Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Studio Movie Grill Offers A Fun Dining Experience

If you are looking for something fun and unique to do for a date, special occasion, or just a night out with the family, Studio Movie Grill is the place for you.

This interesting take on the movie experience is so much fun. You get to drink ,eat and watch, all from your seat with service right to you. Sit down, order your selections and enjoy the film without hassle or issues. What more could you really ask for?

The menu offers starters like pretzel bites, cheese fries and spinach dip to get you going. Add a drink from their selection of cocktails, beer or wine, or change it up with an adult milkshake for a special treat. Not feeling like alcohol, they have soft drinks, tea and more too, so something for everyone.

Next you can fill up on salads, pizza or entree favorites like Mahi Mahi fish and chips, St Louis ribs  or coconut chicken tenders. There is even a kids menu for the little guys. Finish with one of their amazing desserts like frozen hot chocolate or Italian Cream Cake. There are plenty of options and you even have a table try at each seat to make enjoying your food that much easier at the movies. No more using your lap to hold your food and gripping your drink the entire time.

By combining the movie with the dining experience, you get to enjoy food, drinks and film all at the same time. This is a great way to spend a family night out. They play current films and even offer reserved seating when buying tickets online! It's the perfect, no hassle way to enjoy your day. Make a date with someone special, treat the kids for a job well done or go with friends for a relaxing experience.

This really is fun to do and so simple too. Review the site to find the nearest theater, check the menu or reserve seating before you go and enjoy. It's that simple!

*I was provided with tickets to sample the experience. All opinions are my own.

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