Friday, May 14, 2010

Stimula Review

                                                  ADULT REVIEW

If you are under the age of 18 or easily offended..Please click away from this review.

For the rest of you..
I was recently given the opportunity to review Stimula.

Stimula  is a water based,stimulating personal lubricant available in both male and female versions.I received the female version to try.Sorry honey!

Fun Fact-Stimula was the Roman goddess to incite passion in women.That's my kind of goddess.

Stimula For Women is such a fun product.The packets come in a cute little tin in pink and silver.I opened it to find 12 silver packets of lubricant.The tin is solid an easy to open whille being cute as classy as well.The tin arrived in a plain package and I had no idea what was inside,so your privacy is respected and your business stays your business!

I love that this product has 2 different uses.
First and the most fun is the stimulating effect.Simply rib on the clitoral region and continue as normal.Stimula for women is desgined to help increase sexual sensitivity, and it does!

Second,you can use this as a personal lubricant too!Stimula is a water- based,water soluble,odorless gel that creates a generous amount of moisture with a small amount of product.Stimula wasn't sticky or messy and didn't leave spots or stains.

I loved this and my husband loved my reaction as well! I found that you can acheive both effects by having hubby help you and it increases the fun for you both too!.

You can also try Stimula For Men and see how the man in your life likes it as well.I know mine is asking for some!

I was not paid for this review.I was given the above mentioned product to try to assist in the review process.The opinions are my own are were not requested or  required in any way.
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