Monday, September 21, 2015

Tinksky Photo Booth Props 58 piece DIY Kit

This photo prop kit is so much fun to play around with. I love that it has everything you need in the package, so you can take these to a party or event without hassle or fuss. You simply open the package, pop out the pieces and attach them to the wooden sticks using the included small glue tabs. I put a strip of clear tape across the back of each one too, just to be sure they stayed together. You can attach the sticks in different places on many of these too, like right or left handed, or according to photo position.

The pieces are pre-scored, so even the kids can pop them out with ease. There are so many different paper items, from glasses and lips, to hats and ties, that you can mix and match to create a huge variety of different looks. These are small enough that they fit the kids, but not to small for adults at the same time, making this suitable for any age group. The prop pieces are sturdy card paper that doesn't tear easily, wrinkle or slope, so the designs will keep their shape and can be stored for later use. This is perfect for a fundraiser, charity event, birthday party or any event where you want to let loose and have a little photo fun!

*I received a discount on this item in exchange for my honest opinions.

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