Friday, November 8, 2013

3 New Additions to Our Home!

I am a big fan of pets. I have always tried to let my children have a variety of different pets. That said, it is a little more difficult now because my husband hates snakes and spiders, which are two of our favorites to have.

Last weekend, I came across a chance to grab some beautiful Geckos to add to our family. I was able to get the tank, light, heater, digital scan thermometer and some other accessories for it too. That just left me needing to get them crickets to eat...or so I thought.

I searched Google, asked around and called the local pet store to get a better idea of what is needed to take proper care of these fun creatures. I had no idea they were imported from Pakistan, or that they required special crickets from that area too. I didn't know I would need to cover them in Calcium supplement before feeding to the Geckos either. This is done on a sort of "shake and bake" method to assure their health.

I found myself buying blue lights for day and black ones for night, along with the crickets. I also discovered that the setting in the tank I received is not optimal for them. They will need rocks and things to climb on, areas where they can go to sleep, a water source and much more. What started as a small investment to save them from starving where they were, has quickly turned into a larger investment so we can maintain them correctly. I have several more things to get for them and plan to do so this weekend. Wish me luck!

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