Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MY FIRST GIVEAWAY-Over $60 in Coupons plus FREE STUFF!!

O.K...I am doing this giveaway to "Share the Wealth ", and to introduce myself in the giveaway world .I do have a couple of sponsored giveaways coming soon,but this is my own.

This giveaway is for coupons There are over 60 dollars worth of coupons including,but not limited to..
2.50 of Bounce Dryer Bar
4.00 off Glade Reed Diffuser or candle
2.00 off Preference by Loreal hair dye
1.00 off Colgate
Buy 1 Get 1 Hersheys Bliss Bar
Other brands are Hersheys,Breyers,Bumblebee,Duncan Heinz,Pull-ups,Ortega,Rhodes,Air Wick,Dr. Pepper,Reames and lots more.

PLUS-20% off entire order at Bath and Body Works
FREE-Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Travel-Sized item..up to 5.00
Free -Air Wick Warmer unit when you buy a refill fragrance
FREE-One pouch Purina Friskies cat treats

Most  of these I clipped,a few come from being a member at http://www.shespeaks.com/ or http://www.vocalpoint.com/ ,and a few are from company mailing lists like Pampers.

Because I am new to this I figured doing a small giveaway of my own first was the best route to go,so GOOD LUCK to everyone .

Tell me how often you use coupons while shopping.THATS IT

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Giveaway Ends October 20th.



pixie13 said...

I rarely use coupons, just because I'm not used to it. I cut them out, I put them in my purse, and then I forget! BUT I am trying to do better, especially since the price of everything is going up & the amount of money I have coming in isn't. Thanks for the great giveaway!

pixie13 said...

I'm a google friend connect follower