Thursday, August 22, 2013

Visiting Virginia Kid Style

The kids are back from their vacation to Virginia to see family. They were so excited when they returned to tell us all about their trip. Of course, we had spoken to them several times while they were gone, so we knew most of what they had done, but they just had to go over it all in detail again.

They spent time visiting their brother who lives there with his mom. That was really great for them since they haven't seen him in forever. They actually have two brothers there, but they do not ever get to see the other one. It is a sad situation really, but one that I cannot change for them.

They all had things they wanted to do while they were there and I think they got to do all of them. They went to the beach to go swimming and got to see the difference between swimming in Ohio and swimming at the beach.

They visited the Natural History Museum which they all enjoyed a great deal. They saw tons of animal bones, several really cool fossils and much more.

They spent a day visiting art museums and found a multitude of things they enjoyed there as well. From modern art to the more conventional pieces, the Fralin Center for American Art has a variety of displays from museums all over the country. It was a good time for them all and they took a ton of pictures to prove it.

All in all they managed to squeeze quite a bit of education into their trip so I guess I can't complain. Especially since they selected most of what they did. The side visits to Build-Bear, Toys R Us and Chucky Cheese don't sound so bad after that :) I am glad they had a good time, and even though I missed them, I enjoyed a bit of peace and the chance to get things done at home without them under my feet the whole time!

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