Sunday, March 17, 2013

Planning for Summer Fun

The warmer it gets outside, the more my kids say they are bored and complain that there is nothing to do. They always seem to forget the mountains of toys, games and assorted pieces and parts that are all over the house. They have no interest in the hundreds of dollars in video games and accessories they have lying around or the piles of books they can read. With all that, they claim they have nothing to do once it begins to warm up a little.

I have been looking for more fun things to do outdoors this summer. We already have a bounce house, but even that gets old after awhile. The kids all have bikes and a Plasmacar and they ride around the neighborhood on those, but when they have visitors, there aren't enough to go around. We have two skateboards and a small scooter too, but it still seems like someone is always left waiting for a turn.

I have been thinking of adding a couple more kick scooters to the mix to even it out a little. If I get some of the larger style scooters, then all of the kids and their friends will be able to use them regardless of age or size. This will give us two more outdoor items for them to play with, and allow more variety when they have nothing to do. I can get them in boy or girl styles, or go for something like red or green that works for everyone.

I am sure this will not be all I need to keep them busy this summer, but at least it will be a start to curing the warm weather jitters. With three children of my own, and all of their cousins and friends here too, finding things to keep them all busy is a full time job!

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