupon inserts only on Sundays, and even that is a small one. The thought of going out searching for papers to get more seemed like a hassle, and an added expense too. For all that cost and effort, I might not even end up with coupons I could use.

 I knew I could add coupons to some shoppers cards, but that meant I had to use them at that particular store and had to drag membership cards along with me to redeem them. This often ended in several trips to different places just to save a few cents on cereal or juice. In the end that just didn't seem a valuable use of time or gas running from store to store.

Of course, throughout my coupon journey, I had heard of printing free coupons online. I saw advertisements for great deals and even received them in my email. I stared to pay more attention to those and quickly discovered the value of using them. The printing process is usually quick and easy, I can set them to print while I do other things, and I only have to clip the ones I am going to need.

I found there are tons of available coupons that I would actually use and it only takes a few minutes to select the ones I want. I can print some for now and some for later, or just the ones I want at the time. I can even subscribe to have them delivered to my email so I always have the newest coupons on hand. This saves so much time over locating papers, sorting through stacks of inserts and clipping them all each and every week. When I am writing my grocery list, I can simply select and print my needed coupons and be on my way. This is sure to add up to more savings in the future and allow me to take advantage of great deals with a lot less hassle.

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