Friday, January 14, 2011

Gage loves his new Spectrum guitar and Heartland America Review

The top gift on my oldest sons list this year was a guitar.Gage told me he would do without anything else if necessary to get one.Because Gage is only 9,I  didn't want to invest tons of money into something he might get bored with or just decide he didn't like.When my mom asked what the kids wanted this year,I passed on Gage's message to her so she decided to make this her main gift to Gage.

You would think this would make me happy right? Well maybe if that didn't involve me tracking down a guitar that could be handled by a very rough 9 year old boy,in specific colors,with an amp and accessories included at a reasonable price! This was no easy feat.I started off by searching for electric guitars using my favorite search and win site.. Swagbucks. After hours of roaming looking from site to site to find just what I needed,I came across Heartland America. I had never been to this site and figured it would take forever to find what I wanted but thankfully the search for junior electric guitar resulted in the perfect find.There it was,right in front of me..Gage's perfect gift!

The Spectrum Custom Pro Guitar features a maple neck and fingerboard with jumbo frets, glossy black finish, black pick guard,  it has an adjustable truss rod, tremolo arm, 5-way pickup selector switch, two tone controls, volume control plus 10 professionally recorded backing tracks. Comes with plug-n-play mini amp, guitar strap, extra set of strings, cleaning cloth and picks! I found this at Christmas so I got an amazing deal.Normally $129.99, I got this for only 69.99! Plus because of their promotion at the time,I got free shipping with tracking which is normally $7.95. I also added a 1 year product agreement for only 4.99 reduced from $9.99. All in all I had it paid in full at only 74.98 from the normal price of  146.92!

Right now you can get this same package for $89.99 plus 3.95 shipping.Yes it is more than I paid but still a great discount price!

To say Gage was thrilled with his present would not be doing it justice..Gage loved his "big" gift,but you can bet he was gad he didn't have to do without any other ones too.

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