Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newest Winners

The newest winners here at 2 Monsters and A Princess are-

Color It By Numbers-Cori Westphal


Scentsy-Gabby Lowe

Thanks to everyone who entered these giveaways.I hope to see you all back again soon.Winners are chosen using a random generator and verified before being contacted.I am awaiting a reply from both winners now.Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tiny Prints Has Awesome Fathers Day Cards

So it is getting closer and closer.The day when we all celebrate that special man in our life-our Dad.As I have mentioned before,I lost my dad 3 years ago and my grandfather in November, so when Fathers Day comes along,I buy for my husband alone.

For me, one of the best parts of any celebration is reading the cards and the sentiments written inside.When it comes to men,though,they usually want something a little more fun or original.I realized today that there are only 26 days left to get the perfect Fathers Day Cards for Brad.
I usually like to get something that is from me and then gifts from the kids too.When I went to browse the card selection at Tiny Prints,I found cards there were perfect for both the kids and myself.

I know in our family,my husband is the protector.It may be a new day and age,but he feels it is his duty to ensure the happiness and safety of the rest of us.I am a liberal woman,so this was a little hard for me to get used to,but now I just accept it as part of who he is.Being that he stands up for me any chance he gets,I feel it is my duty to make Fathers Day as special as I can for him to show him how much he is appreciated.
The unique styles and great selection make this the perfect place for that one of a kind card.Simply start with the base design and add your own photos and words to make it complete.You can even choose the option of adding a gift card that is good at places like Amazon,Home Depot and more! This is a perfect way to get a fantastic card with the gift already inside.I think Home depot is perfect for my husband because he loves to get new tools and accessories.

Of course,there are many other items to get as well.Turn those special memories into a great photo book,a beautiful canvas and more.Tiny Prints offers a quick and easy way to get things done for Dad this year,so be sure to stop by and look around for the father in your life.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Springtime Creativity with Shutterfly

I love Spring.I love watching the weather get warmer,the flowers start to bloom and the trees and plants come alive again after a long winter.My favorite thing about Spring is that it isn't too hot, like Summer, or too cold, like Winter.As soon as it starts to warm up,the kids are ready to get outside and play.

Of course,in our house,Spring brings much more than just nice weather.Our kids were all born between March and July..yep..all 5 of them.Now,throw in the birthdays of 2 nieces,a nephew,my sister,mom,husband and myself and what do you need?..oodles of birthday cards! Thanks to Shutterfly,finding the perfect card is just a click away.You can create your own fabulous photo cards for anyone on your list.

Now that Father's Day is coming up,we are in need of some super Father's Day Cards for my husband.The kids love to be able to create their own special cards for dad, and he loves having something they made that he can keep forever.Shutterfly is even a one stop shop for Father's day.Not only can you get the perfect cards but they also offer awesome gifts for Dad.


Shutterfly also has a great variety of photo-books,calendars,wall art and much more.Check them out for all your Springtime printing needs.
If you have a blog,you can sign up for a chance to win a free photo book from Shutterfly!

*I will receive a gift code from Shutterfly to use toward my own Spring photo book as compensation for this post.All opinions are my own.

Faces Of The Future Campaign

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, in partnership with Microsoft and Comcast, has launched the Faces of the Future Campaign.This fantastic new project is intended  to raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy in the world today.

Boys and Girls Clubs have always been a safe haven for children.They not only give them a place to go but assist with sports,swimming and even homework! The campaign is focused on positive impact of the Club Tech Program. This program helps prepare children through technology by shwoing them how it can transform their lives and the lives of others.Boys & Girls Club members, between the ages of 6-18, learn various skills including word processing and presentations.These skills are used in  music production and filmmaking. Nearly 1 million kids and teens participate in the Club Tech program at more than 3,600 Boys & Girls Clubs around the world.

You can "like" Boys and Girls Club of America on Facebook or check out the Showcase to see artwork, music and films created by youth using the Club Tech digital arts curriculum.Boys & Girls Clubs of America needs your help in reaching an important milestone--35,000 fans on Facebook! For every 10 likes they get, a Club member will receive Microsoft Office 2010.This is a fabulous,simple way to help the youth of America right from your own home or office.
*I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this post.No other compensation was received.

On the Road With Twizzlers Landmark Summer

With the help of Mom Bloggers Club,I wanted to tell you about Twizzlers Landmark Summer.Twizzlers is working to help make family travel even sweeter this summer with the Landmark Summer promotion.Thanks to Twizzler,consumers have the chance to win a trip to a well-known United States destination,plus daily, road trip-themed prizes throughout the summer.

I have had the chance to visit many fun places in the U.S.,most of them when I was younger.I have been to Washington to see the monuments,museums and attractions there,I was even at the White House.I have visited New York and was able to see the "Twin Towers" while they were still standing.I have been to beaches and oceans,campgrounds and hotels,tourist attractions and surprise finds,but my favorite place was Hershey Pennsylvania.

I loved our trip to Hershey.I loved the streetlights shaped like kisses and the candy themed street names,the Hershey attractions and shops but my favorite of all was the Hershey Chocolate Factory.I remember wanting to dive in the huge vats of chocolate and eat them all up.We took a tour ride through the plant and were able to sample some of their chocolates as well.I am planning to go back now that we have all the kids.I just know they would love it as much as I did,plus there have been tons of new attractions added since my last visit.

What about you? Where is your favorite place to visit or a place you really want to go? Would you take the children or spend some quality time with your significant other? Stop by and enter to win!
*By writing this,I am entering a contest for a Twizzlers Landmark Summer promotion prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Horse to Love - Book Review

 I recently had the chance to review a book about horses from author  Marsha Hublers' Keystone Stables Series.I actually signed up for this for my step-daughter to read,but being a new author to me,I read it too.I have to admit it is geared for a younger audience so it was a very quick and simple read for me,but it was still a nice story.

A Horse to Love brings you the saga of a young troubled girl in desperate need of a savior.In and out of trouble,foster home to foster home,she creates havoc everywhere she goes.When a loving family makes one last attempt to show her that she is worth something,everything starts to turn around.

I found myself sympathizing with  Skye throughout the book.I can imagine how alone she feels and the instinct not to trust or get close to anyone.I like the fact that the author uses animals as a way to break through the wall around Skye.Brianna (my step-daughter) liked that the book was interesting but did not drag out.She actually wished it had been a little longer, but was thrilled when I told her there were more of them.

All in all,I think these are great books for the adolescent in your life.After reading the first one I wouldn't be afraid to buy more of these for Brianna.The content is safe for anyone to read and the style is easy enough for a younger audience,yet challenging enough as to not get boring for them.

There are currently 8 books in the Keystone Stables series and you can buy them direct from her site for only $9.25 each.Plus..right now you can get A Horse to Love for only $7.25!!

You can find out more about both Marsha and her fabulous horse stories here-
Writers tips
Conference Information
Horse Facts Blog

*I was given a copy of the book to assist in my review.The opinions are my own.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaways Extended

Because of the blogger issues,I have extended my giveaways for a few days.I lost all comments to the Color It By Numbers giveaway,so if you entered it before,you might want to do it again for it to count.Sorry for the mess,darn blogger!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Saturday,I Turned 31

Yep it's true.I am 31.I have been dreading this for a year now.Some people are afraid of turning 30 but that was really ok with me.It was 31 that bothered me more.I mean think about it..when you are 30 it still sounds young.If someone asked how old I was,when I told them they couldn't believe it.Now,however,I am older.I have to add a number after that 30..I am officially on my way to 40,then 50..

I had to work on my birthday this year but I did manage to snag some great gifts including Breast Cancer hair scrunchies, $100 to spend on me..woo-hoo and this fabulous chocolate cake the hubby made for me.

Reagan and I gave each other mud mask facials and we posed for pictures together

The highlight of my day,though,was the card from my husband which said-
"Quite simply,you are the best thing in my life and I love you" It is simple,but it says it all.It was a busy day that ended too fast for me.Because I had to work such long hours we had my choice of birthday dinner (I always want pizza) the night before.I was a little upset that the place I wanted it from had a wait of 90 minutes,but I got it from my second choice place instead-Go Boomers Pizza!

My Wonderful Husband and Mothers Day

I love my husband.I know we are supposed to love our husbands,but I know many people who live more like it is a routine then an actual feeling.When I think of my husband,it makes me smile..He may not be perfect,he may drive me crazy,but the simplest things he does make me absolutely over the top in love with him all over again.This year for Mothers' Day,he did it again.Not only did he get up with the kids and feed them breakfast,but I woke to him standing over the bed handing me a McDonald's bag which contained my favorite sausage gravy and biscuits...yum!

Once I had stuffed my face and got out of bed,I was given my cards and presents.I got some great MnMs candles -

My custom chocolate chip cookie (I got this for myself because I wanted one) Half birthday/half Mothers Day present to me

 My card from my oldest son Gage-

I also received money and Subway dinner as well as various handmade items from the kids.All in all it was a great day which I enjoyed spending with my husband and children until I had to go to work..blah!

Mommy Pride with Giveaway Blogs

"I love my children.Some people say I love them a little too much because I tend to go overboard sometimes for them.I think it is my way of showing them how proud I am of everything they are and everything they do.

I have always had the theory that there is no point hiding the real world from our children.When there is something major happening in the world,I pull them together,we look it up online and discuss what we find.I am proud that they care what happens to others,that they get tears in their eyes when they see commercials about starving children or animal abuse.I am proud that they have learned not to see color or religion and only see the person that lies beneath.

I have tried to stress the importance of education with them,to teach them just how much knowledge can really mean.I am proud that they have taken what I started and turned it into Honor Roll awards,advanced classes and skipped grades.I enjoy watching them learn and seeing their smiles when they accomplish something they deem important.

I encourage individuality and self confidence in my babies,even in the face of adversity.I am proud that my children are all one of a kind.I love that they don't feel they have to fit in with the crowd or need to impress others,that by knowing so they have managed to do so much more.I am proud that they will speak out for what they believe in and stand up for what they deserve,no matter the opponent.

I have worked hard to give them everything I can.I have done my best, and have given my all, at being a mother every day of their lives and I am proud that they have in turn given me countless moments of breathless awe and utter joy, in just being the perfect creations they are."

This is an entry to the Proud Mom contest, I'm in the running to win $50! Sponsored by UPrinting event ticket printing services.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Springtime Smells Great with Scentsy -Review and Giveaway

Being a blogger and a huge blog follower,I had heard of  Scentsy many,many times,but had not had a chance to try the products yet myself.As you can probably guess,when I was recently given the chance to try their fabulous products,I jumped on it!!

Before I tell you about my Scentsy experience,though,let me tell you about my amazing Scentsy host.Theo is a wife, a Mom, a home business owner and a Montessori teacher.Theo joined Scentsy in 2009 because she loved scented candles,but as a mother she worried about the dangers of having candles burning all the time.Scentsy was the safe answer to her problem.Theo started her Scentsy business in April 2010 and today, she is an Independent Sales Director. Her team is constantly growing and spreads across U.S, Canada and most recently the U.K. To find out more about her,check out her blog!
Thanks to Theo,I was sent the stylish Charlemagne Full-Size Scentsy Warmer for my review.This is one of the warmers in the Imperial Collection and is great for a nice,classy look.The charming design  can work well as a gift for almost anyone.It's gender neutral color and style would be perfect for a wedding or birthday gift,housewarming present or even a "just because" surprise.

The Scentsy warmer is easy to use,simply remove it from the box,set the top on the base and put your favorite scent in to melt.Plug it in and you are on your way to a wonderful smelling home indeed!! The warmer uses a simple 25-watt bulb so it doesn't put out lots of heat.I also found this works great for those who want a nice smell but have a family member sensitive to the wicks of candles or the smoke from them.Scentsy products are smoke,lead and soot free too.Having a husband with smoke allergies,this is an issue for me,but we had no problems with the Scentsy products at all!

There are many different styles and sizes to choose from like the Campus Collection and my favorite college football team..

or my favorite plug-in warmer the Tea Rose design

Scentsy offers a wide variety of products to suit everyone.You can choose from their Wickless Wax, Decorative Warmers, Scent Circles,Scent Paks,Room Sprays, Travel Tins and Scentsy Buddies.

I was also sent the You Go,Girl scent bar to try.This is a blend of apples, berries, muguet, and linden blossoms. I admit I was a little hesitant about that at first.I usually go for specific scents,but I was pleasantly surprised by this.The smell was fruity enough to suit me,yet slightly feminine too.

 With over 80 scents to choose from,you are sure to find something to suit your mood.From the Man Collection to the Corner Cafe Collection and everything in between,these scents are sure to please.

Thanks to my fabulous Scentsy host one of my readers will win their very own Scentsy products -a Mission Slate mid-size warmer and scent bar !

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Giveaway open to US/Canada  and ends at midnight on May24th.Must be 18 to enter. All opinions expressed are mine.I received a warmer and scent bar to assist in my review from Scentsy.I am not responsible for shipping winners items or for any experiences that are different then my own. Have A Great Day and GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coloring Fun With Color It By Numbers plus Giveaway

Being a mom is so crazy.Do you ever get that "never going to get it all done" feeling? I know I do..daily.When I need to load the dishwasher,do the laundry,finish dinner,pack lunches and go over homework all in the 2 hours between work and the kids bedtime,I am stressed!

To get everything done in time I need something to occupy my daughter.Reagan will not just sit and watch television or play a video game,she has to have something creative or interactive to do.If I don't find something she can do in one place,she will be singing and dancing all around the kitchen which doesn't work when I am dashing around with hot pans,dishes or armloads of laundry.

When I was offered the chance to review the products from Color It By Numbers, I knew this was the perfect thing for Reagan to do during the "rush hour" at home.The site was very easy to use and the download process was quick and simple.Within a few minutes Reagan was coloring away with ease.Using the mouse she simply clicked on a color with the paintbrush and then clicked on the coordinating numbers in the picture.. just like a normal color by number.I noticed when you change colors it emits a cloud of color from the brush ,this lets the user know they have successfully selected a new color, which is great for younger artists.

As Reagan continued coloring I saw she accidentally clicked the wrong spot and started to complain.Then we noticed that it hadn't colored it anyway,so we tried color.If they click on the wrong number it will not color it.I think this is great to help the child see their mistakes and have to pay attention to what they are doing.

There are 3 coloring options to this as well.The simple color by number,the more difficult version with more, smaller spaces and the freestyle version to let the imagination run wild. My daughter is in love with the Princess collection and is harassing me now to let her do more.You can chose animals,princesses or vehicles and of course the princesses are her favorite.

Once you purchase and unlock your pictures they are yours to keep.You can simply save it to your desktop like me and click it open to let the little ones play.They can even print their creations when they are finished to preserve the memories forever.

I am blessed to be able to bring the fun of color by numbers to 2 of my fabulous readers.I have 2 codes for
the animals set to give to someone so enter now...

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Giveaway open to US only.Must be 18 to enter. All opinions expressed are my own.I received a sample code to assist in my review,but no other forms of compensation were received.I am not responsible for shipping winners items or for any experiences that are different then my own. Have A Great Day!!

Our Egg Hunt

During our Easter Party,we also had games,contests and prizes as well as an Easter Egg Hunt.My sister and I filled about 160 eggs or so (we lost count) with a variety of items like laser rings,silly bands,tattoos,stickers,cash and candy.We divided the kids up by age and let them loose.I think it all lasted about 3 minutes but it was fun anyway.

My niece Alyssa finds her first egg

The older kids lining up

My baby sister and her family hunting eggs

The kids dive for their loot

Princess Reagan cashes in

They all loved getting so much variety in their eggs and even the youngest ones had a blast opening them to find treasures

Our Easter Meal

 Well Easter is finally over and all the excitement and rushing that went into it was totally worth it.I mentioned before,that I decided to make the kids candy this year.Even though everything wasn't perfect,it turned out great.I made tons of fun stuff like chocolate covered cookies,candy coated pretzels,coconut nests with sugar baby eggs and more.The cherry,banana,butterscotch,peanut butter and chocolate suckers were a hit, as were the orange cream,raspberry and butter rum candy drops.

We had Butterfinger cake,funfetti cupcakes with strawberry cream filling and strawberry icing,chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse filling and decadent fudge icing,a big egg shaped chocolate chip cookie and MnMs to sprinkle on everything or nothing depending on the kids (ok and some adults too).I might have overdone the sweets but they are all gone now,so maybe not!

I also made ham,deviled eggs and cheesy hash browns,and the guests brought green bean casserole,pasta salad,mozzarella salad,Italian mushroom pasta,mac n cheese,baked beans and rolls.We had about 20 people for most of the party with a few extra here and there.Fun was had by all, but you will hear more about that in the coming posts.