Thursday, August 22, 2013

Relaxing at Happy Hills Campground

My husband and I went on several small trips while the kids were visiting family in Virginia. We had planned to go camping, but we hadn't decided on where we wanted to go. After the first night of getting eaten alive camping by the river, we chose to go elsewhere for the rest of our camping trip.

We discovered Happy Hills by accident really. It was close to where we were and had open spaces, so we headed there to check it out. We ended up having an amazing camp site and were still somewhat secluded too. It took us a short time to set up camp, then headed over to check out the rest of the place.

There was a small lake where you could swim, take out a boat or fish, as well as a game room by the little store there. We played a few games, Brad won me a stuffed monkey and we went to partake of the cold pool water. On my way out of the shower house, I was stung in the ankle by what turned out to be a Bald Faced Hornet. I discovered this after I went into the camp store, in my swim suit, because it had swollen and hurt so much that I was concerned about it.

The water didn't help a lot, but at least I was able to swim in clear, cold water. I have this issue with swimming in murky water, or where things swim by that you can't see. I usually only swim in pools or at the water park.

We ended up leaving the next day and came back home to recover from sleeping on an air mattress. Not fun! I enjoyed our visit to Happy Hills. It was not too crowded, the staff was very friendly and we had a blast, even though we didn't even do everything offered. If you are camping near Logan Ohio, I would stop in and see for yourself.

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