Friday, September 25, 2009

The Great Costume Hunt

We have been hunting for costumes for about 2 weeks now,and everytime I think we are going to finally chose one..they change their mind.I have spent countless hours on ebay,amazon and various other sites as well as in stores trying to find..THE PERFECT COSTUME.I love Halloween and have passed that onto my children,much to my delight, but now they are so picky,they cannot choose.My oldest is 8 and he goes for the gruesome,scary and outright odd but he has tired of everything and cannot find anything he wants.My middle one is 6 and he did finally choose a Black Bionicle I just have to find the right laser gun accessory to match it..yeah for me.My princess however is all over the day she wants to be a princess,the next a devil.She has decided on every Disney Princess at least once,Rainbow Bright,Tinkerbell,A devil,a fairy,uniqua from Backyardigans,and I dont know what else .Every time I find it,she doesn't want it anymore.My fault I know,as I spoiled her, still it can be tiresome.Anyway thats it for my costume woes at the moment.Happy Halloween from now till then.

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Bri said...

LOL - and it just gets worse :) My "baby" is 14 and it took a week, several meltdowns, and scouring EIGHT stores to find the perfect dress for the homecoming dance!

Happy hunting!

PS - Family Fun Magazine has lots of easy costumes to make.