Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Eat the Roosters Burrito!

So yesterday, I ate at a Roosters restaurant for the first time.I like to try different places when we go out to have a little variety in my life,so this time my husband chose Roosters.

When I walked in,I was a little surprised to see so many kids in there,as it had always seemed more an adult place to me.The atmosphere was loud with about 10 different televisions playing a blend of stocks,news and sports.Because it was just the two of us,and we planned to stay awhile,we both ordered a Budweiser while we browsed the menu.

We decided to order the cheesy fries for an appetizer and when they arrived,I was thrilled with them.I could have used a little more cheese sauce,but for me,there is never enough of that hot,gooey delicious cheese.They were fresh cooked curly fries covered in cheese and topped with real bacon pieces...yum!

For my main dish,I followed my desire to go for something new( instead of the club sub I had my eye on )and ordered the Roosters burrito instead.My husband had the same and we finished our beer and fries while we waited.When the burritos arrived, I was shocked at how big they were.We could have shared and had plenty! I was a little surprised that we had paid an extra $.80 each for them to be "smothered in cheese sauce" and we actually received a few drizzles across the top of it,but hey,again,I like cheese. I cut my first bite,put it in my mouth and about threw it back up.The description said chicken breast with chilli,cheese,tomatoes,lettuce and sour cream in a burrito smothered in cheese.What we got was chicken,chilli beans with no meat or sauce at all,chopped lettuce that had been fried with the chicken so it was mushy and hot,tomato water (which had made the bottom of the burrito soggy and which I assume was supposed to be the rest of the "chilli") and a tad of shredded cheese inside the burrito.This was topped with our drizzled cheese sauce,the diced tomato and green onion.I ate that bite and no more.My husband did eat about half of his and yes,they did comp my meal,but still I was disappointed.

I would go back again,and try a different meal,but not on an important occasion like this was-it was our night out for my husbands birthday and I left starving!

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