Sunday, January 9, 2011

Philli -VS- Green Bay 16-21

As you know,I am a football fan.I have had a fascination with the sport since I was a teenager.Everyone knows I am a die hard Steelers fan.but I watch like all the games I can,especially during the playoffs.This has sure been a crazy weekend for football.I was surprised at the outcomes of a few games,especially the Philladelphia vs Green Bay game.

Now,I am not a fan of either team,but, being a betting person,my pick was of course.Philli..boy was I wrong!I have to say Vick just didn't look like he wanted it today.From delayed throws to just plain bad ones,he was not showing much for those looking to recruit him.Of course the bad catches,dropped balls and missed opportunities didn't help the cause any either.I expected much more from them as a team,but then again a team follows it's leader and my opinion,they didn't have much to follow.

Green Bay did a good job of shutting down their offensive drives and Philli just couldn't get it done.Now it's off to face Atlanta Saturday for the Packers.Although they did a good job tonight,I don't see them doing the same thing to Atlanta.My pick for the game is definitely the Falcons..they just don't play around and I see them putting it all over Green Bay.

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