Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing Tree Toys Alex Friends Forever Friendship Bracelet Kit Review

Have you heard of Growing Tree Toys?
If you haven't,you are missing out on a great place to find toys for kids of all ages.

Growing Tree Toys offers a great selection of educational toys that are fun too!

We received the Alex Friendship Bracelet Kit to review.I was hesitant at first to even ask the boys to participate.I was expecting to get the usual,"that's a girl toy" response.I did ask though and was pleased that they were as excited as the girls to try this out.

The kit came in a cute colorful box that you use to hold all the included accessories.

I was surprised by how much was actually inside the box.There were 4 wheels that are used to create the designs on the bracelets.The pattern on the inside of the circles and squares is the pattern you will end up with.You can make amazing designs including hearts and flowers! The kit also holds a variety of colored beads to add extra flair to any creation.My youngest is a diva and she loved having these added to her bracelets.There was a ton of colored floss that is used for the string part of the bracelet,as well.This was very strong and did not break even when pulled tight. I loved the huge choice of colors you receive-even glittery silver and gold!

The kids had fun trying to match the design patterns.I think this is geared for a little older age.My daughter and youngest son had trouble understanding and following the instructions.

It really is pretty simple.Simply cut the desired color strings to match a pattern (or create your own).Tie a knot in one end and insert the strings in the coordinating slots.The directions are step by step and easy to follow.

We had a blast working with these and I am sure your family would emjoy them as well.

Growing Tree Toys has even more to offer.Check out these favorites I found

They even have baby stuff too like this play mat

I haven't even gotten through the entire site yet and I have alreadu found countless things the kids would like.In fact I am off now to shop for my daughter with her 5% birthday discount coupon I received via email for joining the club.

Need a great birthday gift? Shopping early for Christmas? For any future childhood need check out Growing Tree Toys for the perfect gift.

I was given the mentioned set to review for this post.I was not compemsated in any other way and the opinions are my own.
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Summer Fun With Radio Flyer

I remember being a kid and going to see fireworks.There were so many people milling about that my mom put us in a little red wagon.My sister used her finger  to trace the words written on it in white-Radio Flyer.We used that little wagon until all of us outgrew it,and then we used it to play with our dolls and toys for another few years.

Radio Flyer has teamed up with Mom Select to bring you news of the Worlds Largest Wagon Mosaic.You and your family can be a part of this portrait of American tradition too.Simply find your favorite Radio Flyer photo, or take one now and go to Radio Flyer Art to add it to the mosaic.When you are finished you can scroll over the entire picture to find yours.I'm sure your children would love to find themselves and know they are forever part of this as well.

Help the Radio Flyer legacy live on for another 93 years by adding your photos today.

I was not compensated for the post.As a member of Mom Select I can enter to win a wagon as a thank you prize.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gage Turns 9

We celebrated my oldest child Gage's birthday on Friday.Gage is a very original child and always finds a way to show it.If you have been following my posts ,you will see my attempts at birthday cake mastery with the other kids over the past few months.Gage,however had to test my abilities.

Gage chose an Aqua Teen hunger Force Cake.The cake includes mulitple layers of cake and icing,rice crispie treats and fondant.This is my final result.

In all, I spent about 10 hours making everything.It took about 5 minutes to destroy it,but he was happy.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Movie Reviews- 2012

I have to watch every apocalyptic movie that comes out.I don't necessarily believe that they will happen,but if they do,I want to know what will happen.For this reason alone,I have been waiting for 2012 and finally got around to seeing it,again thanks to Blockbuster  and their movie kiosk.

I was supposed to watch this with my husband,but he is notorious for falling asleep early on.I,however,watched the whole thing.

The movie starts out before the disasters begin,glimpsing the main characters and giving an idea of who is who .It is a bit slow early on,but does pick up later.The main point of the movie is that the earth is boiling from the inside out.This causes an eventual volcanic event that basically destroys everything.

There is ,of course,a way to survive.If you are lucky enough ( or rich enough),you can buy yourself a spot in the future.The worlds most powerful governments align to produce arcs that can withstand the forces and sustain the passengers until ..well until they figure out their next move.

I liked the movie for what it was.I think they did a better job of showing what happens then other movies of the same type.If fault lines start breaking up in the middle of stores,I am headed to Africa.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winner $60.00 CSN Stores Certificate

I have drawn a winner using for my fabulous CSN Stores certificate giveaway.The winner is comment number 208-

cori westphal

I have sent a winners email and they have 72 hours to respond or I will draw a new winner.Thanks to everyone for entering and being a part of my world.Hope to see you all again soon!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Movie Reviews - Shutter Island

In my house,we love movies.My husband and I have done the theater,drive-in and of course home viewing(which is my favorite).I love to unwind with a snack,my husband and the remote.This weekend we had a chance to view a few new movies -THANKS Blockbuster.Our local Speedway has installed a Blockbuster kiosk just 2 minutes from my door..woo-hoo! Now I can grab a movie while we get gas and go.

The first movie on my list this week was Shutter Island

I have been waiting to see this movie forever it seems.So long in fact I forgot I wanted to see it.
I was impressed with everything in this one.I love when Leo has an accent,it makes the role better for me.I won't give away too much in case you have never seen it.I am just giving my thoughts and opinions.

The movie starts with Leo DiCaprio playing a State Marshall.He and his partner are  trying to solve a missing persons case, at a mental institution, on an island where nothing is quite as it seems.As Leo fights to uncover just what is happening in this strange place, you see flashbacks of him and the Nazis during WWII.The plot twists with tidbits thrown in here and there about the Marshall and his past,and finally turns completely to change the entire view of the film.I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events, and can honestly say I never saw it coming.I would recommend seeing it if you love a good in depth film.

I was not compensated for this post in any way.I am simply sharing my movie finds.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Guest Post With Matt From Tiepedia

Today I am bringing you my very first guest post.This is a post from Matt's own site Tiepedia.Matt is obsessed with ties and wanted to bring his love of them to others.I asked Matt a couple of questions about how he got started with the love affair and am bringing his answers to you.

1.How did you get started wearing ties?
I started wearing ties for church, my family always went every Sunday. Then, I served a 2 year Mormon mission and wore a tie every single day for 2 years. After that I was really hooked on ties.

2.Where did you get your first one?
My first tie was from my dad, can't quite remember what it looked like. But, because he tied it once for me and then I would just slip it on and off because I didn't know how to tie it myself. I was probably around 6 or 7 when I stopped wearing clip on ties.

3.Do you have a favorite style or favorite tie?
I love stripes of all kinds, wide, small, curvy. Stripes are my favorite.

Matt has written a too cute post to go with fathers' day.Check out these fabulous cakes -

Not Your Ordinary Father's Day Ties

Monday, 31 May 2010 15:05
Tie Blog - Crafts

It may surprise some of you to hear what I am about to say, but it must be said. Not all guys want a tie on Father's Day. GASP! I know, I know, it sounds crazy... and I certainly am not one of those guys, but apparently it's true.

Listen to what Joseph Hurtado has to say, "there are only two types of men: those who hate ties, and those who grudgingly accept them as part of the job."

Blasphemy as far as I am concerned, but if you're Mrs. Hurtado you may want to think twice about getting Joseph a tie for Father's Day. How about baking him a delicious necktie cake instead? I don't think many men could resist that. Here are some sweet examples for you to consider! (Congrats to the cake artists who created these!)

These are just a few of the great ones in his post.You can see the entire thing here

Want to know what color tie is best,what the tie of the month is,or who wore what tie on an important day? Matt has devoted his time to bringing all this and more to you at Tiepedia!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stimula Winner!

I have chosen a winner for the Stimula Giveaway

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 19
Result: 12


Am I selfish? I think the women's for me :)

Thanks to everyone who entered and to Stimula for sponsoring this giveaway!

I am emailing you now Natalie-Congrats
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Costume Supercenter Membership Giveaway

I recently brought you a review of Costume Supercenter ,where I found this fabulous costume for my son Aiden.

Not only do they have a great variety,they also have great prices.The everyday low value is a huge plus when buying for multiple people.
It gets better!
They have a partner site where you can get an even bigger savings by being a member.

Wholesale Costume Club has the best deals I have found by taking advantage of this membership.
Like this

Retail -45.99
Non-member -27.48

or this


I have great news for 2 of my readers-Wholesale Costume Club has offered to give 2 of you a free ,1 year membership,so you can take advantage of these savings too!

How do you enter? Easy- for your first MANDATORY ENTRY go to WCC and tell me which costume you would like this year for Hallloween .

Extra Entries-
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Please leave me a way to reach you unless public on profile.

Giveaway ends June 21st 2010 and winners will be chosen via random generator.

I was not compensated for this giveaway in any form.All opinions are my own.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Your Man and Help Him Love Himself

Fathers Day is coming soon and it is time to start thinking of things to do for the special men in your life.Of course we all want to get them the perfect gift-how about the gift of a longer life and a healthy future.

New research has found that men are 31 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. In fact, men report making fewer routine health care appointments compared with women overall .

There are many quick and simple ways to get the message out. You can just open up and talk or you can find creative ways to get your point across.

Send this Fathers Day Card and take care of 2 things at once-the card and the message.

You can ask your husbands,sons,fathers,brothers cousins and even friends to Take This Health Quiz and see where they stand.

Sit down with them and visit  HERE which provides recommended ages for preventive medical tests, the  health care quiz designed to test knowledge of preventive health care, tips for talking with doctors, a glossary of consumer health terms, and links to online resources to find more medical information.You don't even have to be there-send it in an email,text it ,even pick up the phone.Any and every way we can make more people aware is a plus.

We all go day to day and most of us don't think about health on a daily basis.We may be too busy,occupied,or just believe it won't happen to us.We live life like we are invincible and sometimes it takes losing someone you care about to realize we are not.Don't wait until it's too late-
                                                        TAKE ACTION NOW

I am posting this as a member of Global Influence and was not compensated for this post.
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Rest In Piece Cotton

It is a sad day in our house.We found my beloved cat Cotton dead outside this morning.We found Cotton over 2 years ago filthy and starving in our yard.He was a little ball of fur that should have been white but was dirty and matted and bloody.I still have no idea where he came from-he had to be just weaned if that.I took him inside and we bathed and cleaned him and he has been with us every since.A couple of days ago he was acting a bit strange,but he is a cat after all so we didn't think much of it.He ate and went outside and that was the last time we saw him.My husband went looking for him and found him outside our boys window.I guess he wanted to tell them goodbye so he laid down there and never got back up.It has been hard on everyone,but especially my husband (even though he is trying not to show it).Brad loved that cat which is unusual for him,and I feel so bad for him losing his pet 4 days before his birthday.I know this is all part of life but I had to get it off my chest so maybe I can stop crying about it.

We Love You Cotton 
 I am so sorry you had to be alone in those moments but I guess that is the way you wanted it.

 2008-June 4th 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CSN Stores $60.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway

                                                         I Love to Shop-there I said it.

My husband will tell you I can shop all day and never get tired.I love to browse,I love to power shop,I even love to catalog shop.The only thing I hate is window shopping.Blah!
In the past few years I have changed my shopping habits from mainly walk- in stores to online shopping.I find it to be so much easier to stay home,avoid crowds and take as much(or as little) time as I like.

I have recently been looking into new twin beds at one of the best places to shop - CSN Stores. CSN has over 200 shops in one convenient location.You can shop toys,housewares,outdoor,school office,even stuff for your pets.It's like having a whole mall at your fingertips.There is something for everyone, and if you are like me, lots of somethings for yourself as well.I found about a thousand things I wanted.I know you think that is an exaggeration-it's not.I really could have chosen so many things. I would love to host my House Party events using this awesome Team Grill

My daughter Reagan wants a Plasma Car

and this

and my boys opted for the Rip Stick-one wants silver and one red

No matter who you are trying to please,CSN is a safe bet!!!

Although I did find so many great things that I could have chosen to review,I am going to give this chance to one of my great readers instead.CSN has offered a $60.00 gift certificate to one of you!

Mandatory Entry-
Go to CSN Stores and look around.Come back and tell me something you liked-1 entry

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This giveaway ends June 14th and winner will be chosen via random generator.

I was not compensated for this post.I worked with CSN on a previous review and was contacted to host this giveaway.Any opinions are my own .

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Memorial Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day.I know it is a sad occasion,but in a way also a happy one.When we gather to remember what has been,we are also enjoying what still is.

This year we went to my fathers grave as we have for the past 2 years now.Normally we all go on our own but somehow all ended up in town at the same time.We decided to gather at the park after and have a snack while the kids played.

Have A Great Day

Costume Supercenter Review

I love dress up.I have owned a variety of costume clothing pretty much all my life.This is a love I have passed on to all of my children.Halloween is our favorite holiday and we spend hours finding each and every costume.Imagine my delight when I received the opportunity to do a review for Costume Supercenter!

Costume Supercenter has a huge variety of Halloween Costumes for everyone,so I knew it would take some time to chose just one.I let my boys look around first because I already have my daughters costume for this year.My little monsters love the horror look,so they spent quite awhile in the Boys Halloween Costumes pouring over the horror costumes,accessories and masks.There were many that they liked,but they were not quite ready to make a final decision.Some of the favorites were

While the boys were thinking it over,I stopped by the baby section and saw these

There are so many styles and choices!

My son finally chose this Crypt Master Child's Costume

The costume was very nicely made and better then expected.The chain and grommets are actual metal not just plastic attached to a sturdy vinyl type strip.The costume itself is one piece that easily slips over the child's head.I hate having tight necklines that will not fit without pulling and tugging and thankfully I did not have to mess with any of that.
Aiden liked that the mask and hood are separate pieces and not connected which allows them to be used alone or with other accessories.We also received black gloves that fit snugly but not tight and allowed easy use of hands.I left the gloves out of the pictures because Aiden wanted to play outside with his super cool axe.The axe is plastic to avoid injury and comes in 4 pieces that screw together.I like this design,which allows you to break it down for storage,yet is simple enough that the kids can assemble it alone.

Costume Supercenter has great everyday discounted prices-no waiting for sales.

I received this costume to assist in the review.The opinions are my own and that of my son.
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