Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Ready for School Chaos and Clothing Deals

I am sure many of you are scrambling to get those last-minute school must haves.With 3 kids in school this year,it seems like the amount of things we need has doubled.I tried to get most of the clothes shopping done a couple of weeks ago,so now I just need a few things to be finished with that part.

I snagged a great black and white Adidas shirt at T.J.Maxx for my son.The original price on it was $55 and I got it new,with tags, for $10.I also grabbed a few tees and skater style shirts for my oldest.They were brands like Etnies,Nike,Angry Birds and Ghost Recon,originally $20-$35 each,I paid between $8 and $12 each for them.My husband grabbed a huge insulated lunchbag with carry strap for those long days in the truck.Now I can fit all his lunch food and ice packs inside with ease.I believe it was originally $19.99 and we paid $8 for it.All in all it was a successful visit to one of my favorite discount stores.

While we were out we looked for shoes too.My oldest had already ordered the newest Heelys (which I will be reviewing soon),but I still had to buy for the other two.My youngest son ended up getting Heelys type shoes too and my princess chose sequined Hello Kitty sneakers for her starting day.One pair of Heelys was a review item, the other two we purchased from Target and paid around $70 together for them.

At the end of the day we visited 3 stores and spent around $300.That covered 6-7 shirts each for my boys,an outfit and shoes for my daughter,shoes for my son,socks and underwear for all three kids and a few shorts each for my boys.Of course that is not all we need and my daughter picked out most of her clothing online already from Naartjie Kids.(I will be showing you some of their great deals later).

What about you? How is your school preparing coming or has school already started for you?

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