Saturday, November 21, 2015

Go Visit the Lego Creativity Tour!

I love taking my kids to different activities and events. It is always fun to try something new, and we usually end up having a great time too! Last night we visited the LEGO® Creativity Tour, and it was awesome!

 When you first walk in, you are welcomed with a wave of sound from all the different activities. There is no specific order for this, so you can choose where to start and go at your own pace. There are free build stations where you can create whatever you like, or you can visit the activity areas to do themed art too. 

When you completed a dream house, went through the free photo booth, or made a flower for the garden, you received a Lego gift.

The themes included Best Friends, Ninjago and Lego Greator sets. How cool is that!! By the end of the night, each of the kids had several sets to take home. They also received printed pictures from the photo booth and the cool Bobo Fett station. 

There are brick sculptures of Creator animals, super heroes, family favorites and more. You can pose with as many as you like for your own photo ops too!

Spaced throughout the area, there are places to buy your favorite kits and accessories, and even places to rest or grab something to eat if you like. You have fun, food and family all in one place and it is easy to spend several hours visiting all the stations. There was even a bounce playground area and a rock wall for climbing! 

We had a great time building, playing and participating in the events. I snapped a ton of photos and the kids enjoyed everything they saw. I think the Creativity Tour is a great choice for a fun indoor activity. If it is coming near you, order your tickets online before they sell out! 

*Thanks to my fabulous sponsors, we received free tickets to this event in exchange for sharing it with my readers. All opinions are my own from personal experience.

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