Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 10 halloween costumes for baby on a cold night-Guest Post

A baby’s first Halloween is a very important time. You want your child to experience this holiday, but you also want to keep him or her warm. Halloween is typically a cold day, and you don’t want your child to get sick. While you can modify almost any costume to make it warmer, there are some costumes that are easier to work with. This list will help you find the best costume to keep your baby warm. Most of these costumes are good for boys and girls.

Fuzzy Monster
Fuzzy monster costumes are great for babies. Your child will look incredibly cute wearing a big monster costume, and there is plenty of room underneath so that you can place thicker clothes inside the costume. Not only that, but the fuzziness of the costume will usually provide some warmth. These costumes typically come in a variety of colors for boys and girls.

A pumpkin costume is another costume that looks cute, and there should be enough room underneath the costume for additional clothes. Pumpkins are supposed to look thick and plump, and filling out the costume with extra clothing will actually make the costume look better. There are typically loose and tight pumpkin costumes. It’s better to go with looser ones for this purpose.

You don’t even need to buy a full devil costume if you have the right clothes. You can just buy the devil horns and then put some thick red clothes on your child. This is the perfect costume because it allows your child to look cute for Halloween, and you can easily keep your child warm the whole night.

Animal Costumes
Almost any animal costume will be perfect if you want to keep your child warm. They are fuzzy, there’s a lot of room for extra clothing and they are typically unisex. There are also a lot of costumes to choose from. You can choose a monkey, lion or a tiger. If the costume is big and fuzzy, then it’s perfect for keeping your child warm.

Dragon’s are supposed to look big and scary, and you can do just that by bundling some clothes underneath the costume. These costumes typically have lots of room, and they can keep your child warm even if you don’t add any extra clothes.

Superheroes are strong and powerful, and bulking up the costume is going to help your baby look even cuter. While there are many more hero costumes for boys, there are a few costumes that girls can take advantage of. Most of these costumes also have a cape, and you can wrap your child in it to warm him or her.

Dinosaurs are perfect because they are big, and the costume will typically cover everything on your child except his or her face. There are many dinosaurs to choose from, and almost every child will love being a dinosaur.

A pirate might seem a little odd because these costumes are typically thinner than others, but you can easily add some thicker clothes underneath that won’t be noticed. Pirate costumes often have several different pieces, and they will cover your child very well if it’s a cold night.

Flower costumes typically come with a large head of petals and a thick costume for the body. This is similar to the devil costume because you can easily buy a flower hat and then cover your child in thick green clothing. If you have a younger child, then you can easily find a unisex costume.

The last costume on the list is an astronaut. Most astronaut costumes come with thick orange or red jumpsuits, and you can put a lot of clothes under the jumpsuit that no one will see.

There are a lot of costumes that are perfect for babies on their first Halloween. If you don’t like the ones above, then you can easily modify almost any other costume to keep your child warm. Just look for costumes that are thick or loose, and put some clothing underneath. You should have no problems keeping your child warm and healthy on this cold October night.

Author Bio

Kelly Anderson is a blogger for the Organic Baby Nook website; keeping families informed about the best options for baby. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Benefits of Including Grandparents in Trick or Treating-Guest Post

Halloween is a time of year that can be a lot of fun not just for children, but for entire families. Many children go trick or treating with their parents, but this is a good time for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren and participate in holiday fun with them.

Including Grandparents Makes Halloween a Family Event
Many grandparents don't have the opportunity to see their grandchildren as often as they would like. Whether it's because of limited mobility or busy schedules, grandparents often feel as if they are missing out on getting to know their grandchildren as they grow up.

By including grandparents in trick-or-treating, families give them a unique opportunity to bond with their grandchildren. Grandparents can participate in helping the children get into costume and going around the neighborhood with them, giving them the opportunity to learn about their grandchildren's favorite television or movie characters and sharing the excitement and fun of Halloween with them.

Including Grandparents Can Help Put Their Minds at Ease
Grandparents sometimes worry about their grandchildren's safety at Halloween, especially if their children are more permissive at Halloween than they were when they were the parents. Including grandparents in trick or treating can help calm their anxiety and reduce tensions between grandparents and parents during this time of year.

By trick or treating with the children, grandparents can help ensure their safety. In addition, they can see exactly what's going on so that they don't have to sit at home worrying about their grandchildren's safety all night.

Including Grandparents Gets Them Out of the House
Many senior citizens have limited mobility or don't get out of the house as often as they need to for other reasons. By taking them on a trick-or-treating expedition, their children and grandchildren can give them the opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun.

Including grandparents who have limited mobility also teaches children important lessons about how to treat other people. Children who have to walk more slowly, stay where their grandparents can see them or share their candy with their grandparents learn about respecting older people and people with disabilities as well as giving the gift of time to those who can't easily get out of the house on their own.

Including Grandparents Allows Them To Avoid the Doorbell
Some grandparents dislike Halloween because they don't want to deal with trick-or-treaters. Senior citizens are sometimes vulnerable to vandalism, theft and other crime that older trick-or-treaters may engage in on this holiday; some are nervous about opening the door or find the constant ringing of the doorbell annoying. By taking them trick or treating, they can be part of the fun of the holiday instead of having a miserable evening at home wishing the doorbell wouldn't ring.

Halloween is a holiday that is often fun for children and depressing or anxiety-provoking for senior citizens. By including grandparents in trick-or-treating, you can help them have fun on this holiday too as well as helping them form stronger bonds with their grandchildren.

Author Bio
Sandy is an Assisted Living Advocate who writes on a variety of ways for seniors to stay active and involved in their families lives. 

Celebrate Birthdays with Interflora

My sister has a birthday next week and I have been searching for the right gift to give her.I need something I can deliver because she lives out of town and I can't drop everything to go there during the week.I don't want anything that will take a large amount of space or be a permanent fixture.She uses minimal decorations so she doesn't have room for it.The most important part for me is that it needs to be quick and easy to send.I hate spending a ton of time on a single gift.After all these limitations,I am thinking flowers would be the right choice.

One of my preferred gifts to receive is a beautiful arrangement of flowers,so I assume others enjoy getting them too.I can pick something that will match her decor,use flowers that I know she enjoys,add a pretty vase and a personalized card to go with it.This is a great way for me to give her a nice gift,yet not have to go out shopping for one.Did I mention that I hate shopping in stores? I love the variety and ease of shopping online and try to stick to that as often as possible.

Deciding on which flowers to get is always the hardest part for me.I usually have an idea of how much I want to spend,so I just have to chose the style and colors I want.I always start by asking myself if I am looking for something simple or something that grabs your eye.There are so many choices that if I don't narrow it down,I will be looking forever.Starting with color works well.I can eliminate the ones that don't work well for the recipient first.I wouldn't send pink and purple to a man,for instance,and I know my sister doesn't like those either.Seasonal colors always offer new selections,and a nice change too,especially if you buy or get flowers often.I know my sister just redecorated her living room and something in oranges and reds might be a nice touch.

There are other factors to consider,like the amount of time it takes to deliver your gift and how long it will last after it is received.I have found stunning flower arrangements before,only to find out they aren't available where I want to send them or they would only live a day or two after displaying.Considering that flowers aren't exactly inexpensive,I want to walk away feeling that I got a good value for my money too.

Although there can be many hassles involved when choosing birthday gift ideas, it is always worth the trouble to see their smile of joy or hear the gratitude in their voice when receiving their special delivery.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Python Printable Halloween Party Games

With Halloween rapidly approaching,it is time to get your party needs ready.I will be hosting a fun get-together for my kids and their friends this weekend,so one thing I wanted to make sure I had were some fun games for them to play.I had received the chance to review a package of  40 Printable Halloween Party Games and had planned to use this to print activities for the different ages coming to our party.

I knew we would have a few kids under 3,so I figured a coloring contest or something simple was a good idea.There would also be kids between 4 and 7,so I wanted a game they could do easily.I didn't want to make a huge mess but I still wanted them to have fun with it,so I found a pin-the-head-on game with cute monsters heads.They weren't scary faces,but would work just right for our Halloween theme.

Finding games for the older kids was a bit harder.They would range between age 8 and 12,so it needed to be something they would find fun enough to play.I liked a few of the older games and couldn't make up my mind between mad libs,unscramble games and puzzles.There were quite a few to choose from and they all looked fun for the kids.I finally decided to ask the boys what they thought and ended up with a candy themed unscramble game.

I also found a fun left/right game that all the kids could play with a little help.This would be a great game to play while setting up the food and drinks.I can have someone read the directions,keep the kids all gathered in one place and have time to arrange the food tables.I purchased large lollipops as prizes for this game,so they would work for everyone.

The Halloween Party Collection is available for $19.95 for all 40 printable ideas.This includes crafts,games,activities and more.You can go here to grab some free printable coloring pages and a coupon for $5 off your next purchase from Python Printables. These make great party activities and once you purchase a set ,you can use it again and again.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Princess Reagan the Girl Scout

My daughter had the chance to attend her first parade as a girl scout a few days ago.She loved being able to wear her new sash and walk with the other girls in the parade.Unfortunately,I had to stay home with my oldest who was sick that day so I didn't get to see her march.

We matched her jacket and hairbands to her uniform so she could be beautiful.

Posing with one of the pumpkins

Making a heart with her hands.(I didn't even know she did that until I looked at the photos and she pointed out her heart.Crazy girl

Now we just need to get her matching shoes

My little girl is growing up

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tiny Prints 2012 Holiday Collection

Even though Halloween isn't quite over yet,many people are already thinking about the upcoming holiday season.One of the first things on my list for the holidays is always finding the perfect cards to give.For me,sending a card that shows my personality is a must have.I love to choose just the right card and add my own personal flair to it for that one of a kind, treasured look.

This year,Tiny Prints has introduced a whole new line of Holiday Photo Cards to help you create something  that you will be proud to give to your friends,family and everyone else on your list.From the simple but cute flat photo cards,to the more elaborate tri-fold options,they are sure to have a card that will bring a smile to your face.I love the new circle cards with double faced satin ribbons.You can tie a ribbon to each card for a fabulous tree ornament.This is a great way to keep a card from each year for memories,or just to show off your family on your Christmas tree.
There are many more items available in the new 2012 Holiday Collection .You can select cards printed on the Premium Double Thick Matte Paper for an extra luxurious feel,or go with something simple,yet cute,like the pet photo cards for your furry friends.There are cards with a single photo option,or go all out and choose one that lets you add several different photos.This way you can highlight a single person or picture,or an array of different snapshots.

Tiny Prints offers an assortment of different card finishes including matte,semi-gloss and pearl white shimmer.You can even create matching items like party invitations,address labels or gift tags for a coordinating holiday look.Many of the cards are available in more than one color choice too.There are hundreds to choose from,so finding one that suits your needs should be no problem at all.

Right now,Tiny Prints is offering up to 25% off their holiday selection,plus they have an on-site code for free shipping too.This is a great time to grab the cards you need at an awesome discount price!

***This is a sponsored post.I will receive a gift code to use on the site as a thank you for spreading the word about the new line of cards.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Have You Played Telestrations?

I love playing games and doing activities.It is even more fun when you can do these things in groups with friends or family.One of our favorite ways to spend time together is by playing board games.There is such a large assortment of games that there is sure to be something for everyone.

Recently we had the chance to try a new game called Telestrations.When this game arrived,I had no idea what playing it was going to be like.I knew the directions likened it to the old telephone game,but that was about it.I am sure you remember standing in line and telling something to person the person next to you.That person then whispered it to the next person down the line and continued until you ended up with something that was usually way different than the original comment.I remembered this game bringing lots of laughs,but that was when I was a kid,so I didn't know if this new version would be fun to play or not.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the fun we had.The game is easy to play once you get started and even though it was geared for older players,even my 6 year old was able to enjoy this game.
Each player grabs a dry erase book,a marker and wipe.You play by rolling a die,picking a card and drawing whatever it says on the number that matches the roll of the die.Each player has their own card so nobody  knows what the others are trying to draw.When the time is up,you flip the page and hand the book to the person next to you.Now each person tries to guess what the other has drawn.You write your guess on the page and flip to the next where you draw what you think they were trying to express.Then you pass,guess and draw again.

We played with several friends and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.We had a great time laughing at the results of our drawing skills and competing to see who could earn the most points by the end of the three rounds.Points are scored by ending the round with the same guess as you started with or awarded by each player to the others who drew the best picture or guessed the best answer.

* I was provided with a copy of the game in order to host a Telestrations party.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide-Horse and Wildlife Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching,we are all on the lookout for the perfect holiday gifts.While some people may be easy as pie to buy for,others can be much more difficult.In my experience,getting something that can be kept and treasured is always a good thing,so one of the best gift ideas are home decor items.Horse and Wildlife Gifts has some amazing gift items that are perfect for holiday giving.Even if the receiver doesn't favor a specific animal,they can still enjoy the beauty of a nice,handcrafted or personalized gift.

Horse and Wildlife Gifts offers a beautiful array of wildlife home d?cor to suit even the most hard to buy for person.Their gorgeous sculptures cover a variety of animals including wolves,bears,fish,moose and eagles .These would be great gifts to give or keep for yourself.Any of them would make a stunning accent to a den,living room,game room or anywhere else you wanted to keep them.

The amazing boxes at Horse and Wildlife Gifts truly are a beauty to behold.They offer a nice selection including lions,deer,hummingbirds,dolphins and more.You can choose boxes designed in brushed honey maple,leather,finished silver tone and pewter.Some boxes offer crystal and glitter accents or even ceramic trimmed in gold.

The site is easy to browse with categories by product,artist or animal so you don't have to spend time going through things that aren't what you are looking for.Grab a set of bookends for the teacher or reader on your list or a stunning piece of jewelry to take your art on the go.Looking for something to give the hunter or fisherman in your life,they have that too.

One of my favorite choices from this site is the Epiphany Dolphin Table.Made from Lucite and mixed media metal,this hand crafted item is not only beautiful,but made in the USA.When you start shopping for the next animal gift or home decor item on your list,I suggest you begin here.

* This is a sponsored post written by me.All opinions are my own and in no way influenced by compensation.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tips for shopping for Halloween costumes online -Guest Post

Every year, as Halloween approaches, the big question looms – what are you going to be for Halloween? Whether you are shopping for costumes for your kids or you need one for yourself, an increasing number of people are using the Internet for costume shopping. It’s a choice that keeps you out of crowded stores and it also increases your costume choice. You don’t have to run all over town, wasting time and gas when the store you initially visited doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Finding a Halloween costume online is easy when you follow a few tips.

Start Early

The earlier you start shopping for costumes, the better off you’ll be. The early shopper has the best choice of size and variety. They also have time to choose the cheapest shipping method and the flexibility to make an exchange if the costume isn’t exactly what they expected. It may be hard to start thinking about shopping for a Halloween costume in late September or early October, but it can save you money and a lot of stress.

Review the Size Chart

Most online stores that sell Halloween costumes feature a sizing chart. Depending upon the company that runs the website, this may be a comprehensive chart that covers all of the costumes they sell. Most websites sell costumes from a number of different manufacturers, and this means that each one has a different size chart. Never leave the size up to chance. By taking your time to order the right size, you’re minimizing the possibility that you’ll have to make an exchange later.

When in doubt, get out the measuring tape and try to be as accurate as possible. If your child seems to be in between two sizes, it’s generally advisable to go with the larger size. Most Halloween costumes are not built to last. A size that’s a little too small will be much easier to tear than one that is slightly too large. If you allow yourself enough time, you can always use needle and thread to take up a hem or make other minor adjustments before the big night.

Look for Accessories

Before putting a costume in your virtual shopping basket, make certain that you understand exactly what you’re getting. Read the detailed description of the costume to see what’s included, and carefully consider whether you’ll need any accessories or props to go with the costume. Most online Halloween shops will have a full selection of items to go with your costume. If you buy several pieces in one transaction, you may qualify for free or at least cheaper shipping. It makes sense to order everything from one website so that you don’t have to pay multiple shipping charges and then be on the lookout for several packages in the mail. Keep things simple by purchasing a costume and accessories from the same website.

Read the Fine Print

Each website has its own set of return and shipping policies. Make sure you understand the policy before you click buy. As you go through the checkout process, pay attention to the different shipping methods that are available. If you’re shopping early, you can go for the cheapest, slowest delivery method. Last minute shoppers may be forced to pay a premium for quick shipping.

Retail websites generally feature clear return policies. Even if you think that the chances of needing to return a costume are remote, take a moment to go over the policy. It might be worthwhile to spend a few dollars more at a website with a generous return and exchange policy if the alternative website does not accept returns or has a policy that seems needlessly complicated.

Don’t Wait to Try on the Costume

As soon as the costume arrives, have your child try it on. You’ll be able to identify any potential issues with plenty of time to spare. It’s never a good idea to wait until Halloween night to give the costume a thorough inspection for quality and size. Planning ahead can save you and your child a great deal of stress and heartache.

Author Bio
Kathleen Martins is a blogger for TorchBrowser: the best internet browser and the onlline YouTube video downloader, offering many benefits you may be missing out on!

Going to the Circus

Living in a small town really sucks.Yes,there may be some benefits to it,but when it comes to finding something worthwhile to do with the whole family,you are pretty much out of luck.We did manage to go to the circus last week.While it was not my idea of a "real" circus,the kids still had fun,so that is all that really matters.

The first act we saw was this trapeze artist.He swung while standing on his head which the kids went wild over.

The monkey was very popular too.They let the kids sit down by the ring if they wanted so they had a perfect view of this cute little guy running around.

The balancing act was interesting.He managed to stand on a small platform supported by cups on another platform supported by cups,all while balancing on a rolling tube.

During intermission the kids all wanted snow cones

My daughter loved seeing this act.She spun and twirled from a rope by her hands and feet

The unicycle act was funny.The clown added a bit of extra humor.
                               Spongebob and Dora were even on hand for the kids to pose with after the show.

All in all it was a fun day.We bought them each a souvenir to take home to remember this trip.(Even though they will probably toss them into their toy boxes and forget about them along with all the other toys they just "have to have".)

Bows 'N Ties for Holiday Style

 With the holidays rapidly approaching it will soon be time for all the parties and gatherings that go with the season.For us women,that is a much larger deal than it is for most guys.We have to spend time on hair,clothing and makeup,while the guys have it easy just throwing on a suit or slacks,a shirt and a tie.
Just because men don't have to put forth as much effort on their appearance,doesn't mean they still can't look good.One of the easiest ways to sharpen that suit or dress up those pants is by adding a nice,classy tie to the mix. Thankfully,Bows 'N Ties has a nice selection of ties to help them do just that.

Of course,different settings call for different clothing,so having a variety of styles and colors is a must have.That is,unless you want to wear the same outfit every time.With the variety of options available at Bows 'N Ties, you can wear something new every time and not break the bank doing it.Whether the occasion calls for a more dressy tie or just a casual look,a somber,solid color or something bright and cheerful,you can most likely find it in their collection.

Not only does Bows 'N Ties have many different designs to choose from,but they offer them at amazing prices too.By avoiding the cost of a brick and mortar store,they can bring those savings to their customers.The brands include names like Puccini,Cavallieri and BlackBird,so you know you are getting a nice,quality item at a bargain price.

Bows 'N Ties also offers cuff links and handkerchiefs too.This is a great way to complete that perfect look,or a new place to do some holiday shopping.The next time you find yourself searching for the right tie for that certain occasion,stop by and see what they have to offer.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making Halloween fun instead of scary for children -Guest Post

Halloween is a fun holiday that’s all about make believe. Unfortunately, for some younger kids, the costumes, decorations and movies are overwhelming. Most kids don’t really start to enjoy Halloween until they are well into elementary school. By that age, they have learned better how to distinguish between the real and the pretend. For preschoolers and even some young school- age children, the story is quite different. They may feel anxious or frightened as the holiday approaches. There are plenty of things parents can do to help calm their child’s fears at Halloween.

Listen to Your Child’s Fears

When your child exhibits signs of anxiety or fear, take a moment to ask what is troubling them. Listen carefully to their answer and try to redirect their thoughts. Sometimes, being listened to is what really matters. When a parent can also provide reassurance that they will protect the child no matter what, this can go a long way toward alleviating fears.

Keep Decorations Minimal and Non-Threatening

While older kids and many adults love gory decorations, these kinds of things can be misunderstood by young children. That severed hand sitting on your coffee table looks like a prop to you, but a small child may not be able to distinguish this fact. If your household is one that enjoys putting the “scary” into your Halloween decorations, tone them down for a few years until your child is older and will be better able to enter into the spirit of the holiday.

As an alternative to scary decorations, use cute, seasonal alternatives. Concentrate on color combinations like black and orange or green and purple. Strings of lights and colored paper lanterns look fun and festive rather than scary. Decorate with black cats, owls and pumpkins and leave the witches and goblins for another year. Also, avoid decorations that are sound and motion activated as these can startle young children. Consider giving your child a Halloween good luck talisman like a cute, stuffed black kitty that will provide comfort when she starts feeling apprehensive.

Make Halloween Crafts

It’s no secret that kids love to cut, paste and color. Indulge their love of creativity by having them prepare some homemade Halloween decorations. The crafts can be as simple or elaborate as your child’s age and temperament allow for. Thousands of ideas can be found online, in seasonal magazines and in books. Helping to create some of the Halloween decorations your family uses can help take the scary out of other decorations. It might help your little one understand that those other decorations were created by other people just like them.

Choose a Fun Costume

Most kids have powerful imaginations, and Halloween is a great time to build on that strength. Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary; they can be fun and imaginative instead. Dress your little one up as a ladybug or a cowboy. Perhaps they want to be a fairy princess or a firefighter. Try to help them choose a costume that is benign and magical, and preferably one that doesn’t require a mask. Smaller children often find masks threatening, even when they are wearing them.

Fun Halloween Night Activities

Most communities hold some kind of Halloween festival or party. You can find them at community centers, schools and churches. These gatherings focus on the fun rather than the scary, and they are a great alternative to traditional trick or treating. At these parties, kids have a chance to play Halloween themed games like bobbing for apples and bean bag toss. They can eat fun, seasonal treats and maybe even make a craft or two. These parties keep kids off of dark streets that can seem scary and also lets them avoid knocking on the doors of strangers. If your kids are going to do some traditional trick or treating, make sure to take them to the homes of friends and family so they can be sure of a fun, non-scary welcome. Finish up the festivities by baking cookies or watching a beloved seasonal cartoon that’s appropriate for your child’s age. Enjoy these fun and innocent memories for as long as they last.

Author Bio
Becky Harris writes for Upack abf portable storage containers for customers with businesses on the go!

Unreal Candy Helps Unjunk Halloween

Kids love candy.As parents,it can be difficult to let them enjoy this treat they like without cramming them full of sugar and other junk in the process.I do my best to limit how much candy I allow my kids to have,but during the holidays that can be challenging to say the least.

When I was offered the chance to try new candy that had less junk and more healthy ingredients,I knew this could be a plus in our house.Unreal candy is a selection of candy items,similar to some of the most familiar brands,but without all the unwanted junk other candies are full of.This means less worrying over health while still be able to enjoy those tasty treats.

I was sent a selection of each of the 5 flavors of candy to try. Right away,I was drawn to the nougat and caramel variety,while my husband loved the peanut butter cups.I had each of the guests try a sample of every variety to see what they thought about it.The kids had a mix of reactions to these new candy items.Some liked one kind more than another,but they seemed pleased with the results overall.

During our party we had snacks and pizza rolls,juice,crackers,chips,and of course, lots of candy.I also purchased some of the more commonly known candy to compare with the Unreal versions.We tried a taste of the Unreal candy,followed by a taste of the common versions to see what the kids thought of each one in comparison.You can see their reactions to the Unreal version in the videos.

The Unreal candy is the same size I am familiar with and will be available at the same price too.It comes in more attractive packaging and is better for you.I noticed a slight difference in the chocolate itself.The flavor is stronger with more of the cocoa taste coming through.It is not as soft and melty as traditional chocolate either.To me,this just means less mess to clean up later,and was viewed as a benefit by parents with younger children at our party.

As part of my party package,I was able to give each of my guests a cute treat bag to take home.Everyone received information on the candy and it's ingredients,as well as samples to take home and share with others.We all had a great time trying something new,and the parents have found something they can be less nervous about feeding to their children.I know a few moms have asked me where to buy this for stocking stuffers,so I expect many of our guests will be eating these again soon.

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned items in order to write a fair and honest review along with compensation for myself and to assist in purchasing refreshments for the party.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kroger Buy 5 Save $5 Event

In our home,we are proud supporters of General Mills.With a family of 5,I am always on the lookout for ways to feed my family quality meals without spending a fortune.General Mills offers such a large variety of items to fit the needs of my family,that I am always buying one of their products or another.Thanks to the new promotion at Kroger,I will be stocking up on a few of our favorite items to keep for later.

Now,through October 24th,you can take advantage of this deal too.When you purchase any 5 participating General Mills products,you will receive a coupon,printed at checkout, for $5 off your next shopping order.The coupons are good for a week,so you have plenty of time to go back and use them before they expire.Kroger,with their already low prices,and General Mills,are giving you even more reason to stock up on the items you use most.You can grab what you need while shopping,snag a deal coupon and go back later for more.Those $5 discounts can really add up to great savings on products you are going to buy anyway!

General Mills offers products like Hamburger Helper,Totinos Pizza,Yoplait,Betty Crocker cake and brownie mixes and many more.Participating stores include Kroger,Dillons,Ralphs,Fred Meyer and more.Be sure to check your local Kroger Family of Stores locations to see which ones in your area are participating!!

*You can follow Kroger on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on all future Kroger sales and promotions too!

* I received a Kroger gift card for sharing this information as a member of My Blog Spark.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

I'm Officially a NCP Member

It is official,I am fully a member of the National Consumer Panel.I received my scanner and information in the mail last week and am excited to get started!

If you aren't familiar with NCP,it is an interactive way to share your preferences and purchasing habits to better inform companies about what we really want,need and use.You have to apply to be selected,but it's quick and easy and well worth it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Save Big on Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals

As if kids don't cost enough already,when they are older you have to cover the cost of college textbooks too.I had no idea how much textbooks really cost until I enrolled for my first semester of school.I went to the bookstore thinking I could cover the cost easily,until I realized some of the books cost a whole lot more than I had expected,especially considering I would only need most of  them for a few months at most.

If you are facing the cost of buying books this year,consider getting them from Campus Book Rentals.These are the same books available for purchase,but gently used,so you save money.When you are finished with your books,you simply return them to be used by the next student.You get the same use from the rented books as the retail ones,you don't have to worry about trying to sell them when finished and you can browse,rent and return in a few fast and easy steps.You are even allowed to highlight in them if needed.

By renting the books instead of buying them,you can save 40-90 % over going to the bookstores.The renting periods are flexible,so no worries over needing to return the book the day your class is over.Using the 30 day,risk-free return period,you can feel secure trying this service,without commitment or consequence and they even offer free shipping-both ways!

My favorite part of Campus Book Rentals is that they donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rental.Operation Smile The international children's medical charity performs surgery on thousands of children born with cleft lips,palates and other facial deformities in over 60 countries around the world.For only $240,they can save the smile and create a new life for a child in need.

The next time you need a book on Psychology,Anatomy or any other subject,browse the site and see how much you can save this semester,and donate a smile while you are at it.

From My Inbox-Toys R Us 8 Hour Sale

In case you didn't know,ToysRUs is having an 8 hour,online only sale where you can grab some great deals on toys for the kids.

Today-Wednesday October 10th from 11am to 7 pm

  • Buy  one get one 50% off on all MobiGo software,Hot Wheels,Spy Gear and more!!
  • Free 101 pc play food set when you buy Step 2 Kitchens..great deal for the holidays!
  • Save $10 on Vtech MobiGo 2

Stop by ToysRUs.com to see what you can save before it's over.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Keep Your Computer Working With Ease

It is almost impossible to do much of anything these days without a computer.Computers are the pivot of many households,where they are used for work,schooling,shopping,paying bills and much more.Not a single day goes by that I,as well as my children,are not on my computer.

Although a personal computer is a great help,not only for myself,but also to the kids for entertainment,chatting with friends or studying,it can also mean doing a number of things that I may not be used to doing.When it comes to the basics of computer use,I am able to handle everything myself.However,there are times when something that needs to be done is a little above my comfort level.In those moments,it is convenient to have a go-to place for all of my computer-based needs.

Computer Help Today  is a perfect example of an all-in-one resource for computer needs.From tech support to security,networking,performance,recovery and more,a simple phone call can be a lifesaver.Instead of trying to do something you may not be comfortable with,trying a solution again and again,or having to send your computer off to be worked on,you can just dial a number and get the help you need with no stress involved.Whether it is one-time assistance or unlimited tech support,the answer is right at your fingertips.The live,secure support provides the help needed directly over the Internet,so it can all be done from the comfort of home.

Of course,if you are super busy or just don't want to mess with it yourself,you may prefer to have someone come to your home to do the necessary work for you.Computer Help Today has partnered with Geeks Mobile USA to do just that.The in-home support, provided by certified technicians,means your computer can stay up-to-date and fully functioning with minimal effort on your part.Even small business owners can get the help needed by visiting their sister company,All IT Supported.

The next time you have a question,need help or just don't want to do the work yourself,Computer Help Today can be the answer to your prayers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Zestra Glide Personal Lubricant

As a parent,I know how difficult it can be to grab a few minutes of "adult time".Between kids,jobs and other obligations,sometimes romance gets pushed to the back burner.Even when you are able to be alone,it can be difficult to erase everything else from our minds and focus on ourselves.

I am sure many of you have had the same experience with intimacy.You finally get time to enjoy one another,and you just can't seem to make it work.Contrary to the beliefs of many men,women do not instantly become ready for sex.Even if you are willing,able and excited,it can take time for our bodies to prepare.Of course,if you are taking your opportunities when you can get them,time may be limited and waiting just isn't an option.

When I was offered a sample of Zestra Glide to review,I knew it was something I could use.The sensual water-based lubricant contains natural ingredients like aloe extract and Vitamin E,and is free of fragrance,parabens and preservatives too.It

It takes only a small amount of Zestra Glide to achieve the needed lubrication,but larger amounts can be used depending on the amount of silkiness desired.This is safe to use by yourself,with a partner or with toys and accessories,so it doesn't limit your activities,and it is designed by the same pharmacist to work with Zestra Essential Arousal Oils too.

I noticed no negative effects from using this product.It isn't greasy or overly messy to use,take only seconds to apply and works quite well.I love that it allows a smooth entrance without becoming slippery and cleans up in no time at all.

Use this coupon to grab your own Zestra AND Zestra Glide with FREE shipping!

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned sample item in order to write a fair and honest review.No other compensation was received.

Our Cosi Experience

Last week we finally had the time to take the family to Cosi in Columbus,Ohio.I remember going there as a child,but it has changed dramatically since then. Cosi ,Center for Science and Industry, is full of family-friendly fun and activities.They offer special functions,movies and events throughout the year to blend fun and learning into one exciting adventure.

The first stop on our Cosi trip was the Lego Castle Adventure where we were able to see fun Lego creations and even build with large Lego blocks.I am going to do another post focused on just this section,but I wanted to mention it here as well.
My daughter loved  seeing the rings in the Time Tree.It shows events in history and where in the trees life span they occurred.

The Ocean section was fun too.The kids played with several water activities including water spouts,building a water line,making sand walls that eroded when you turned the water on.

They also saw a real submarine which is kept floating in water and were able to get inside and see the controls too.
I enjoyed the neat items made from recycled materials like this chair and butterfly wall decoration

Amazing art made from jelly beans

These are actual fetuses donated by the family of mothers who had died while pregnant.Although this is sad,it is also a great learning opportunity.

Flashback items in the History section.This section covers different decades of recent history and shows equipment,food,medicine and other items from each one.

These are just some of the things we experienced during our trip.There are many more activities and things to see at Cosi,so if you have never been and are close enough to go,I suggest taking a day and exploring with your family too.

 *I also went to the Toledo,Ohio Cosi last summer.It is fun as well, but much smaller and with different features than this one.

Zestra-Essential Arousal Oils for Women

Sometimes it is difficult to find real quality time when you have children.My husband works long hours, the kids have homework,and my house is always full of neighborhood kids or school friends.Sometimes it seems like we have to chat on the phone while he is working to even get a moment to talk,let alone do anything else.

After all that chaos,when we do get time to enjoy one another,I try to take full advantage of the opportunity.I am no stranger to trying something new or a product that catches my eye,so I was excited to be sent Zestra and Zestra Glide for review.

Zestra is an all-natural sexual enhancement product designed to help arousal in women.The mix of botanical oils and extracts starts working in just 3-5 minutes and lasts for 45.This allows women to be able to enjoy themselves fully without any worries over what we are putting on our bodies.Clinically proven and recommended by Dr. Oz,Zestra has no known drug interactions,is hormone and paraben-free and is edible if ingested.Considering all the products available just for men,this is a nice change of pace for the ladies.

I tried Zestra as soon as I had a chance and was pleased with the results.The easy-to-use pump cuts down on usage time and application is as simple as rubbing onto the vaginal area.You can even have your partner help with that for a little added pleasure.I loved the tingling sensations provided by Zestra,without having an overbearing warm or cool feeling that I have gotten from other products I have tried.This can be helpful if you want to keep your Zestra use private.Sometimes men can become offended by thinking they aren't enough to arouse us alone,even though they have no problem using enhancing products themselves.The lack of a warming or cooling feeling means only you have to know that a stimulant is even being used.

If you would like to try this yourself,but don't want to invest a large amount of money on something you have never tried,use the coupon below for a FREE trial pack.Just pay for shipping and give it a go.I bet you won't be disappointed.

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned sample item in order to write a fair and honest review.No other compensation was received.