Sunday, October 9, 2016

Premium MASH 100 Pc Nail Art Fimo Sticks

My daughter loves fimo and it is less expensive to buy them in bulk and cut them myself. My selection came with exactly 100 sticks, and only one or two that were close to the same, with one being a bit smaller or a different color. I received-

24 assorted fruit designs including- orange, pear, apple, raspberry, lime, strawberries and watermelons
15 flowers including- white, red, pink, purple, orange, blue and some with the smiley face center

17 butterflies including- pink, red, purple, blue, rainbow, brown, white and some of the side view type
7 feathers in different color combinations
3 dragonflies in different colors and sizes
8 mixed foods like an egg, cupcakes, ice cream cone and
7 hearts including double colors, one with a peace sign in the center and two that were heart shaped but also fruit- a strawberry and a raspberry
The rest were assorted like smiley faces and bows, and several Kawaii characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody

I didn't have any unusable sticks and most of them were easy to slice. I had 5 that were the thicker, more difficult to cut type, but you find those in any bulk selection. I was still able to slice and use them, I just had to be a little more careful. This assortment did not come with a blade for cutting, which I would have liked. These are sealed in a package with two smaller sealed packs inside, which I like better than the ones I have gotten dumped into a zipper bag. All in all, I loved this assortment and would not hesitate to buy these again.

*This was a personal purchase and not supplemented in any way. 

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