Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

This post is a little late but better than not at all. Our Easter was a little hectic, with several gatherings to attend. We tried to fit everything in the best that we could but it turned out to be a crazy time.

We started with a community egg hunt on Saturday morning. My oldest was over the age limit, but the younger two woke up early to go. They had fun gathering eggs and then we were off to the church for the Easter event there. They enjoyed the bounce house, food, games and of course, another egg hunt before heading inside to see the display on the Trials of Christ.

I claim no particular religion, but I feel it is necessary for me to allow my children to see religion from many different views. This was an interesting display for those that follow Christianity, and a life lesson even to those that don't.

We finished Saturday with dinner at my in-laws and came home exhausted. The kids loved gathering even more candy, toys and money from the eggs, and received some small gifts too.

Sunday morning we gave our children their baskets which contained some candy and snack items and a toy or something larger for each. We then had our fourth egg hunt, with my sister and her family, followed by pizza because I was just too worn out to cook!

It was a lovely weekend, even if busy, and I was glad to spend it with so many different people.

Target Shooting With the Husband

One of my husbands favorite things to do is go shooting. He doesn't need to be hunting anything, just firing off a couple hundred rounds into some targets is enough for him. Now that his parents have built a range at their home for conceal and carry courses, he is always wanting to go.

We did manage time to go a few weeks ago. He had to break in a new scope on his AR anyway, so we ran through a couple hundred rounds and called it a day. I hadn't had a chance to shoot it yet, so I finally took time to try it out. Now I think I want one of my own. Look out zombies, here I come!

We had fun with some splatter targets and then took down a zombie clown for fun. Not bad for a windy day and a broken foot, right? Plus, this is a great way to spend some quality time together!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Entertain the Pack with Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz Vehicles

My house is always full of kids. My children, nephews and nieces, neighborhood kids, school friends and more, we always have a bunch of them here. Now that I get to host fun parties, the kids love being here even more. This time we were lucky enough to host a Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz party.

I knew from the party packet that these were easy to build vehicles with interchangeable parts. I had no idea they would be so cool. As soon as I opened the box, I knew the kids were going to be thrilled. We  received a nice variety of Ridemakerz to share with our party guests, including some great superhero ones that I assumed would be the most popular.

The wheels for each vehicle have rims that can be flipped for two different looks. They also include various extra parts from rocket launchers to engines, many of which can be used on other cars. We received Spiderman, Ironman and Batman as well as several cars, a truck and military vehicles. This was a great mix that allowed everyone to find something they liked.

I loved that these were super easy to assemble. I was expecting to need to assist them, but they were able to do it all themselves. The top and bottom of the car attach easily after snapping in the motor. Snap in the rims, wheels and extra pieces and you are done.You can see in the video how simple snapping the pieces together was for one of the 5 year old guests.(I tried getting a full video but a missing rim interrupted midway through.)

The kids loved changing the pieces around and trading parts with one another. They all found several other styles they would like to have too. We always invite siblings to our parties, so we had several girls present. I was surprised to learn they wanted cars as well and were disappointed that we didn't have enough for them!

I especially loved the button push hydraulics that allow you to lower and raise the front and back individually adding to the different looks possible. I think these would make great gifts or a fun toy to collect. I would love to see some girly versions for the little car divas, but beyond that I had no complaints. 

* My fabulous party pack was provided to us, by the sponsor,as a member of Mom Select. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Shower Blast

A friend of mine recently had a baby shower and I was excited to attend. I knew her mom was totally into crafts and cooking, so I went expecting some really fun items. I have to admit, I was not at all disappointed.

I arrived to find the cutest cake sitting on the table. I just loved the details of the cute little shoes, and it is all edible too! I had made a diaper cake as a gift, so she had me put it on the table with the real cake.

I was thrilled with all the cute treats she had made, and plan to borrow some of her ideas for my sister and cousin, who are both expecting later this year. We had dipped pretzels, cupcakes,adorable cookies, pacifier shaped mints, baby face cake balls and much more.

We played several games, snacked on food, and had a blast comparing war stories about childbirth and motherhood before she opened her gifts. 
Look at some of the cute food items that were served. Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and onions made this cute vase treat.

Love, love, love this peanut butter baby shoe fruit dip...it was simply amazing!

My favorite part was painting onesie cookies with edible paint. I made this one for Beth to keep for later. The A is for the name they plan to use when she is born. 

These are the gifts I made for her. My first attempt at a diaper cake and cupcake basket. I think they turned out well.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teaching Kids How to Behave Themselves in Assisted Living Homes -Guest Post

An assisted living home is a facility where older adults can live as they become less able to care for themselves in their own homes. Assisted living is a great choice for adults who need a small amount of care but who do not wish to give up their independence. When in assisted living, an individual can receive help with cooking, housework, laundry, medications and more.

It is easy for family members and friends to visit elderly relatives in assisted living homes. In fact, children are generally allowed to visit although there may be particular visiting hours that must be followed. It is important for children to visit elderly people, particularly their grandparents and other relatives. Children can learn many valuable lessons about the past from the elderly. However, children must be taught how to behave themselves while in assisted living homes because this type of facility can be somewhat different from a regular home.

Some aspects of assisted living facilities are like a residential home. Many residents live in rooms that resemble an apartment and have their own private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. This makes it easy for visiting since family members can congregate privately.

On the other hand, depending on the needs of the elderly individual, the facility may somewhat resemble aspects of a nursing home. This is especially true for senior citizens who have more complicated health concerns. For example, some seniors may need assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers or canes. Others may need oxygen. “Children need to be aware of this information before visiting in assisted living homes and should be taught the following points about behaving themselves while there”,
says Steve Miller a frequent contributor for Assisted Living Today.

Be Quiet

Children should be aware that some residents cannot deal with load noises such as screaming or crying. Although they may enjoy a child’s exuberance and love seeing their smiling faces, loud noises may present the resident with sensory overload. Instead, children should be taught to only speak when others are not speaking and to speak in tones just loud enough for the resident to hear.

Do not Touch Anything without Asking First

Many items in an assisted living home are different from anything most children have seen before. This is particularly true of medical devices. Most children have a natural sense of curiosity and love to explore and touch new objects. However, parents should keep a close watch on young children, and older children should be taught to never touch something unless asked to do so or unless they know its use.

Be Respectful to the Residents

Most elderly individuals grew up in a world that was somewhat different from today’s modern world. They are used to and should expect to be addressed respectfully. Many do not like having children call them by their first name. In addition, some believe that children should only speak when they are personally addressed. Parents should be aware of and instruct their children in these matters.

Do not Run

Children should only walk in hallways and in the residents’ apartments within the assisted living facility. Not only is this respectful, but also it is safe. Children who are running are much more apt to fall down and hurt themselves, to run into elderly residents or to create unnecessary noise.

Bring Things to Do

Parents should realize that children can become easily bored. When they become bored, they look for something to do. However, this may get them into trouble at an assisted living home. Instead, parents should bring a child’s favorite toys, books or coloring books for the child to use quietly while the adults are visiting.

Do Not Stay Too Long
Of course, elderly individuals can tire quickly and often need naps during the daytime. In the same way, children can also become tired and bored quickly. Parents should only stay to visit for a short amount of time to make the experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

There is no reason why children should not visit elderly individuals in assisted living homes. However, they must be taught certain rules first to ensure good behavior. With the parents’ help, the visiting experience can be pleasurable for all.