Friday, November 30, 2012

New Batman Power Attack Figures

Having two boys,I know all about super heroes and the things that go with them.My boys have been collecting action figures,posters,clothing and anything else they find with their favorite characters on them,for as long as I can remember.My oldest has changed favorites a number of times,but my youngest has been a Batman fan since he was just a little thing.Since we have such a Batman addict in the house,when I was offered the chance to invite a few of their friends and have a Batman party,I knew we had to do it.

We were sent a big box of supplies including plates,cups,napkins,balloons and goody bags for our party.Some of the boys live in the neighborhood and came early so we ate as they arrived and they played with their goody bag treats while we waited for the others.The boys had juice,crackers,chips and pizza bagels to eat,followed by some Batman themed desserts before we started checking out the new toys.

We received a selection of Batman Power Attack figures to share with our guests.There are several different collections in the Power Attack series like Lava Mission,Swamp Mission and more. There was such a large variety that all the boys were able to find one that they liked with ease.We did have a little issue when everyone wanted the Robin figure, so we ended up drawing numbers and picking that way.They were all satisfied with the results and everyone ended up happy.

The new figures were very nice.Each 6-inch figure comes with a weapon and  belongs to a specific group.The costume designs and colors are vibrant and unique to the characters.The figures are nicely built and held up well to a ton of crashing and banging when the boys played with them.We were also sent a few of the deluxe figures to use for raffle prizes.These highly articulated poseable figures also come with weapons and they each perform a signature move for super fighting action.

The guests all went home with a Batman balloon,treat bag and their action figures so they were all very happy boys.Especially the ones who won raffle prizes because they had two new toys! My boys have since mentioned wanting other figures for Christmas,and I have had 2 conversations with parents who didn't attend  the party asking where to snag some for the Holidays.These are sure to be a big item on Wish Lists this year!!

*All party items were provided by my sponsors at Mattel,as a member of Mom Select,to help me host a fabulous party! A big thank you to them for all the help. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tune In for Oprah's 90 Minute Segment on LINCOLN

Make sure you tune in this Sunday, December 2nd at 9:00pm on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network for a 90-minute special episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" 

Oprah Winfrey talks with Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field about their collaboration on the feature film “Lincoln” in a special 90-minute episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” airing this Sunday, December 2 (9-10:30 p.m. ET/PT) on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

In a full circle moment, Winfrey meets Spielberg at DreamWorks Studios in Los Angeles in the same studio building where she first auditioned for him for her role in "The Color Purple." In an intimate sit-down interview, Spielberg shares with Winfrey the process of creating “Lincoln” and how he was moved to tears during filming. They are then joined for a rare interview with Day-Lewis for a fascinating conversation about his first-time collaboration with Spielberg, his yearlong immersion into the life of Lincoln and how together, with the rest of the esteemed cast, they created a “sacred space” on the set. Later, Winfrey shares in a heartfelt conversation with Sally Field from her new home in California.  Field talks about the emotional depths she tapped into for her role as Mary Todd Lincoln, how she fought for the part and her immediate connection with Day-Lewis.  She also opens up about being plagued by self-doubt, her pride in parenting a son who is gay and the joy she welcomes as she enters the next chapter of her life.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am sharing information provided to me as a Disney Blogger.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

I am decorating for Christmas a little early this year.I have no idea if I will be walking by then,so I wanted to get my tree up before I go in for surgery.This was a huge process because I needed to move my computer and desk into my bedroom.In order to do that,I had to rearrange my room to make it easier for me to get to the bathroom.At least we have our own bathroom and shower so I don't have to go far or wait for the kids to get out of there.

Once we finished moving everything in those rooms,I was able to put up the tree.Last year we bought a white tree with lights so I didn't have to mess with that.My husband and I take turns decorating the tree,He likes a ton of different colors all thrown together,while I like a matching tree with just 2 or 3 colors.He likes real trees,I like artificial.He prefers an array of mismatched ornaments and I like mine to match the lights and bows or ribbons on the tree.

My children help hang the bulbs and spread the tree skirt.They like putting gifts under the tree too.I am pretty sure that's because they want to feel or shake them to see if they can tell what they are.I usually let them put gifts for my nieces and nephews under there and keep their gifts hidden until Christmas Eve.

Post Surgery Torture

My IV marks..I ended up with 4 of them by the time I went home the next day.

Well,it has been a little over a week since I had surgery.The week was a blur of pain and trying to sleep,which was a torture in itself .I finally went in Wednesday to get the post surgery wrap removed and get the first of two casts put on.

The two incisions where the screws are

My foot looked pretty gruesome,but hopefully it will heal soon.The x-rays say the bones are doing fine and the screws aren't having any issues so far,which is good.

This is where they did most of the work.They removed a cyst,drained fluid,filled the space with bone graft and screwed the ankle and foot together.They also removed some scar tissue and rebuilt the tendon with membrane.

I was able to choose my cast color.They had about 15 colors ranging from plain white to black but in the end I went with bright green.It was festive enough to fit in with the holidays and bright enough to draw attention.I figured maybe,at the least, if I forget and try to step or walk,the flash of bright green color will remind me not to.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney Movies Make Great Childhood Memories

When I was a little girl,my grandparents always made sure to include a Disney movie in our gifts.Of course,we would get other things too,but we always knew at least one of the wrapped packages contained a movie. Usually we would get one of the classics like Beauty and The Beast or Cinderella,then we would get whatever new film had been released recently.We knew that if a new Disney Movie was available, then we would be sure to have it on the next holiday.

Sitting down to one of the Top Disney Movies was always a treat for us as kids.My sisters and I would decide which movie to watch,grab blankets and pillows from our rooms,and head to the living room to pig  out,and watch movies.We would watch all the previews and advertisements at the beginning while my mom made us snacks.Usually we had something like popcorn or chips with dip,while other nights she would mix us a delicious Chex mix or bake yummy cookies.Finally,we would all settle down and watch the film,sometimes laughing or crying along with the characters.

Now that I am a mom,I see my kids doing the very same thing.Every time one of them buys or receives a new Disney film,they head into the family room with pillows in hand.Just like when we were small,they all pile together and ask for a snack so they can settle down and enjoy the movie.Just seeing them all lined up together brings back so many memories of my childhood.

When I noticed that my children were following in my footsteps with their love of Disney films,I knew it was a good idea for us to to join the Disney Movie Club.As a member of the club,I keep up on all the new releases,I can grab the old favorites when they are brought out of the vault,and I can redeem the points I earn for cool prizes too.Not to mention I the savings I get by buying multiple movies at a time

With the Holidays already upon us,continuing this childhood tradition is once again in the front of my mind.As I finish making my list this year,I will be sure to add a movie or two for the kids and their next movie night!

Disclosure: "This sponsored post was made possible by SheHeard. I have been compensated for my time and work on this campaign, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why A Business Degree Will Help You With Your Stay-At-Home Business

Being a stay at home mom can be such hard work. I have heard from so many people that they think stay at home moms have it made. I have found that people employed in the "real world" always think you don't do anything just because you are at home all day. They have no idea how much there really is to do between house duties, errands, kids and other obligations. The work can be endless, the hours are never ending and there is no pay. As a stay at home mom you have to be a cook, nurse, coach, teacher, referee and more, all while still trying to be mom when they need it.

If that isn't bad enough, here I am doing all this,and working to run a home business too. I figure if I am going to be able to stay home and spend time with my family, then I still need to find a way to contribute income to our household. I can't very well expect the bills to pay themselves, or my husband to pick up all the slack while I stay home.

If I thought it was hard to do all that, imagine my surprise when I decided to sign up for a business degree program so I could earn my degree in my spare time. Not that you really have any spare time as a mom,but I decided if I am going to really make any money, I have to fit it in somewhere. I have arranged my schedule to work school into my day no matter how hard it gets.

The classes are online, so at least I don't have to worry about travel time or costs. I am still home with my children, so I don't need daycare or a babysitter either. Doing the classes this way gives me the flexibility to take the courses as I want to. From course to course,semester to semester, I am in control of my requirements and my schedule. This eliminated those hectic days of trying to rush to class or missing a day of school because of a sick baby. I can do the courses during nap time, while the kids are playing, or just wait until they go to bed at night. I can even change this from day to day when I need to. As a mom, I know not everything works out the way we want it to and what works today might not work tomorrow.

If it weren't for the benefits of having a degree, I wouldn't take on so much at once. I would wait until later which,knowing me, would probably never come. I can't really say I want to be doing all this, but when I think of the changes for my family, I know I need to. By having a degree I will be able to handle more of the business myself. I will know more about managing, marketing and the things that will matter to me on a daily basis. I can use my degree to improve sales, increase my target area, and in the end, make more money.

Going to school online has so many benefits, it's not at all hard to see why so many people do it. There are many classes to choose from,the pace is up to you and you can do it from anywhere that has Internet access. If I can find time and a way to squeeze this into my schedule, then anybody can. It only takes a minute to start the rest of your life. Take a second today and see what an online degree can do for you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing Pinypon and Our Party

My daughter is a fanatic for anything cute and little.She loves small dolls,accessories and play sets the most and has a huge collection of them.This weekend I was able to introduce her and her friends to a new kind of doll called Pinypon at our very own Pinypon party!

We invited some of her friends from school and a few of the girls from the neighborhood to come and discover these new dolls with us.Reagan and I made treats like Hot Chocolate cupcakes and 2 kinds of cookies.

                 The girls all had a snack while we waited for everyone to arrive and get settled.

Next we talked about Pinypon dolls and how they are so fun to play with.Each doll can be broken down into individual parts so the faces,hair,clothes,purses and more are interchangeable.The dolls have two different faces and when you turn the head you have a whole new look.The other face is hidden behind the hair so you can't even tell until you take them apart again.

                                    One of my daughter's friends from school with her Pinypon doll and the Caravan raffle prize.

We hid numbered cards around the rooms and each girl had to find one.They picked their Pinypon by choosing a doll each.We went in order starting with the girl who found the card with #1 on it.The girls wrote their names on their cards after they had all gotten a doll and we dropped them in a hat and drew out a card.

One of my neighbor's has a daughter who won a  Nenuco Newborn Doll.The doll has a sippy cup and uses the potty.Intended for ages 3-6,this was a perfect fit for her.She loved it and couldn't wait to open it.Her mom said she has carried it around every day since so I guess it was a big hit.

Each of the girls at the party received a certificate for participating in our fashion show.I added their name and the name of their doll so they could have a personalized souvenir to keep.I have to admit our show became chaos very quickly.The girls couldn't wait to take apart their dolls and rearrange or trade parts.They all loved adding the push-in pieces to make beautiful hair and clothing accessories too.

All in all we had a great time.I love being the first to know about a fun new toy,game or other item and getting to show the other kids and parents how cool it is.I can spread the word,the kids love having parties all the time and the other moms know who to ask for the newest craze when they need to buy a gift.

You can find Pinypon on Facebook, and Twitter or check out the site for fun activities,games and more!

* I was sent all the items mentioned as a member of  Mom Select in order to host a fantastic party.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

The Walking Dead

Like many people I know,my house is full of Walking Dead fans.My oldest son loves the show and my husband and I watch it too.We have been following it since the beginning,so we never miss a week,even if we have to record it and watch it later.I have to admit,I didn't want to pay the extra for the DVR service,but it has come in handy many times when I would have missed an episode.

This season is a bit fast for me.They skipped over a large gap between leaving the farm and taking over the prison.Laurie went from pencil thin to full term pregnant basically overnight and somehow Andrea was ill and being tended to by Michonne.

I expected someone to die in the prison,but didn't see it being the way it happened.My son bought the books and he tells me things ahead of time,which I hate.The show doesn't follow them exactly,but you have a basic idea of the plot.I figured there would be an issue with Laurie and the baby trying to give birth in a prison with inmates and zombies all around..I didn't see it coming when it did though.That was a sad scene.Poor Carl had to shoot his mom and then didn't even have anyone to comfort him after.Truthfully.wouldn't she still be alive,just passed out from pain and shock.Women have survived worse but I guess she wouldn't have been able to make it anywhere all cut open like that.

Andrea and Michonne are in the community with the Governor until Michonne decides to leave and Andrea doesn't..I expected Andrea to go with her,especially considering the way the books go,but that is not how it happened..or at least not yet.Of course,Andrea doesn't know he has a zombie daughter locked up in his home either.

I won't tell you what I think will happen,but I will say I see a few surprises on the horizon.If you watch the show,who do you think will be standing at the end? Will they all die? Who else is still out there somewhere and just how many more zombies are there?

Our Pumpkin Carving Chaos

I try to do special things for my kids whenever I can so of course,we had to carve pumpkins.Instead of being smart and grabbing a carving book or kit,I let them look online for the designs they wanted.Each of them had a big pumpkin for carving and smaller ones they decorated with the push-in pieces-sort of like Mr Potato Head parts.

My daughter wanted the zombie crawling from the first season of The Walking Dead.It took forever to do and you couldn't tell what it was in the light but here it is in the dark.

My youngest son wanted the King Pig from Angry Birds.This one wasn't as hard,but was freehanded from a coloring page because I couldn't find a printable template.

My oldest son drew his own design.This is his representation of the Governor and Michonne from The Walking Dead.I carved it from his drawings and this is what we ended up with.

This was a lot of work and time.I spent hours trying to make them perfect,which never happens,but the kids were happy with them anyway.

The Circleville Pumpkin Show

If you live in Ohio,you have probably heard of the Circleville Pumpkin Show.Every year thousands of people come to our little town to go pure, pumpkin crazy.The festival is like any other small town street fair,only bigger and with a whole lot more people.The stands are full of pumpkin themed creations from food to clothing and more.I loved these carved pumpkins made of Styrofoam.They were between $20 and $60 each, but were really nice.
I don't get into the hype of it all,but I do like to eat festival food.Packed full of fat and calories,there is no better place for a nice,greasy snack.We walked past stands selling pork,beef and chicken along with a ton of  drink stands.I kept seeing signs that said Swiss fried cheese.I didn't know exactly what that was,but I decided to try it anyway.I paid $3.50 for a piece about 4 inches long.I shared it with my husband and we decided it was good,but not really worth the cost for one piece.
                                           Along the way I saw these. Aren't they beautiful!
Of course my husband had to grab a sandwich full of shredded steak,peppers and cheese but I still couldn't find what I was looking for.After about an hour of searching,I was about to give up when I finally saw the stand selling them.Deluxe Ribbon Fries..yum!

Baking Pumpkin Seeds

I tried something new this year when my kids wanted to taste baked pumpkin seeds.I had never tasted them before,but my  husband said they were good,so of course the kids had to try them.

I looked online and found a recipe for cinnamon and sugar seeds,so I saved the ones from the kids pumpkins,and decided to give it a try.I followed the directions and even took them out a few minutes early.My oven must be too hot or something because they were too done and had that charred taste to them.We ended up throwing them away but it was fun to try anyway.

GIfts of Hope with Plan International USA

I just thought I would share something that came in my email today.With the holidays coming,people tend to be in a giving mood and this looked like a great way to spread some love.

Gifts of Love is an organization that provides services to those in need.You select which gift you want to give  by reading what it is for.They have things from medical care to baby blankets,school supplies, clothing,food and more.They even have options like animals,a beehive and plants to help them continue to have a food supply or classes to teach them to farm or how to cook the foods.

This would be a great family project.Selecting a gift to give together teaches children about charity and giving and it makes you feel nice too.

Cooking Shows That Can Help You Spice Up Your Family Meals

Over time, my family gets incredibly tired of eating the same boring meals for dinner. They are always complaining about having a certain meal too often, or wanting to try something new. For me, this turns into a very time consuming problem. I don't mind making a tasty, new dish for them to try, but I have a hard time deciding what to make or finding recipes that I am certain will turn out well.

It is very easy to select a recipe out of a random list and make it for my family. I have done this countless times from cooking sites, friends and family members or cookbooks. The biggest issue for me in doing this is that you cannot always tell how a recipe will look by reading it. Even though, as adults, we all know that you can't judge the taste of something by the way it looks, try telling that to three very picky children. It is a time  proven fact, if it doesn't look good to them, they will not even want to taste it. It really becomes a battle when you want them to eat a full serving.

While this may not be a big deal to some, we have a rule that you eat what is cooked for family meals. Breakfast and lunch are usually at different times for us all with work, school and other obligations in the way, but I refuse to waste my time cooking a meal and throwing away money on groceries by making something that won't even be eaten. To simply select a new recipe at random and hope it turns out well is really not an option for me anymore. I prefer to at least see a photo or watch something being prepared to get a full idea of how it will work for my family.

Recently someone suggested that I sign up for Comcast TV Service so I could take advantage of all the amazing cooking shows featured. They pointed out that this is a way for me to be able to watch as a meal is prepared and get a good idea of how it will look in the end. Not only can this save me time in tracking down new and interesting recipes ,but it can also save money by avoiding those meals that nobody wants to eat. Then I would just need to decide which shows work the best for me.

I am a huge fan of the competition shows like Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, but they aren't really what I need for detailed cooking. They show great food, but don't show enough of the actual cooking process to allow me to make those recipes. I want something that will show me step by step how to make something and what ingredients to use while it is prepared. I can take notes as I go and try the recipe myself later. This is also a great way to pick up on special techniques and tricks that you just can't get from a written recipe. Rachael Ray's Week in a Day has great kitchen tips to make cooking easier. Seeing that entire process makes it easy to recreate it later, or at least attempt to.

Shows like Everyday Italian, with Giata De Laurentiis, Extra Virgin,or Symon's Suppers, with Michael Symon, tell you what they are doing, as they do it. I can see how the food looks at each step and what the end result should be. I love recipes that allow you to cook without perfect measurements. I watched a video for an amazing looking french toast topped with strawberries grilled in foil with orange juice and zest ,balsamic vinegar and honey. It was topped with fresh whipped cream and just watching it prepared made me want to run out and grab some fruit. I imagine this would work with other berries too, like raspberries or blueberries.

Of course, I can always take advantage of the offered DVR service and record all the shows I want to see. This means I could still follow my normal schedule, set the shows to record, and view them when the time is right for me. I could watch the show and cook along at the same time by stopping and starting the episode as needed and I wouldn't even need notes. I could just scan the episode to check the needed ingredients, and get started.

Either way you go, watching the cooking shows really could save me time, money and maybe even a little sanity.

Countdown to Surgery

I haven't really talked about my health issues too much,but figured I would mention that I may not be up to blogging for the next few days.I have surgery tomorrow,so we will see how it goes.Thankfully this is not a major surgery,but since I have sleep apnea too,I am still a little nervous about it.

The process is supposed to take and hour or two to finish and if all goes well I can come home late tomorrow evening.If any of you have had your foot fused to your ankle,I would love to hear how that worked out for you.The way I understand it they are going to drain fluid from around the ankle joint and remove the cyst that is in there.Then they will cut the bones at the right angles and screw them together.They are also checking the tendon/ligament/nerve damage and trying to repair that or at least see what can be done with it.The tests say the peroneal nerve is severely damaged and there are tears in the peroneal tendon,so I am not sure what they are doing with that.I will be sure to let you know after though.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kids Halloween Party 2012

I hosted a Halloween party again this year.This is something I have been trying to do the past couple of years and it seems to be a hit with the kids and their friends.I didn't start as early as I should have,so decorations weren't what i wanted them to be,but all in all it turned out well.

I made lots of Halloween snacks with a friend the day before,and then finished the rest of the food the morning of the party.My mother-in-law brought meatballs and macaroni and cheese as well as some yummy green beans too.

We played games for prizes and had a blast laughing at their answers to some of the questions.It became very hectic at one point,with kids running everywhere leaving chaos in their path,but it was worth it in the end.

Trick or Treat 2012

My friends daughter Maddie -zombie cheerleader

I always take my kids trick or treating,so this year the plan was no different.We live in an area where there are a bunch of houses,so we usually just stick within a few blocks of home.In the past,my sisters,mom or in-laws have went with us,but this year we didn't make any plans to walk with anyone,so we went by ourselves.
                                                              Gage stopping at a house
I should mention that my husband didn't make it home in time to start with us,so I was stuck trying to get three kids ready in about an hour.He did manage to catch up to us a block or two later.We started at home and headed down the street to the close and familiar neighbors.Of course,it had to be rainy and freezing cold forcing the kids to wear layers under and over their costumes.
                                                       Princess Reagan racking up the loot
We walked for an hour or so before the kids were just too cold.They had enough candy that they didn't care and we went back early.We still had fun and they all enjoyed another round of sugar blasted Halloween fun.

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Giveaway

Getting my kids to eat vegetables can be a major headache.I have no idea why they are so picky,but they all like different things and never want to eat anything else.I try to find ways to sneak them into meals where they aren't so obvious,or spruce them up a little,so they aren't just plain and ordinary.

Green Giant must have known I needed help because they introduced the Seasoned Steamers line of vegetable dishes.The chef-inspired choices are sauce free and available in six different varieties.They add a selection of seasonings to create sensational mixes you can be proud to put on your table.The flavors include Brussels Sprouts with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper,Honey Dijon Carrots,Backyard Grilled Potatoes,Tuscan Seasoned Broccoli,Mediterranean Blend and Honey Roasted Sweet Corn.Personally,they all sound like something I would try and I bet the kids will eat some of them without a fight.

I was sent a prize pack with a coupon for a free package of Seasoned Steamers.They all sounded so good,I had no idea which one I wanted to try first, but decided on the Backyard Grilled Potatoes.I love that the portion size works well for my family.We don't eat a ton of vegetables,but I try to get in what they need to have.This allows me to give them a nice portion without having excess waste and with a variety too.

One of you can win a gift pack just like mine so you can try your favorite flavor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***All opinions on my blog are my own and may not be the same as anyone else..that's why they are mine.I received the mentioned sample items in order to write a fair and honest review as a member of My Blog Spark.Giveaway items are also provided by the sponsor.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pine Bros Throat Drops

Winter is coming and with it will be the sniffles,coughs and colds associated with cold weather.I always dread it getting colder because I know that means my children will be stricken with at least one episode of runny noses,headaches and coughing,sleepless nights.I hate cold season,but knowing there is not much I can do to change the weather,I just try to stay prepared and well stocked.Thanks to my newest sponsors at Pine Bros.,I had a little help with part of that this year.

Created in 1870 by J Herman Pine,Pine Bros throat drops are available in cherry and honey flavors.Both flavors come in bags and puck dispensers and can be purchased nationwide at CVS pharmacy.They were originally created and sold in the US by the Pine brothers,but the company eventually ended up being sold,and the items made overseas.The company has recently been purchased by creator and former owner of Airborne,Victoria Knight-McDowell and Pine Bros throat drops are once again available in the United States where they began.

I am a fan of cherry throat lozenges,so that was my first choice to try.My children also selected cherry when the need for something soothing struck The first thing I noticed was that the throat drops are softer than expected.This was a bit strange at first,but it keeps children from chewing them right away and missing the soothing effect as intended.They did have a slight flavor,but not as strong as I am used to.I won't say this is a negative,but it is a change from what I had assumed.

I hate to send my kids to school when they don't feel well,but I know I cannot keep them home from school every time they have a sniffle.I try my best to make sure they have what they need instead.Tissues,sanitizer and cough drops are always on the top of that list.My kids have to have a note every day to take medicated cough drops at school.I always write one,but if they lose or misplace it,then they have to do without all day.When I sent my oldest with one of the puck style containers of Pine Bros,the teacher never said a word about a note and he was able to use them as needed throughout the day.

There are 26 drops in each puck dispenser and 32 in each bag,so either size works well for multiple family members to share.The pucks are especially convenient for stashing in a book bag,purse, lunchbox and more.I was sent a ton of these for my review,so I shared them with friends,neighbors and family members too.I have noticed several of them using these since,and have had no negative comments from anyone so far.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Hate Sickness

Being sick is the worst thing.I haven't been able to post anything lately.I have been too attached to my bed or bathroom to do anything at all.My family seems to have gotten the ickiest virus and it keeps bouncing back and forth from one of us to another.There has literally been someone in my home who was sick every day for the last two weeks...ugh.

With all that mess,I am way behind on the things I need to do.I have surgery in 11 days and still need to finish preparing for life with a big cast and screws through my foot.(I will tell you more about that later).Plus I have blog obligations,a couple of sponsor parties and girl scout stuff thrown in the mix.If anyone wants to jump in and do all this for me,I will cherish you forever..seriously.