Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Excited for Christmas!!

I can't wait until the kids get their gifts this year.I have been working so hard trying to get what they wanted and if they complain one little bit,I might just explode!.I will be the first to admit the kids are a little spoiled.They are used to mom being glued to the computer and being able to find what they want,every time.With items like a guitar,drums,Pillow Pets,Fushigi,Hex Bugs,Zhu Zhu Pets and more on their lists,I have been one busy mom! I am happy to say that I found all the things I really wanted to find and a whole lot more too!

Only 2 more days until I celebrate with my step children.We will be opening their gifts on Christmas Eve this year because they have to go to their moms for Christmas.Of course I have to work that day so we will not be doing this until about 7 pm and then off they go just a couple hours later.My mom is supposed to come spend the night though,so it should prove to be a very long day!

Once the kids get up and open gifts we will be heading to my sisters for Christmas with them and my cousins.This is the closest group in the family and we always stay in close contact so needless to say,I have tons of gifts to transport too.We will have dinner there and then return home .By this point I will be more then ready to relax before I go back to work Sunday! Oh by the 3rd anniversary is Tuesday..what a week!

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