Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunsella Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper & Chopper

One of my biggest problems when cooking and baking is having to use so many different tools to get the job done. To make what should be a fairly simple dish, you need half of the utensil drawer before you are finished. This Pastry Scraper helps cut down on the tools used, so you create less mess and have less cleanup after too. That is a huge help to me, and it makes the job that much faster too.

I like that this scraper will chop veggies, fruits and other ingredients with ease. The sharp edge makes it fast work. I like that this will flip foods on a grill or in a skillet just as easily as it slides cookies off the tray. I like that it has built in measurement, so I can see my desired size as I cut. I love that it has a comfortable handle that gives me a good, firm grip. The only things I didn't like were getting the dough out of the little cracks that are  the measuring lines, and the fact that this does scratch easily, so I had to store it by itself to prevent it from becoming covered in scratches. That may not bother everyone, but I like my items to stay bright and new looking as long as possible.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Funny Coffee Mug For the Not-So-Morning Person

After trying another mug from this company, I was expecting this one to be of just as good quality, and I was not disappointed. The mug is made of a solid, thick glass that holds in the heat or cold, depending on the drink you put in it. It gets warm, but not so hot that I couldn't hold it by the handle. The large size means less need for refills, and it holds enough to suit just about any kind of packet or single serve drink.

The printed design makes a great gift for anyone who needs their first cup (or two) before they start their day. It is boxed for wrapping, so it can be given alone, or fill it with your favorite packets, candy or other fun items for a personalized look. I am happy with this mug and don't have any complaints except that I wish it came in packs of two!

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Glow Stars Supernova-200 Glow In The Dark Stars for Decorating

I am always doing DIY projects with my kids to personalize their belongings and space. They try to add as much fun and flair as they can to their life, so I knew these would be something they would like.

Even though the package says 200 stars,I was surprised by how many that actually was. I had enough in this package to do two bedrooms and there were still some left over. The three sizes allow you to create your own specific design or pattern, or use the included Constellations booklet for ideas.

Everything you need is included in the box, so you can use these right away. The putty squares are a little difficult to pull apart, and they are too big for the smaller stars anyway, so I just tore off random pieces and matched them to the stars. This worked fine and has held well. I haven't had any fall since putting them up and they look cute, even during the day.

The stars do glow at night, but I could not get that to show up in the pictures. The more dark it is in the room, the better the glow effect is. They work better after being exposed to light, both natural and artificial, and will glow for hours after, with the ones closest to the light source glowing brightest.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

The Favorite Child Mug Is A Great Gift

I love custom or personalized gift items, and always look for them when I am shopping for a special occasion. I found one of these thanks to Got Me Tipsy.

I think this is such a cute mug and it is perfect for my mom. It expresses my personality in a gift that she can use again and again. The saying works well from any child, even from fur babies to their human parents. It looks cute sitting on a rack or shelf and is perfect for stuffing with special treats, drink packets or other fun stuff. The clear glass design lets you see what is inside easily, and you can quickly tell how much is left in your cup. This doesn't get any hotter than other cups I have, and holding the handle was not an issue for me, even with steaming cocoa. Even though this is made from a thick sturdy glass, it is still glass, so I would not try to freeze it.

I like that this is functional and not limited to a hot or cold drink. I like that it holds a nice sized serving, so it works for cocoa packets, drink mixes or anything else you want to serve in it. I like that the cup comes boxed and ready to wrap for gifting. I really have no complaints about this mug. I have not tried washing it in a dishwasher because of the print, but it seems well made, so it would probably do fine, and it cleans easily enough by hand anyway.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Plastic Bento Lunch Boxes from Sunsella

With three kids in school, I am always getting one request or another for packed lunches. They just don't care for everything the school serves, so I try to keep supplies on hand. The difficult part can be getting several packages or containers in one bag with a drink and ice too. For a simple solution to this, I now use containers like these Buddy Boxes. 

 These boxes are a nice solution for packed lunches. The multi colored lids make them a little more fun, and allow you to recognize one from another easily if you pack multiple boxes at one time. You can easily add labels to these lids too. They are small enough to fit in most lunch boxes or bags, but have enough space for several items. This is perfect for keeping food separated without having multiple packages or containers. I like them for sandwiches with fruit and cookies or sliced meats and cheeses with crackers. The kids like them because they are easy and they don't have a bunch of trash to throw away at the end of lunch.

I like that the Buddy Boxes are handy and functional. I like that they have a touch of color so they don't look cheap or boring. I like the compartments and how easy they are to clean after. The only thing I didn't like was that the lids are not tight enough to use liquids in these. Soup, salad dressing or other runny items can leak out if they are tipped over. I didn't have any lids actually come off, but did have a few dribbles. This is not a big deal for us. We don't normally carry those kinds of foods, but if you do, I suggest keeping these flat, or avoiding liquids to prevent spills.

*I received a sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1000 Piece Building Bricks -Add It To Your Holiday List

I am always watching for a good deal. I want something that is worth the price I pay, and I am willing to wait for it most of the time. I found a new toy item that is worth it's price to me. The 1000 Piece Building Bricks is a multi purpose toy that all my kids will use.

These building bricks are perfect for anyone with imagination. They are just like the bricks I am used to, and they handle the same too.The ten different colors include pinks and purples, green, black, grey, white and more. There are fourteen size and shape varieties that include traditional sized bricks, thin, flat pieces and corner pieces too. The color variety means the set works for boys and girls, and is perfect for groups. With 1000 bricks in this package, you could even get one bag and divide them if you have multiple children.

The bricks are easy to build with, and come apart just like any others do. They connect solidly and don't fall apart on their own, but are not difficult to take apart when ready. There are so many other uses for these bricks too. They are perfect for creating room decor and other crafts, decorating cakes, creating artwork and more. My daughter even has her name in bricks on her bedroom door. These building bricks  are compatible with others of this type, so you can add them to the ones you already have, or use them alone. I really have no complaints about these, and would not only buy them, but would give them as a gift.

*I received a  sample item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Go Visit the Lego Creativity Tour!

I love taking my kids to different activities and events. It is always fun to try something new, and we usually end up having a great time too! Last night we visited the LEGO® Creativity Tour, and it was awesome!

 When you first walk in, you are welcomed with a wave of sound from all the different activities. There is no specific order for this, so you can choose where to start and go at your own pace. There are free build stations where you can create whatever you like, or you can visit the activity areas to do themed art too. 

When you completed a dream house, went through the free photo booth, or made a flower for the garden, you received a Lego gift.

The themes included Best Friends, Ninjago and Lego Greator sets. How cool is that!! By the end of the night, each of the kids had several sets to take home. They also received printed pictures from the photo booth and the cool Bobo Fett station. 

There are brick sculptures of Creator animals, super heroes, family favorites and more. You can pose with as many as you like for your own photo ops too!

Spaced throughout the area, there are places to buy your favorite kits and accessories, and even places to rest or grab something to eat if you like. You have fun, food and family all in one place and it is easy to spend several hours visiting all the stations. There was even a bounce playground area and a rock wall for climbing! 

We had a great time building, playing and participating in the events. I snapped a ton of photos and the kids enjoyed everything they saw. I think the Creativity Tour is a great choice for a fun indoor activity. If it is coming near you, order your tickets online before they sell out! 

*Thanks to my fabulous sponsors, we received free tickets to this event in exchange for sharing it with my readers. All opinions are my own from personal experience.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Create Personalized Gifts for Christmas

With the Holidays approaching, it can be a scramble to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. A person can only use so many household items, gift cards are impersonal and who really needs more candy and treats. This can make it difficult to decide what gift to give, but not if you go the custom route.
Creating a one of a kind gift is not only appreciated, but it lets the receiver know how much they mean to you,. The fact that you took time to personalize something just for them makes them feel special and loved, which is exactly the point of gift giving. Thanks to places like, you can make the perfect gift with ease, and right from the comfort of home too!

At Collage, you simply pick what type of gift you want to give, and design away. They offer over 50 items to choose from, including area rugs, blankets, clothing, wall art and more. This is much better than the limited calendars and prints you find at other places. The variety allows you to give something that really suits the individual, with the bonus of a personalized touch.

You can find something for just about anyone at Collage, or make something special to keep for yourself!

Great Interactive Children's Magazines

My kids love receiving mail. They like cards and letters, but their favorite things to find in the box is a crisp new magazine that is just for them. They love having a magazine with their name on it, and when they open it to find fun activities, photos and stories, they are even more thrilled.  With so many options available, they can get a new one every week. 

A Magazine For Every Child! Great Interactive Children's Magazines Each issue contains stories, a craft project, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities that are designed to give your child a head start in developing their early learning skills with the help of their favorite characters. Your child will spend endless hours stimulating their imaginations and having fun not realizing they are learning! These interactive magazines make the perfect gift!

Redan Publishing is offering my blog viewers a special discounted offer plus a FREE bonus issue for ordering. Go to go and click on the magazine cover with your child's favorite character to order!

Stay tuned for more!