Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Big Mommas'-Like Father Like Son

I told you we like to watch movies around here.I hate to pay for a ticket,wait forever for previews and listen to a bunch of idiots making noise,yelling at the screen and being jackasses in general.So once again we went to the Blockbuster kiosk and grabbed the new Big Momma movie.I will be the first to admit,these movies aren't the kind you watch when you want serious action,or serious anything for that matter,but they still work to pass the time.

I was surprised to find that in this version, Martin Lawrence dressing up as Big Momma was more to blend in while hiding his son Trent, then to actually solve a case.Trent witnesses a crime and has to be hidden from the bad guys until they are jailed.To do this he dresses like a girl as well and joins an all girls school.Once in the school they work to uncover all the details and connections between the crime and the school itself.The plot was a little stupid really and I think they should just stop here while they are still ahead..even just a little bit.The first 20 minutes were the best of the whole movie and it was downhill after that.This was my least favorite of the series and I wouldn't suggest wasting your money to watch it any other way.It may be worth a dollar from the kiosk but that's about it!

The New Thundercats-Are They Serious???

I am fact,I am beyond annoyed,I am pissed.I have been waiting for weeks for Thundercats to premier,only to have this joke of a show..really.I am so damn sick of them changing everything that was oroginally cool into this new age animated bullshit! Thundercats was a classic that just got slaughtered by television producers in the hope of drawing in a new generation.Did they ever stop to think that maybe the old school version was what made it appealing? They are called Thundercats,people..T H U N D E R C A T S..not Thunderpeople..geez!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to School in Style Giveaway #1 -Walmart and Box Tops for Education

Today we are kicking off the Back to School in Style event here at 2 Monsters and A Princess! What better way to do this then with Walmart and Box Tops!
We all know the start of the school year means lots of hustle and bustle trying to get all the items the kids need/want for school. One of the things we can do to help our schools and students is to participate in the Box Tops for Education program.With the Box Tops program you are helping not only yourself and your family,but your child's schools and teachers too.By simply purchasing the items we use anyway and clipping the Box Tops labels,we can help our teachers acquire items they might not otherwise have.Most teachers today have to purchase supplies out of their own pockets,so anything we can do to help is greatly appreciated.

There are many great products in the Box Tops list of items.Many of these items are staples in our household,so with just a few seconds of work,I can turn them into savings for the kids teachers too.Some of my favorite Box Tops items include Totinos Pizza Rolls,Pillsbury Toaster Strudel,Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Yoplait GoGurt.I never even realized some of the many products were participating,so I will have to be more careful checking the labels in the future!

You can use the Marketplace to purchase online,and register so your box tops get applied to a selected through the end of July you will earn double eBox Tops on purchases through select online retailers!
Walmart and General Mills have teamed up with My Blog Spark to offer one of my readers their own $25 Walmart gift card!

Mandatory Entry-
Which General Mills Box Tops items do you plan to purchase this school year?

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Giveaway ends August 13th at midnight.Open to US only.Please leave email and user names where applicable.Each entry needs to be a separate comment.

*"Disclosure: The information and $25 gift card to Walmart has been provided by Walmart and General Mills through MyBlogSpark." I received the same card for posting about the program and the opinions are my own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Serenity Giveaway #5-Stopain Lets You Get On With Your Day 8/10

Do you get headaches? I know some people who never seem to get a headache,while I get them multiple times a week.Sometimes they are just a minor irritation,while other times it feels like my eyes are going to burst out of my head.When the headaches are minor,simple things like laying down or supporting my head on a pillow or cushion will work,but really,who has time to just lay around and wait for a headache to go away?I also have Fibromyalgia,which if you don't have it can be very hard to comprehend.There are days when it takes every effort I have just to get out of bed.There are times when the pain is so bad I can't turn my head,move my neck or even go to sleep.

I have tried over the counter pain medications,heating pads,ice and even a tens unit,but none of them work for long or totally stop the pain.Then I was offered a chance to try a product that could possibly help...Stopain. Available in 4 varieties with the soothing cool of menthol and suggested for minor back pain,arthritis,strains,sprains and bruising,I decided to give it a try.

Stopain Spray
Stopain Extra Strength Spray Stopain Extra Strength Roll-On and 
Stopain Gel
I was sent a sample of the Stopain roll on to try.I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, as I have tried similar products with little to no results.As expected my first opportunity to try Stopain came within just a few days of receiving it.I had a headache that just wouldn't go away and was slowly working itself down my neck and into my shoulders as well.I was about to try an OTC medicine for pain when I remembered this.I figured now was the perfect time to give it a try.

Applying the product was easy,simply remove the cap and roll on.I did not notice any dripping after application which is a huge plus.I used it on my forehead,neck and shoulders. I noticed an immediate relief of the pain in my neck and shoulders.I am not saying it just went away but you noticed a change within seconds and the relife got better over a few minutes.I was beginning to wonder if it was going to work on my headache,especially since it is not marketed for headaches at all.I was sitting there talking to the husband about it when I realized my head no longer hurt either.

I have used the Stopain many times after the first and each time it has been successful in weakening or totally relieving the pain.So far the husband and I have used it on the neck,head,shoulders,lower back and knees.Each time we have been pleased with the results.I like that I am no longer having to take daily doses of aspirin or similar products for pain. I try this first and if I still have pain,then I take the medication.I enjoy the menthol scent as well,but it isn't overpowering and doesn't last too long.
Giveaway- Stopain has agreed to provide one of my readers with their own bottle of roll-on !

Mandatory entry-
Tell me what you think you might use this for.

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*I was sent the mentioned product to assist in my review.The opinions are my own from personal experience.

No Work Spanish Really Works

I have noticed in the recent years that it will soon be necessary for my children to speak another language.As the US becomes more and more diverse,the need for a way to communicate is vital.I took a few languages in school so I have tried to teach them a little here and there,but I admit I don't remember half of what I used to know.

When I was offered the chance to try No Work Spanish, I thought this might be the perfect way to touch up my Spanish and maybe teach them a little more as well.The point of No Work Spanish is just that,no work.It is meant to be learned the way we learned our first language,by listening and repeating.Each sentence is said first in English and then repeated in Spanish.Once this is complete the story is read again in Spanish to help reinforce what you just heard.This concept is like learning a song by hearing it over and over again,you don't try to memorize the words but each time you hear it playing you realize you know more and more of it.

I was sent Yaks March on Washington and Poster Girl to try.When they first arrived,my kids thought they were for school,and were none to happy to be getting school stuff during the summer.Once I convinced them that these were in fact supposed to be fun for them and not required,they were much more open to trying them out with me.
The story's are entertaining and the kids found parts of them to be very funny. I did notice though that toward the end they started to get fidgety and restless until they eventually got up to go play.

The kids did find it entertaining to learn this way,although I think they are a bit much for the younger kids.My boys didn't have much trouble repeating what they learned but my daughter was lost.Reagan is only 5 and was 4 when we tried these,so I wasn't surprised that they were too advanced for her,but would love to see a version geared a bit more at the younger ages.The boys though do know more words then they did before trying these,so they did work at some level.I think had they spent more time doing them,the results would have been better.I do think they are perfect for someone who wants to learn but doesn't have much time.You could do these in the car,while taking a bath,relaxing by the pool and much more.I use them while relaxing in the bubble bath and try to do some each week for a refresher,now I just need more books!

While I would not buy these for a child just learning to speak,I would recommend them for someone wanting to learn a little when they can,where they can at their own pace.I think the sentences,while not beginner lever,are not too difficult and the way they are weaved into a story makes grasping the use that much more simple.
You can see more on the books, as well as try the first 3 chapters of a book free by going here. You can purchase them through MP3 download at both Amazon and CD Baby.

* I was sent the mentioned products to assist in my review.The opinions are my own from personal experience.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Serenity Giveaway #4-Anti-Monkey Butt Products Don't Monkey Around

Wow,it is hot out this year.Did I say hot..yeah try damn hot..crazy hot..wanna run around naked all day hot..blah.I say this from the comfort of my central air where I try to stay as much as possible.I hate the heat.Sometimes,though,I have to venture out.I have to go to the store,take the kids swimming,run errands and all the other things parents have to do every day.One of the things that come with such extreme temperatures is sweat and with sweat comes chaffing,rashes and red,raw skin.

I was sent a few products to counteract these issues during the sweltering heat.The first product I received was the Anti Monkey Butt Powder.Made with talc and calamine,this is specially formulated absorb sweat and minimize frictional skin discomfort.Simply dust the sensitive areas with powder before riding a bike or motorcycle,playing sports or any other activity that creates sweat or causes you to be on your butt all day.This is perfect for truck drivers,boaters,camping,hiking and more. You can even sprinkle in your shoes,dust after a bath or use after sweating to help stop the monkey butt before it starts.My husband tried this in both his shorts and shoes before going to work and after swimming and said both times it minimized seat and wetness in both areas.

I also received the Lady Anti Monkey Butt powder to try .This is made similar to the original but with women in mind.This is great to use for exercising,dance,Zumba or any other body-working, friction- producing activities we ladies like to do..or don't like..either way.Lady Anti monkey Butt works quickly to absorb sweat and provide cooling relief of all your lady parts that are prone to rubbing. I noticed a definite difference when using it under the breasts or around the bra line.I know boobs,bras and sweat don't mix well at all, but a light dusting of the powder kept the redness in check.

The last product I was offered to try were the Safari Towels. Described as the "shower-to-go", these are perfect for travel,the office,locker, briefcase,backpack,purse and more.The generous 24 by 14 inch size allows for an easy,convenient wipe-down anywhere.Each package contains 3 jumbo sized towels ,simply use one and reseal the pack to save for another time.These could be great for a diaper bag never know what can happen with kids along!

"For every bottle of Anti Monkey Butt purchased on their website between now and September 30, Anti Monkey Butt will donate $1 to Veteran Outdoors PLUS send a free Anti Monkey Butt product to a soldier serving our country through The Hugs Project."

Thanks to Anti Monkey Butt 1 winner will receive the 3 products I reviewed to try themselves!

Mandatory Entry-
Tell me which of the Anti Monkey Butt products you would like to try the most.

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*I was given the mentioned products to assist in my review.The information was provided or taken from the site and the opinions are my own and not influenced by, or required for, receiving products.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Serenity #3-Prefense Hand Sanitizer Review and Giveaway

Do you ever think about the things that you touch or come in contact with in any given day? I was thinking about this today during a birthday party for my friends 2 year old.I have always been the kind of person that keeps hand sanitizer in my purse,so having it on hand is nothing new to me.I have tried quite a few varieties including gel,foam and lotion sanitizers.I even put one in my boys backpacks for school.When I was offered the chance to try Pre-fense hand sanitizer-I, of course,said yes.

Prefense is is made with citric acid and delivers a soft,fresh,citrus scent yet is powerful enough to last through 10 hand washings.This silica based product softens,smooths and protects while it provides safe protection from germs and bacteria.The alcohol-free,all-natural formula fights drying,redness and chapping too!

I have used the sanitizer multiple times myself and my boys and sister have tried it as well. Everyone mentioned the scent and the fact that you could really feel the crispness of it when applied.I like that the easy use pump allows control over how much you get.This means just the right amount of foam to get the job done,without having a bunch of excess on your hands.For all you parents out there..this is non-toxic and safe if swallowed.Now I am not saying you are going to let them drink it but if the little one should happen to grab your purse or get in the diaper bag where it's kept,then you won't have to worry.It even protects against staph,strep,E.Coli,drug resistant MRSA strains and more.
You can purchase Prefense products here from the site or on Amazon.

One winner will receive an 8 ounce bottle of Prefense-that's 640 applications! Using it by yourself at the suggested 1 application per day that is almost enough for 2 years! My review bottle was 1.5 ounce and it still has plenty left,so I imagine this bottle will suit just about anyone!

Mandatory entry-
Tell me where you would keep this if you won.

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Giveaway Ends August 8th at midnight and is open to US residents only.Please leave appropriate user names,links etc and email for contacting winners.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Captain America-The First Avenger3D

So my husband and I went to see Captain America at AMC this weekend.Now I admit I am not the biggest fan of super hero movies because they are usually more hype then anything else.I was not real impressed with the Spiderman series,The Hulk was a bomb,and so, I was not expecting much from this one either.

Brad had waited for this ones for months though,so you know as a loving wife I had to go with him.Then he decided he wanted to see it in 3D..geez.

Based on the Marvel character Captain America
The first part of the movie was a bit slow for me.Opening with present day scientists making a discovery in the ice,then switching to WWII and a gangly Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) trying to get in the army..and failing miserably.I know this was needed to get into the core of the film,but still I found myself getting a little bored.Once it picked up though,it really was much better then I had thought.I liked that they stuck to much of the original story but some of the changes weren't so impressive.Bucky died a little early for me but maybe that's due to not following Captain America as much as my husband.It was a little hard to swallow ray guns during WWII,or hovercraft type vehicles.I did like that they included  Howard Stark (Dominik Cooper).If you don't know or remember he is the father of Tony Stark..aka..Ironman.

The 3D effect was a little disappointing for me.There were some areas where it made a difference,the depth was there but only a few places really jumped out at me.Much of the movie it really had no effect except to make it impossible to watch it without the glasses. I found myself getting a headache from it actually,which I think had to do with the darkness of much of the film mixed with the 3D itself.My husband said he started to get a headache as well,so I know it wasn't just me.

All in all the film was great for what it was.I am not sure it was worth $27.00 for 2 tickets plus another $12.00 for pizza and drinks at Sbarro in the mall while we waited for the movie,but it made the husband happy.I would watch it again..who am I kidding..I will end up owning it anyway thanks to you know who.I imagine the boys will want to see this one too.

My Movie Reviews-The Lincoln Lawyer

It's that time reviews by! I usually have a list of movies that I want to see and if I don't.. the husband does.We try to rent movies on weekends so we can spend a little quality time together.Last week I cashed in some points from e-rewards for Blockbuster Express codes so we logged on and found the ones we wanted.My husband had been waiting to see The Lincoln Lawyer,so it was a must have.I admit I really didn't remember seeing previews or anything for this movie,so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Based on the novel by Michael Connelly,the movie starts out with Mick Haller (Mathew McConaughey) doing his rounds as a defense attorney who wheels and deals out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car.Haller is asked to take a new client by a "friend" who says he referred the client to him.Upon meeting the client Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), he hears the story and starts to believe he just might be innocent of the accused assault and attempted murder.

The movie starts to twist when things aren't turning out as initially thought.Is the victim really a victim or a scam artist out to con Roulet of his money by accusing him of a crime he didn't commit? Can Haller figure out the mess before it comes crashing down around him? I don't want to tell you more or it may spoil the movie for those that haven't seen it yet.

My take on it-
I was able to predict some of what happened in this movie-which didn't surprise me.It actually reminds me of another movie,but I just can't remember the name of it.The overall movie was worth watching if you enjoy a good twister.A little drama mixed with some exceptional lawyer tricks makes it a decent story,though a little more originality would have gone a long way.I wouldn't pay to see this in theatres,and probably wouldn't rent it again either,but I would watch it on cable if it were on.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Peek In My Purse

The B Keeps Us Honest-Product Review
I am always saying I am going to join in the various hops,memes etc. that I read in my inbox.I mean to do this all the time..but never do.Then ,today I saw this post from The B Keeps Us Honest and decided to join in.

Peek  a Look Inside is a way for us to be nosy and have a little look into another persons life for a minute.This time the theme is time..who knows!

So here is a look into my purse -
                                      Demonia leopard skull purse with zipper mouths

HTC HD7 Windows phone (which I used to take the photo so it's not pictured)
Pink ribbon wallet
Buck knife-A girl's gotta be safe and it comes in handy so often!
Clorox hand sanitizer
Hair Shots-coconut mango
INC. R2 rollerball pen
Body Essence raspberry lotion
Just in Case compact w/storage (actually a condom box but I use it for aleve storage)
Blistex Fruit Smoothies melon medley lip protectant w/sunscreen

I never realized how boring my purse is until now! Join in the fun,be a little nosy and let us see in your purse!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Giveaway Love for Some of My Favorite Bloggers

I just wanted to share a couple of the best giveaway from my inbox recently.I am trying to clear out 17,000 emails so I thought,while I am entering them,you should too! I always subscribe to my fav blogs via email so I don't miss a post..or a great giveaway!

The Not So Blog-$300.00 GC- she has teamed up with Pampers to host this amazing giveaway! HURRY ENDS TODAY!

Momspotted-$500 Bounce House Now GC  There are so many options to use this on! I want to win but good luck to everyone else! Ends July 24th

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Serenity Giveaway #2-Wisharoo Park 7/20

If you read my recent review of Wisharoo Park then you are already excited for this giveaway.If you didn't,you might want to go check it out ."Wisharoo Park is dedicated to promoting positive self-image and self-esteem in preschool age children. It was originally introduced by airing as a children’s TV series on PBS stations across the country and is now rolling out as a dynamic multimedia program which includes the interactive website, DVDs and more!"
Wisharoo Park really is something to keep your eye on.I hear it is expected to be the next big thing in the toddler world,and I can definitely see why! Since the first day we received their fabulous items,my daughter has been obsessed and I bet your little one would feel the same.Now thanks to Wisharoo Park, you can join in the fun too!

GIVEAWAY  Grand Prize packages  consisting of one Wisharoo Park DVD and six WishStars = a $40 value each plus Three Runner-up Prizes each consisting of three sets of six Wish Star finger puppets = a $20 value each!

My Giftskins Wrap

I won the coolest prize through a giveaway at   Leslie Loves Veggies .I won gift wrap from Giftskins. I was able to create my own personalized gift wrap for someone.I chose to design it for my daughter Reagan because she turns 5 tomorrow.
There were plenty of designs to choose from and it took me awhile to decide on the perfect one until I saw the rainbows.The princess loves rainbows and anything rainbow colored,so I knew it was the one for me.

You are able to add your own photos and words to make it even more special.I asked for the wrapping to say "Happy Birthday Princess Reagan" and they even added the extra "Reagans" all over it too! I had no idea which pictures to use and pressed for time,I picked a few at random and asked her to select the right ones.

As soon as it arrived,I was excited to open it.Imagine Reagans' delight when she opens her specially wrapped gifts!

*I was not compensated for this post.I just wanted to share my win with everyone!

I am Using Rafflecopter

Just wanted to let you all know,starting now I will be using Rafflecopter for my giveaways.I tried the new system myself while entering a few giveaways and was impressed with how much simpler this makes it! I hope you all enjoy and come back soon for my giveaways from Wisharoo Park,Eden Fantasys and more!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wisharoo Park Review

I was recently sent some products for review that were a huge hit with the little ones in the family.Wisharoo Park is a new collection of fun for the kid in all of us. Wisharoo Park is not just another toy line.It is a total multimedia package for preschoolers and their parents!
I was sent 6 adorable little star shaped finger puppets in blue,yellow and purple to review.I was sure my 4 year old daughter would love these,as she is always wanting to do puppet shows,but to my surprise,my not -quite 2 year old nephew went wild over them too! I was able to give one of each color to both of them and they happily sat down to play.The puppets come ready to use with a cute little pocket on the back for their little fingers to slip into.The happy faces and bright colors grab the attention of the new owner and keep it too.I was amazed to see the 2 of them sit there for quite awhile playing and pretending with the star puppets.

I was also given a Wisharoo Park DVD to try out.I put in the disc and watched as the kids laughed and giggled with the too cute characters.I was surprised to see even my 8 and 10 year olds settle down to watch it too.The 2-disc DVD contains 13 episodes from Season 1,which focus not only on fun but on learning as well.The episodes aren't too long,which is great for little ones,yet long enough to be interesting.I like how they manage to include lessons and learning without making it seems like an educational thing.
My daughter really enjoyed the website.The first thing she wanted to try were the puzzles.She liked the fun and colorful characters,I liked that they come in 3 levels of difficulty to grow with her as she does.Next she tried the online coloring pages which can be printed for saving or for coloring with markers or crayons.While she did enjoy these,she wished there were more of the characters to choose from.Next up was music with Monkey B.This is a nice way to teach a little music to a child.The monkey character talks to you telling you what to do step by step.Starting with a single note and progressing to full lines,it allows your little one to feel like they have accomplished a big feat.Reagan's favorite activity was the Star Catcher game.This is a simple game where the child uses the mouse to aim the little colored stars at the matching targets.The targets change places for variety and play a little musical sound when the star hits the correct target.
Be sure to visit the store to order your own DVD and wish stars! Shipping is free and the price of the DVD is only $19.99.Add the set of 3 wish star puppets for only $9.99 more.  You can also sign up for the fantastic newsletter which is filled with family friendly activities, fun facts, crafts, contests, recipes, and terrific tips for boosting your child's self esteem and social skills. Signing up is free and your youngster will be sure to love it!

*I was given the mentioned items to assist in a review.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What A Weekend!!

So of course, since it was the 4th, and every other person in my family depends on me to organize get-togethers of any kind,once again,I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get everything done in time.I managed to get everyone invited,grab the food and other items I needed and straighten up the house in time.This might have even been great had my sister not decided to be over an hour late.I hate when people are late.I mean 5 minutes is fine but once an hour has passed,I am beyond irritated.I cannot stand to's a flaw some say,but for me ,it is normal.I yell and complain at whomever caused me to have to matter what the reason behind it.

So anyway,after waiting and being annoyed,my sister arrived and guess what..she hadn't finished her noodle dish yet! I could just kill her I swear.After another half hour of listening to the children complain they wanted to eat,we were finally ready.We had bbq chicken breast,hot dogs and burgers as well as jello cake,brownies,pasta salad,baked beans,deviled egs and more.

The rest of the day went pretty well.My grandmother came as well as my sister and of course the whole bunch here.I had planned for there to be more people but my mom had planned a visit with my great-grandmother,and my other sister was catching a ride with her, so we made do with just us.

The food was great,but the company is what makes the gatherings in our family.My sisters and I are all close and even with the sibling rivalry that never seems to end,we would all do anything for one another.I love being able to get us all together with our kids and visit.I have the oldest 3 followed by my middle sister who has my only niece and is pregnant again..woo-hoo,and my baby sister who has my only nephew.

The kids enjoy hanging all over my grandmother, and since none of my cousins have any children,they are her only great grand-children.She loves to be able to spend time with them and that's ok with me.I am grateful we all share a bond that won't break.I see the way some families are today and wonder how they can even call themselves family at all!

After a few hours everyone was tired and ready to call it a day.We packed away the food,cleaned up the kitchen and said our goodbyes.It was a great day in the end and I look forward to the next one!