Monday, October 31, 2011

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your Personal Song

Are you looking for something unique for that special person in your life? Maybe you need a one of a kind birthday or holiday gift,or just want something that is sure to be a hit.I was recently offered the chance to try Your Personal Song.This is a very unique process that ends with a custom made song for your recipient.You start by selecting age,gender etc, for your song.Next add interests,a special phrase,names of friends or family and more to create the perfect song for your loved one.The process is very simple with easy to follow instructions.I added my details,entered my information,selected the payment method and I was done.The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes to complete!

I chose to do this song for my daughter because she gets a big kick out of anything with her name on or in it.When I received the MP3 file in my email and played the sing for her,her little face lit up like the sun.Her song says things like,

"When she's playing dress-up,a princess she becomes" and
"Reagan,Reagan, You're mommy's baby girl,I love you more than anyone in the whole wide world."

She flipped out over hearing her name,favorite things and people in her song and just had to have it downloaded to her mp3 player right away.I enjoyed how excited she got over this and loved that they included all of my suggested words and people in the song.

This is a super cute idea for someone far away or a just because surprise.Upgrade to the custom or deluxe packages to include a gift package and custom CD if you like.You can find out more on their Facebook and Twitter pages or stop by the site to make Your Personal Song today!

* I was given a chance to review this product as a brand ambassador for Your Personal Song and received a promotional pass to make my version.No other form of compensation was received and the opinions are my own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Write Smart with UGlee Pen

When I first heard the name UGlee Pen,I thought..really,who wants to use something called UGlee? I was a little curious as to why it was stuck with such a weird name,Of course,at the time I didn't know UGlee stood for Ultimate Grip Pen made by Dr James Lee.Once I tried it though,I didn't really care what it was called.

The UGlee Pen was designed,created and used by a doctor and has been known to help in many different ways.You can use this to lessen pain or cramping from arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.I have CTS and Fibromyalgia and my hands literally don't work at times.They tighten up and get so sensitive that I can't even hold a knife and fork sometimes.This usually worsens the more I use my hands.When I used this pen I noticed you don't have to apply much pressure to write.This was a big relief on my hands when writing my grocery and Christmas lists yesterday.

This pen can be used to help children learning to write or special needs children who have a hard time gripping writing utensils.The UGlee pen can also helps with students or professionals when taking notes from a class,meeting or seminar.I am sure there are more uses for the UGlee Pen,as it's benefits can vary for different people.I had my husband try one and he said he didn't really notice a difference,yet when I used it I instantly noticed how soft and easy to use it was.Both of my boys wanted one and the Princess pilfered one from my desk when I wasn't looking.One thing I will say,I would love to have some of the other colors offered,yellow just isn't for me.Maybe some pink or blue would be better.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Are You Watching This Week?

Do you have shows that you just have to watch,or do you just catch whatever happens to be on when you have time to actually watch television? I have a few shows that I really don't like to miss,but seem to still forget them when they are on.Lucky for me,the husband also watches them,so he has them on DVR.

I am a big fan of Sons of Anarchy and loved the new episode tonight...more on that later.

I love The Walking Dead too..I was surprised how this season started,but they are keeping up the suspense at least.I even checked out a few of the webisodes yesterday.

I started watching American Horror Story.This is a really odd show but I am still watching it so,we shall see.

I also watch New Adventures of Old Christine,Storage Wars,American Pickers,Supernatural and Top Shot on a regular basis but thats about it..well and of course my love/hate relationship with The Big Bang Theory.I might watch something else in the background while I'm online,or while I'm going to sleep,but those I try to remember .
What shows do you never miss? Do you record shows to watch later?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I love Halloween..I know I have said that before.I just really,really,love Halloween! Have you started shopping for costumes this year? I always start looking early so I can get the perfect costumes for the kids.This year Princess Reagan started out wanting to be the Candyland Princess.We had the costume and just needed to add the accessories when she found a black gown and rainbow metallic witch hat in my costume tote,and now she wants to be a "beautiful witch" as she put it.I will have photos of them in costume after we do our Halloween activities,but for mow,I wanted to show you some of what we purchased.

My oldest son,Monster G wanted to be Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.I found this costume on amazon.It is actually an adult size but I wanted the shirt to be big and sloppy looking .He was thrilled when he came home from school to this package.It includes the mask,machete and shirt,plus we got  stage blood and scar tissue makeup to add a little extra gore.

Monster A,my other son, is going to be a Star Wars ARF Trooper.You can find my review of this costume in my Halloween reviews.I purchased this blaster weapon complete with sound to finish off his outfit.Now I just need to get witch shoes and tights for the princess and we are finished..woo-hoo!

What about you? Do you have all the Halloween costume items you need this year,or are you running out last minute to finish?

My Style With Princess Reagan-Saturday

 So this was Reagans look for Saturday.The Polliwalks gator shoes and Babylegs leg warmers combined with a cheetah print pink jacket,purple shorts and a purple,white and teal striped shirt.

I guess all the colors do match,we added matching hair ties and she was good to go.This kid comes up with some very original styles.She is selecting her own poses for these too,so they may be a little wacky.More looks from the princess coming soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can You Say Idiots?

I am sure by now most everyone has heard of the animal slaughter in Ohio this past week.I am also sure that plenty of people don't agree with what I am about to say.Keep in mind that I live around 2 hours away..which isn't really that far considering the speed of some of those animals,and have family that live much closer than that.

What those people did to those animals was disgusting.This was such a useless waste of animal life. I don't know which is worse...

Those ignorant ass redneck cops riding around in the back of pickup trucks hunting those animals with night vision goggles..really?

The fact that they had already warned people to stay inside and could have spent more time actually trying to catch the animals instead of shooting them on sight.

That there are not one, but 2 zoos within a decent distance who could have helped,had they been notified as soon as it happened.

The fact that they started shooting the animals who were still inside the living area when the first responders questions,no plans just all out murder as soon as they arrived because they needed to "get inside".

Or the fact that not one of those animals attacked anyone.

They were shooting those animals with hand guns and laughing about it all the way.I live not too far from there myself and these are all things that were either mentioned on the local news as the event unfolded or repeated by the people involved.I call it disgusting and think every one those inbred,ignorant slobbering idiots should be fired,fined and thrown in jail.As for the sherriff..I would love to do to him what he did to those poor defenseless beauties.This is the most disgusting act I have ever seen involving animals.Had the animal control people done their jobs the multiple times they had been to the farm,those poor creatures wouldn't have been here to be let loose in the first place.I am so sick of hearing people bitch and moan about how they could have killed people..the fact remains that they didn't.Not one person was harmed directly by those animals..not one,yet they felt it ok to slaughter them like it was nothing.Sick ..just sick.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go Green Diapers Review and Rafflecopter Giveaway

I never tried reusable diapers with my kids.I didn't use them because when I heard those words,I automatically thought of those white cloth things with pins that you had to hand wash..boy was I wrong!

If I had known about the styles of reusable diapers available now,I would have invested in some long ago.Thanks to Go Green Diapers, I am now able to share this information with my sister.Being a single mom,I think these will be a life saver for her.I know I have run out of diapers in the middle of the night or had moments when they went through them as soon as I put them on,and these would be a life saver.but these diapers have a great liquid capacity,so they last much longer.Plus,with dual pocket openings stuffing is a breeze and the 3 layer microfiber insert snaps in for a secure fit.

I don't expect her to just switch cold turkey.I know she used the throw away kind with her daughter,but I am hoping she will give these a try at home,where she is comfortable.Even if I get her to use them in the evenings and at night while she is home,that will cut her diaper cost in half.Not to mention save quite a bit of room in a landfill somewhere.These one-size pocket diapers are available in a variety of colors.Fitting 4 sizes in one,they are perfect from birth to potty training or 7 to 40 pounds.Plus,you don't have to un-stuff these.Just toss in the washer and the liners self-agitate out for a nice clean wash.The soft stay-dry sueded lining provides a comfortable,dry fit for baby,while the waterproof outer is easy to clean and stylish too.

I absolutely love the design I was sent.The Champ Noir is a nice black with multi-colored snaps.This is a great style for boys and girls alike and super cute all by itself. For only $15.95,this is a great deal and will no doubt pay for itself very quickly in disposable diaper savings.I plan to encourage my sister to keep using these and may even buy her more myself to see that she does.

Go Green offers other cute products like the wet/dry bags and cloth wipes,so you can be clean and green at the same time! Plus,they have a variety of other diaper styles too.Find Go Green on Facebook or visit the site to find out more and see all the great items they offer.

Giveaway-One of my readers will get the chance to try a diaper of their own thanks to Go Green Diapers! * I was sent a sample diaper to review.No other compensation was received.The opinions are mine and not required for,or influenced by,receiving the sample product.

Wholesale Star Wars Costume-ARF Trooper

My son Aiden is a Star Wars fanatic.I am not talking about just liking the movies,my boy has Star wars everywhere,all the time.From action figures and Legos,to birthday cakes and clothing,Star Wars is his choice.This year when we talked about costumes,Aiden said he was going to be something scary,so we started off looking for just the right costume.We looked,and looked,but never found what he wanted.During this time,I was given a chance to review a costume from Wholesale Star Wars Costumes.

Now here I am thinking,my son loves the legendary movie,but he said he wanted to be something scary this year.I don't know why I even bothered thinking about it.I told Aiden he could select a costume from the site if he wanted,or he could keep looking for something scary.I wish I had a picture of his response.The only choice in his mind was which of the costumes he wanted to wear.They have a nice variety of costumes for the Star Wars fan but he narrowed it down to 3 favorites.The ARF Trooper,General Grevious and Jawa.

In the end he selected the ARF Trooper Star Wars Costume .The jumpsuit and mask look super cute on Aiden and are great quality.The material is nice and soft,not scratchy like some costumes,and the mask is great quality plastic.I hate those masks that crack and break on you,but this one is super durable.I love the detail of the costume and he loves that he looks just like a Clone Wars character.

The costume arrived within just a few days and the fit was great.It arrived in perfect condition and I think it looks even better in person than it did on the site.We ordered the size Aiden normally wears and he still has room to wear warm clothing underneath  in case it's too cool the day of trick or Treat. Now all I have to do is find the right blaster weapon and the outfit will be complete.

Wholesale Star wars Costumes has adult and pet styles as well,like this cute Yoda,so there is something for everyone.If you are looking for the perfect costume for Halloween,or just a fun item for a Star wars fan,I suggest visiting the site.They offer quality Star Wars costumes at wholesale prices 365 days a year!

*I was given the mentioned product to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for, receiving products.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pop Rocks Presents-My Costume Rocks

Pop Rocks is celebrating Halloween this year with their Pop Rocks My Costume Rocks contest for all you Pop Rockers out there.The contest features a variety of Halloween costume photos shared on their Facebook page. Participants have a chance to win a box of their Pop Rocks Flavor of the Year-Pop Rocks cool is that!

To enter the contest,simply submit your best Halloween costume photo on the Pop Rocks Facebook page now through October 31st 2011 at 11:59 pm.On November 2nd, Dr. Frank Rockenstein will randomly select 5 contest photos from all participants to win.Head on over and enter your photo for your chance to take home a box of these awesome candies!

The My Costume Rocks contest is part of the Pop Rocks Halloween Spooktacular, which also features a pre-emptive safety campaign to help keep kids safe while Trick or Treating this year.This is all part of their year long celebration to mark the 35th Anniversary of Pop Rocks.You can help with the safety campaign by following their 10 Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween...

1.Travel only in familiar neighborhoods.

2.Only stop at houses or apartment buildings that are well lit. Remain on the porch and never enter a person’s house.

3.Always travel in small groups, accompanied by an adult if under the age of 12.

4.Avoid very long costumes and oversized shoes, which can easily cause you to trip.

5.Wear reflective tape on costumes and bags so you are visible to traffic and other trick-or-treaters.

6.Walk, do not run, from house to house.

7.Always walk on sidewalks. In neighborhoods with no sidewalks, always walk on the left side of the street, facing traffic.

8.Always cross streets as a group on established crosswalks.

9.When possible use makeup instead of masks. Besides being uncomfortable, masks can obstruct a child’s view of traffic, steps, and holiday decorations.

10.Never eat candy until a parent or responsible adult can inspect it.

For more Halloween safety tips and suggestions,visit the Red Cross website.

Here are a couple fun recipes for your Halloween festivities brought to you by Pop Rocks featuring the Halloween Pumpkin Patch Orange..

Edible Wizard Wands

Pretzel Rods
Baking Chocolate
Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks

Wax paper
1.Melt chocolate in deep microwave safe bowl in microwave oven according to the directions.
2.Let chocolate cool and slightly thicken for approximately one minute.
3.Pour, stir and mix desired amount of Pop Rocks into slightly thickened chocolate.
4.Dip pretzel rods midway into melted chocolate and Pop Rocks mixture.
5.Place chocolate and Pop Rocks covered pretzel rods on wax paper to let cool
6.Refrigerate until served

Drinkable Popping Potion 

Orange and Lime Jello
Pop Rocks 
Ginger ale or Lemon Lime Soda 

Clear cups

1. Prepare Jello according to the instructions on the box
2. Cut the Jello up into small cubes
3. Set cubes of each flavor in a separate own bowl
4. Allow party guests to fill their cup with Jello, alternating colors as they like
5. Pour some Pop Rocks on top (not too many, or you'll have a mess)
6. Pour Ginger ale or lemon lime soda on top, and enjoy!

You can find out more about the contest and Pop Rocks candy by visiting

* I was not compensated  for this post.I will have an opportunity to participate in a Christmas Holiday promotion for sharing this information with you.The opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Style With Princess Reagan #1

My daughter has asked to join in my blog.Because she is 5,there isn't a whole lot she can do to contribute,but together,we have decided to do My Style With Princess Reagan posts.These are just for fun and Reagan will be showing off her style of the day.I am not sure we will do these every day,but I will try to do as many as I get a chance to do.Keep in mind,these outfits are all chosen by her and are what she actually wears each day.I have a few outfits already photographed,so I will share those first before I start new ones.

This is one of Reagans outfits from last week.
This includes her black velvet skirt,Rapunzel shirt,Strawberry Shortcake jacket and her Capezio tap shoes that she insists on wearing every chance she gets..

Playing at the park after the boys got off the school bus..

She wanted me to include this one because it has her brothers in it and she thinks it looks cool with the color effects from the My Touch 4G.

One Stop Christmas Hop Event

I don't usually participate in the blog giveaway hops because I never seem to have time.This one,however,fit right in my schedule so I decided to join in too!

The event will run for 1 full week from November 29th through December 6th.Each blog participating will host a giveaway worth at least $25 and all giveaways will be using Rafflecopter for easy entry! Simply follow the linky,hop around and enter to win!

                                                             I hope to see you all there!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Drives Me Nuts

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? When I first started seeing the commercials for it,I thought.."What an ignorant show". I couldn't even bring myself to watch it,it looked that stupid.Then one night I was reading in bed and it came on.Not wanting to get up to change the channel or locate the remote,I just left it there and continued to read.Well I guess I should say tried to read because the stupid show kept distracting me.I couldn't stop watching it to save my life.

The next day I was telling my husband about not being able to change the channel and he laughed at me like I was crazy.I told him to stuff it and went on with my day.For me that was the end of that..the show was stupid and I was done with it..or so I thought.Now it seems like whenever it is on,I just can't stop myself from watching it..watching it and thinking.."What the hell am I doing.. this show sucks".I still hate the show..I mean really, really hate it but,I have found it is so stupid that I have to watch it.I have to see what kind of craziness Sheldon comes up with.I have to watch Penny make the guys look like even bigger dorks than they are.I have to watch little David from Roseanne pretend he is cool when really,he is not.

I really hate this show,but sort of like Hoarders,once it is on I am doomed.So what do you think? Do you watch TBBT? Do you actually like it,or like me,are you drawn to it's ignorance?

Proud to Support Pink With Freschetta Giveaway

Have you heard of the Proud to Support Pink Program?  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness  month and Freschetta is doing their part with this wonderful program.Now through October 31st,when you purchase specially marked packages of Freschetta pizzas and Artisan Pizza Crusts, you will be helping toward their goal of a $50,000 donation to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The specially marked packages have printed codes that you can enter at Proud To Support Pink.For every code entered,Freschetta will donate $1 for to support breast cancer research.The site also offers a way for you to share your story or discover the journeys of others.During this promotion,they are also giving away 50 pink Ipod Shuffle players each week to cancer centers across America to be used by patients during treatments.

Thanks to Freschetta,I have a coupon for any 12 oz or larger pizza and 2 pairs of Proud to Support Pink earphones to give to one lucky reader!

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 Giveaway ends October 27th at 11:59 pm. Please leave your email so I can contact the winner. *I was given the mentioned products to assist in my review as part of the Freschetta Fresh Connection Community.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for,receiving products.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toilet Tattoos Add Zing to Your Throne

Have you ever decorated your bathroom and not been quite happy with it? Yeah, you can change the tile,buy new curtains and paint, but what can you do about that ugly toilet? Let's be honest,all toilets are ugly,even if they are brand new.Toilet Tattoos can help you with that.They have a huge variety of self cling toilet seat covers that can add a little appeal to your commode.The hygienic,removable appliques are made from electrostatic vinyl film so they easily wipe clean and are reusable too.
I decided to select a tattoo for the bathroom in my bedroom,which we just painted a stunning shade of grey.I selected the Fields of Gray tattoo because I figured it would match the rest of the decor and boy was I right! This one little thing makes a big difference in how my toilet looks,as long as I can convince the husband to keep the darn seat down!

These appliques are really easy to apply.Simply peel the Toilet Tattoo off the backing,align on your seat and press down.I started at the rear and worked toward the front to get it perfectly aligned with no creases.So far there have been no problems with my Toilet Tattoo.I did notice a slight wrinkling the other day,but I think that was due to me leaving the window opened when it rained.The toilet is right next to the window and I think it gathered a little excess moisture.

There is a huge selection of designs available.The offer Holiday designs ,Seasonal characters and many more.I like some of the Artistic Canvas choices like this beautiful deer design.

Toilet Tattoos even offers potty training designs for the little ones!
If you are looking for a little something extra in your bathroom,a training tool for your toddler,or just a pretty picture to look at while cleaning,check out the many designs available at Toilet Tattoos!

*I was given the mentioned product to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for,receiving products.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Smiley Cookies

Yep,it's that time of year.Time for tricks and treats,spooky decorations and scary movies.I love Halloween and have passed that love on to my children.They are as excited as I am for this time of year and especially love the awesome sweets they get during Halloween.I am a firm believer in celebrating the moment,so when a holiday comes around,we do our best to seize the day.

With my boys being in school and being very picky about their food,we are usually packing lunches as part of our daily routine.The boys enjoy having items they want to eat and love having special treats to throw in their lunches.They were especially happy this week to have the opportunity to take Halloween Cookies from Smiley Cookie.These cute hand-iced cookies are very generous in size and feature an adorable smiling pumpkin face complete with candy corn candies.

These cookies would be great for a Halloween Party Snack or Halloween Gift Basket.There is even a mini version that would be great for all those sugar loving Trick or Treaters. Connect with Smiley Cookie on their Facebook page or visit the store to find the perfect Halloween cookie for your needs.Like them on Facebook to receive a 20% off coupon good for their Halloween Cookies.

Smiley Cookie offers many different varieties of cookies and the site is super easy to browse.You can shop by occasion,recipient or category or design your own.They even offer a big 12 inch Gourmet Sugar Cookie to share with friends or family!

* I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.The opinions are my own and not influenced by receiving products to review.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I'm Thankful for Eden Fantasys and a Great Sex Life

*This post contains adult words and information and is intended only for those old enough to appreciate it! Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

It is almost Thanksgiving..what are you thankful for? Like everyone else,I am thankful for family and friends, my life and everything in it,but..

I am also thankful for a great sex life.I mean,let's get real here,for me it all comes down to that.Great sex is the answer to life.Think about it.You have a bad day..what makes you feel better than multiple orgasms? If I am sexually frustrated,which I avoid if at all possible,I am a real pain to be around.Sometimes you might be tired,grouchy or just not in the mood but with a little help from my friends at  Eden Fantasys ,you can fix that problem in a hurry..or not if you please.

I am thankful for the selection of lingerie available.We have all probably felt fat,old or unattractive at one point or another but seeing his reaction to you in something sexy sure goes a long way in making you feel   better.What man wouldn't appreciate his woman in this Peignoir Set?

What about when the kids drive you crazy,your car breaks down or your boss makes you want to scream? I am thankful for a nice,soft massage from my man.The Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil is a great way to go from super stressed wreck to after sex glow with a relaxing massage on the way.
I am thankful for the times when I just get to enjoy my husband.You know what I mean.Those days when all you can think about is getting your hands on him...and his on you. A fun way to show your affection is with The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra. Learning new ways to enjoy your partner is erotic and satisfying...oh so thankful for this one

These are just a few of the reasons I am thankful for Eden Fantasys.You should stop by the site and see what you can be thankful for!

* All opinions are my own.I will receive a gift code for sharing my experiences with you as an Eden Fantasys Ambassador.Be sure to check back because I will be offering the code to one of my readers in the One Stop Christmas Hop coming soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Prints Makes My Card Collection Shine

My husband thinks I am mental.Alright,I will admit he thinks this often,but today he thinks I am mental for talking about where to put our Christmas cards this year.I know it is only Halloween,but I like to be prepared. I  try to figure out where we are putting our tree and holiday decorations before we even get them out of storage.This way I have a game plan and am ready to get started.

I normally put up all my decorations and tree the same day to get it all out of the way.This just leaves me finding places for newly acquired items and of course,for the many Christmas Cards we will get throughout the season.I like to display my cards for everyone to see and usually end up having them around the doorway or across the bar.My kids think I am crazy for putting them all out and leaving them until the holidays are over,but I figure,if people are going to take the time to design and send them,I should take the time to display them.I know I put lots of time into my cards,and I am sure others do as well.

I love browsing through the selections of cards and finding the perfect one for my needs.While browsing the collection at Tiny Prints,I came across some of the new styles for this year.I love these Merry Love Ornament Cards.Not only do you get a lovely card to send,but the recipient gets a cute tree decoration as well.They even come with the ribbons for you to attach before you mail them.
These cute Candy Cane Square Cards are perfect for using with that special holiday photo.You get a great card with your own photo and message in a compact little square.I like original cards,so these are examples of some I might select for myself. There are more traditional cards, flat cards and  even tri-fold cards, to allow everyone something that suits them

There are many more styles and designs to choose from,and the filters make browsing super easy too.Visit Tiny Prints to find the perfect card for your family this holiday season.

* I will receive a code to purchase my own cards as a thank you for posting this review.I have used Tiny Prints in the past and the opinions are my own.No other form of compensation was received and my review was not influenced by receiving the code.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Afternoon Delight Erotica Review and Giveaway

**This post in intended for those over the age of 18.While there is nothing extreme in the post,it is sexually related.If you are under the age of 18 or easily offended,click away now!**

Everyone knows I  love reading and I love sex,so when you put the two together,it is perfect match for me.Even though the husband and I have a healthy sexual relationship,there is always room for a little something more.Sometimes when it's been a long day and one of us is a little tired,a little sexual aide is in order.

I am not a huge fan of of porn.The movies usually have no plot and unattractive actors,so I would much rather read a sexy story.Not only is reading more intimate,but it makes you use your imagination too.You are forced to visualize the participants,not to mention you can imagine yourself and your partner performing the actions.This can lead to some very interesting activities for you as well.A good way to partake of a great sex story is by blindfolding your partner and playing with them as you read the story aloud,or reading to each other as you take turn stimulating role playing the actions.

I recently received Afternoon Delight to review as a Good Vibes Ambassador.I love that the stories in this book aren't too long,but not so short that they are over before you get into them.I reviewed Playing With Fire not too long ago,which is a similar book of erotic short stories.While both are fabulous books,the stories in Afternoon Delight are slightly more sedated than those in Playing With Fire.I didn't find anything that would be offensive or a turn off to anyone in this book.It makes a great item to tuck in that travel bag and is perfect for giving to the newly married couple or the one who might need a little extra Delight in their lives.

Thanks to Good Vibes,one of my readers gets to enjoy this book as well!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Newest Winners

I want to say congrats to the newest winners here at 2 Monsters and A Princess.Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope to see you all again soon!

Prenatal Pilates-Baby Pink Lou
Betty Crocker-Debi Jackson
Laura Design-Amy V
KY Intense-Chloe,Debi Jackson,Liz Samples

All winners have been emailed and have 2 days to reply or I will draw a new winner.

Beautiful Holiday Cards from The Gallery Collection Review and Giveaway

Picture I was,sitting in front of the computer scrolling up and down for over an hour.Ok,we have probably all done that at one time or another,but I was sitting there all this time deciding on Christmas Cards.I seriously couldn't decide which ones I wanted.I had it narrowed to about 5 different designs,but I just didn't know which one of these amazing cards I wanted.I like a card that grabs your eye,and right then,my eyes were thrilled.I know you might think that sounds a little crazy over cards,and yes,maybe I am a little picky,but these cards really are beautiful.

I had already chosen cards for the kids to hand out,but I needed something amazing for us adults as well.I finally decided to go with this gorgeous Galactic Peace on Earth card.The card is made from dark blue paper with silver foil writing and has envelopes with a matching,silver, personalized message or address.
I love the die cut window in these that allows you to see the signature from inside.These would be perfect for a corporate or office card,yet personal enough to use for a family card as well.

The Gallery Collection has a huge variety of cards to choose from,including Holiday,Birthday and All-Occasion cards.There are pretty cards and classic cards,cute cards and simply stunning ones to fit every need.Browsing the site is a joy in itself. You can search by theme,occasion and style to get just the look you want.You can even be like me and get the personalized cards for that perfect holiday greeting.There is nothing more special than something personalized.I can't wait for Christmas to hurry up and get here so I can hand these out!

Thanks to The Gallery Collection,I am able to share some of their wonderful cards with one of my readers.The winner will receive one of these 3 boxed assortments.The winner can choose between the Holiday,Birthday and All-Occasion Boxed Sets.

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Giveaway ends October 19th at 11:59 PM. Open to US residents age 18 and older.Please leave each entry in a separate comment and email so I can contact the winner.

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