Monday, August 6, 2012

Lock Up Safely and Win with Master Locks' Master Combo Challenge

Heading back to school for another year means a lot of changes and,of course,a lot of expenses too.When you send your student off to school this year,remember to grab a few items from Master Lock to protect their precious items.It is sad,but young adults today are exposed to more threats of identity theft and other security threats more than any other age group.

To defend against this,Master Lock has launched the Master Combo Challenge. Simply take the quiz,watch the lock combo and enter the code to win.Test your safety and security knowledge while  entering to win some great prizes including a laptop,gift card and fabulous Master Lock items!

My tips for back to school safety are simple-
1. Don't give out your personal information,passwords etc.
2.When filling out information online,make sure you use a secure browser and sign out of your accounts when finished.
3.Keep your personal items,treasured mementos or valuables locked safely away with the many available items from Master Lock.

The Laptop Computer Lock has a strong self coiling cable,features a set your own combination lock and is made of durable metal to keep those prying eyes out of your business.Available for only $24.99,this simple fix could save you a lot of headache in the future.

The dialSpeed Electronic Padlock allows you to store multiple primary and guests codes.Each of the locks is also pre-programmed with a permanent master code so you never have to deal with cutting off locks for lost or forgotten combinations.This one is also $24.99 and can serve multiple purposes from a school locker to a building or shed key. 

One of my personal favorite products for keeping small items safe is the Safe Space.This portable locking box is compact enough to take with you anywhere,but locks safely to keep others out.My son uses one of these for his expensive drawing pencils and other items in his locker.Even of someone gets into the locker,they cannot gain access to his belongings..At $19.99 you can afford to get one for each member of the family to keep in the car,locker,briefcase,luggage and more!

* I was not compensated for this post,but am entering for a chance to win a Master Lock prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club*

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