Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Bond Couture Nursing Cover Giveaway 10/10

Baby Bond nursing covers are versatile and comfortable,while maintaining your fashionable look. Available in 3 styles and in a variety of colors,these make a great shower gift for any new or expecting mom.Baby Bond covers are convertible to create multiple styles from one piece.To read more check out my review.

Thanks to BabyBond and Tomoson,I get to give one of my readers their own Baby Bond Couture nursing cover as well.I am going to use Rafflecopter for this giveaway just to try it again.I am not the biggest fan of it myself,but others seem to like it better so here we go .

 *I was given the mentioned products to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by or required for receiving products.Giveaway items provided by the sponsor. Sponsored by

Cover Yourself with Baby Bond

We all have different opinions,beliefs and methods when it comes to deciding what is best for our babies.I chose to try and breastfeed with all my children,while others may not.I didn't have much luck,my babies were all very small and my breasts were not,so we ended up having to supplement while they tried to learn to latch better.For me,one of the worst parts about breastfeeding was having to do it while out in public.It is very hard to keep everything concealed and still allow your baby to feed comfortably!

When I was sent a nursing cover from Baby Bond,I knew it would be perfect for my sister.Being a single mom,she needs all the help she can get.Baby Bond Couture covers are designed to be used with shirts that allow nursing from the top or bottom and are able to be worn in a variety of styles.You can twist and turn it to create the perfect look that fits your needs.Plus the Original comes with a built-in burp cloth and they have built-in storage pouches too.Use it,clean up and store it in itself. This is a perfect way to cut down on items in the diaper bag and still have what you need to feed.

Available in Original,Flex and Couture and in a variety of colors,these make a great gift for that new mom or mom to be.You can purchase them directly from Baby Bond or on Amazon.

* I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mixbook Cards For the Holidays

Are you card shopping yet this year? I know I complained about the Christmas decorations and such in the stores already,but,I do like to get my cards done early.I like to take my sweet time searching through the personalized cards to find just what I want.I try to get cards from us as a family that are usually more adult themed,and then get cards from the kids that are fun and cute.This year I was offered a selection of 5x7 flat cards from Mixbook and decided to use those for the kids.

The selection of cute holiday greetings available was fun to browse,although deciding took me a little longer than it probably should have.My husband says I need help and choosing a card should take 5 minutes..blah.I finally decided on these Jolly Presents flat 5x7 cards.This is how they looked when I started...

I added decorations,my own message and changed the shapes and sizes of the photos and ended with this..
                                                                   front and back

I was amazed at how quickly my order arrived with these.I received my confirmation and had the cards in hand within days.The quality was great and the printing was flawless.The come with white envelopes for mailing too.The cards looked even better in person than they did on screen and I am excited to let them take them to teachers and friends at school this Christmas.

You can find Mixbook on Facebook or Twitter or visit the site to browse the selection of holiday cards for your own personalized creations.They also offer photo books and calendars for that one of a kind gift.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD Giveaway

Playful Planet Storytime Yoga is a great way to keep your little one active,green and having fun.Never heard of it before-check out my review to learn more.

Playful Planet has offered one of my readers their own DVD copy of Storyland Yoga!!

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Giveaway ends October 9th at 11:59 PM.Open to US only.Please leave your user names,links etc. for extra entries and email so I can contact the winner.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playful Planets Storyland Yoga

Have you ever tried Yoga? I have been doing it for a little over a year and have noticed it really does help you feel more relaxed and limber.My daughter tries to do the poses with me,but they are a bit much for her at times.When I was given the chance to try Playful Planet Storyland Yoga,I knew it would be great for the Princess.Eco-friendly in it's 100% recycled packaging,the DVD helps to give children and eco-conscious message while remaining fun.

When the DVD arrived,Reagan was anxious to give it a try.She got out her mat,grabbed her favorite drink bottle and was ready to go.Storyland Yoga helps kids learn Yoga postures by imitating the animals in the stories.Both Condor Trek and Save the Whale are short enough that they don't get boring (18 and 23 minutes),yet long enough to be effective.Geared for ages 3-8,this was a perfect match for Reagan.She was able to do the poses without difficulty and enjoyed watching the stories as she did it.She was thrilled to be able to keep up with the children on the screen too.

I think this is a cute way to introduce a child to yoga without overdoing it.The moves are simple and combined with the characters,they do seem to enjoy it.The have also received awards from

Parent’s Choice Approved
Mom’s Choice Gold
Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product and 
Creative Child Magazine “Preferred Choice” in the Environmentally Friendly Category.

* I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

What's On My Mind

Why do some people think they have to put every aspect of their lives on Facebook? I can at least understand this somewhat from social media involved individuals,but some of the things I see on Facebook make me cringe.Why would you put your personal drama out there for the world to see?

I wonder how many parents know where their kids are after school.I pick my boys up from the bus stop every exceptions.I am amazed at the number of kids walking home alone or hanging out and not even going home.Hello people..ever heard of child molesters,rapists and murderers? I don't mean teenage kids,I am talking about 5 and 6 year old children just left to get home on their own.Our bus stop is not in view of most of the homes,yet probably 60% of the parents are nowhere to be seen.Ugh..this really pisses me off!

Why do stores feel the need to put Christmas crap on display before Halloween even gets here? I want to see skulls and ghosts at this time of year not snowmen and

Are they ever going to stop putting more judge shows on television? I enjoy a little smart ass litigation every now and then but really..there are like 20 of them and they are on all day long..geez.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Betty Crocker and My Blog Spark-Review and Giveaway

I love chocolate.Dark chocolate,chocolate fudge,milk name it,I like it.I am especially fond of brownies for their chocolaty,chewy,yummy goodness.I usually try to make brownies at least once a week at my house and thanks to Betty Crocker, this is a fast and simple task.

I was sent a prize pack from Betty Crocker that contained a box of the new Milk Chocolate variety to try and as always,I am thrilled.The directions are easy to follow,preparation is a snap and the taste is delicious.I  made these in the included brownie pan for a thicker style brownie,but with the Betty Crocker mixes,you can chose what size batch you make.Maybe you want them thin to go under a scoop of ice cream,or thick like mine to drizzle with butterscotch or caramel topping.I especially love to eat them alone,which I did,right out of the oven.Of course,I had to make these BEFORE dinner,bad idea,so all the kids begged for one too.I ended up giving them one with their meal,and of course they ate them first.Ahh well, they get it honest.

My husband took a couple to work with him,where the guys he works with promptly begged him to share.Out of all the people who tried them,there were no complaints,so a thumbs up BC for the delicious Milk Chocolate Brownies!!!

One of my readers will get a prize pack just like mine thanks to Betty Crocker and My blog Spark.

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Giveaway ends September 30th at 11:59 pm.Please leave a different comment for every entry.Don't forget to include your user names,links etc. for extra entries and email so I can contact the winner.

 *The product,prize pack,information and giveaway prize were all provided thanks to Betty Crocker as a member of My Blog Spark.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for, receiving products.

Handpainted Personalized Lunchbags from Not Too Shabbey

Well school has officially been under way for 3 weeks now and I am ready for summer again.It seems like the wants,needs,have to haves never stop during the school year.My boys aren't that fond of public school and because of that,I try to do everything I can to make it better for them.One of the ways I do this is by getting them things that the other kids don't have.This gives them something to talk about and has led to many new friends.When I was given the chance to try these super cool hand-painted,personalized lunch bags from the Not Too Shabbey Etsy shop.

There were several colors to choose from but Aiden picked green because it matches his Skechers..go figure.He was able to select from various designs and fonts for his name.This is what he decided on.The bag arrived rather quickly,especially being that it is hand painted and personalized.The bag measures 9 "H x 6.5 " W x 4 " D and is made from high density thermal insulation to keep your food nice and fresh.Drop in an ice pack and send anything you want in their lunches..or yours!

Aiden has used this bag several times with no tears or fading of the designs.Being an 8 year old boy,he is a little rough with things,but even tossing this into his backpack at the end of the day caused no damage to it at all.Not to mention the attention he received from the other kids at school.You can also get backpacks,pencil cases and water bottles to match!

There are many other cute items in this shop aside from the lunch bags.How about these beautiful hand painted Colorful Leaves Glasses.Done in multiple colors,with silver and gold thrown in for sparkle,these are just amazing.

I love this Cream Rose Cake Dome too! Look how lovely this is.This would be a perfect gift for any baking lady,georgous and useful too!

* I was sent the mentioned item in order to do a review.The opinions are my own and not influenced by receiving the item.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extra Giveaway Entry Or Just Because You Like Me

If you have a second,please go vote for my daughter Reagan Olivia.She is entered into a Cutest Kid Contest and if she wins,she will get to do a complete photo shoot.I would love for her to experience this,so I am offering an extra entry into every giveaway if you vote for her.Click the above photo and click "like" once you are on the facebook page-that's it.Then come back to any giveaway and comment-"I voted for the Cutest Kid" or something to let me know you voted for her.You can get an entry into every running giveaway as well as any future giveaway through September if you do this.Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet and Simple Bath Salts from the Desiderio Gallery

Have I told you how much I love bath accessories? I probably have,but just in case,I am saying it again.I love to have nice,good smelling,additions to my bath water.I enjoy soaking in the evenings and nothing makes it better than to add in a little bubble bath,oil beads or bath salts.

Speaking of bath salts,that is the point of my post.I was sent a sample tin of the  Sweet and Simples Bath Salts thanks to The Desiderio Gallery.I really didn't care which scent I received,so I left that up to the sponsor to decide.I was sent the Rosemary Grapefruit sampler tin to try,which was a great choice for me.I like fruity smells and this one delivered just that.Not too strong but just enough scent that you could tell it was there,I really liked these bath salts.I also like the sound of the Eucalyptus Mint and the Jasmine Lavender,you know,if anyone reading this needs a gift idea for me.

Made from organic and natural ingredients,these contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives.The hand labeled corked glass bottles and pint canning jars are reusable and recyclable,so you can be green while you relax and enjoy these luxurious bath salts.You can even work with them to do a custom fragrance blend.My only complaint is that I want more.I used the 1.5 oz. sampler tin in about 3 or 4 baths,and now it is gone..sniff,sniff.

             The Desiderio Gallery offers unique selections in other categories as well.I love this girls tutu

                                                     and these beautiful butterfly hair pins

They not only feature their own items,but sell items hand made in the US and Canada for other designers and artists as well.I really liked everything I saw on the site.I browsed the hair,bath and kids categories and found each of the above mentioned favorites and more.For a very unique gift or something to treat yourself,visit The Desiderio Gallery.

* I was sent the mentioned item in order to form a review.No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own from my experience.

Bounce It Off Millions Facebook Campaign

As a member of the One2One Network,I have been given the opportunity to tell you about the Bounce It Off Millions campaign. Right now you can go to the Bounce it off Millions Facebook page,click on the app and ask a question you need help answering.Maybe you don't know where to vacation this year,or the perfect way to propose.Need help figuring out the right color dress for that special occasion or which kind of car to buy? Just fill in whatever is on your your two answer choices and submit.You question will be turned into a poll so others can vote.

I asked where a better vacation spot would be for a hot and steamy adult getaway.
In the middle of the jungle surrounded by wild,roaming animals or
On a cruise ship way out in the ocean
What do you think?

Plus you can answer the questions other people asked while you are there.Don't forget , you can also enter the drawing for Bounce Dryer Bars.Win a set of 2-one to keep and one to share with a friend...5000 winners will be chosen to win a set! Plus the Grand Prize-turn your question into a Facebook advertisement where 150 million users can help you decide what answer is best. That's a whole lot of help!

******The campaign ends on September 19th,so hurry and enter to win.*********

*By posting this as a member,I an entered into a prize drawing. No other compensation was received and the opinions are my own.

Our K12 Experience

I am homeschooling my daughter this year for Kindergarten.I did the same with both of my boys,so it is nothing new.Well I guess it is a little new because we are using K12.I actually discovered K12 through their television commercials by luck.I had previously been using ECOT,but when I called to enroll Reagan,they had a waiting list.Not wanting her to miss any school,I called K12 and got her in quickly and easily.

The enrollment process is basically the same as public school.I emailed them the required birth certificate,shot records,etc. and filled out the application.once she was accepted,we were mailed the supplies she would need this year.When they told me they were sending supplies,I couldn't have know just how much  stuff was headed our way.

I had selected to use our home computer,but by accident they mailed me one anyway.The boxes arrived containing a brand new HP Officejet,a computer with flat screen monitor,headphones,microphone,keyboard,mouse and all the wires,cables etc to set it up.I did choose to send that back because mine is already here and perfectly suitable for her to use,but it was a very nice system regardless.

What really impressed me though,was the next shipment that I received.I opened the first box to find a complete PhonicsWorks system,workbooks and teachers manuals and over 20 different books including Madeline,The Velveteen Rabbit and the Random House Book of Fairy Tales.

The next one contained counting cubes,a map and inflatable globe plus 2D and 3D shapes for sorting,grouping,patterns,counting and more.There were dry erase lap boards with markers and magnetic boards with numbers,colors and the alphabet for phonics and reading,

 Plus,everything came in these neat reusable boxes which feature written ideas inside for how to reuse them.These are great activities for the kids to do using their imagination to make these into a supply box,book case and many more ideas.

So far I am not only following the curriculum,but adding in my own lessons as well.Reagan seems to be enjoying it and has been right on track with the lessons and activities.I will give you updates as the year goes along,but if you are looking for a computer based home school option,I suggest K12.

* I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am just sharing my experience with a new school.

Shopfruit with Fruit of the Loom

I hate shopping for underwear and bras.I go into the store,find the right section and start the hunt.I always get a few minutes in and find something I just love...until I see it doesn't come in my size..or does but digs into my skin the whole time I am wearing it.Being large chested,this happens to me often.It is so difficult to find a bra that suits all my needs and fits comfortably too.

If I am sitting at work,home or somewhere mostly stationary,I don't mind a more rigid style of bra.You know what I mean,those pretty, lace and silk numbers we all have.For the times when I am chasing 5 or 6 kids,running errands and working out,though,I need something that helps support me without cutting off my circulation or digging into my shoulders and sides.

I was sent a nice package from Fruit of the Loom to try their line of products.I received two different styles of  bras to try.The first was the Shirred Front Racerback Sports Bra.These have a more narrow back that leads to the straps.I usually don't have much luck with these,so I was a bit concerned about trying them at first.I decided to wear one to the park with my friend and our little ones for a trial run.I was pleased that it actually did fit comfortably,and was able to contain "the twins" with no problems.After about 8 hours,I did start to feel a pinch in my shoulders,but I think this may have been due to the bra being brand new and not fit to my body quite yet.I also like that the band isn't constricting in these.I had no marks or soreness which has been a problem with other brands.These are great for a light workout and running,providing great support without  giving up a nice curvy look.I hate having my breasts smashed together to fit into a sports bra!

The second style I received was even better than the first.The Tank Style Sports Bra have a back designed  like a tank.Wider bands and an incredibly soft,comfortable lining made these a new must have in my life.Wearing these was such a relief for me.The bras are sturdy and cover the entire breast,both in the front and on the sides.No hanging over the edges or bulging in the front if you move around too much.There was nothing about the design,style,fit or material that I didn't like.I would have picked different colors,as I am not a big fan of blue or white,but all in all I couldn't have been happier.

The last item I received to try was a set of super comfy Boyleg Underwear.These have a nice,soft edge with a cute see through design.The waist band is flexible and the back rides just above the leg for a super fit.Not to mention,they get a  thumbs up from the husband.These are just enough to be sexy,without being too much for every day use.

I am very pleased with the items I tried.Not only would I recommend them to you for every day comfort and value,I plan to get more for me too! Right now you can use the code B2BFRUIT to save $5 off your order.Visit Shopfruit for your back to school needs,to stock up for you, or to get a jump start on Christmas. The code is good until October 31st 2011.

*I was sent the mentioned items as a member of Business 2 Blogger to form a review.The opinions are my own and I am not responsible if you don't agree with them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners with The Peaceful Housewife

Have you ever thought about how much we spend on household cleaners? From laundry detergent to bathroom cleaner,furniture polish to dish soap,the costs really add up!

After reading the e-book from Jenny Deramo, The Peaceful Housewife,I am amazed at the cleaning products you can make right in your own home. Plus,many of them are made out of items most of us already have in our homes like baking soda,vinegar,peroxide and more.The book gives detailed directions on how to make tons of different natural household cleaners and pest sprays at little cost to you.Not only can this help you save money,but it is a great way to be more "green" in your home.Many products claim to be "green",but turn out not to be as great as they say.Making your own cleaners eliminates any doubt about what may be in it or how healthy it is for you and your family.Another great advantage is that you can use the same containers,bottles etc. over and over again.This helps cut down on waste in landfills and allows you to have the size containers that best fit your lifestyle needs.

I will say in order to make every cleaner in this e-book,you may have to purchase a few items.I ,myself do not have things like fragrance oil,washing soda or borax in my home at any given minute.However,the cost of purchasing these items compared to the cost of store bought cleaners is minimal.I plan to try a few of these myself in the near future and suggest,if you are interested in more natural products yourself,stopping by The Peaceful Housewife for tips,discussions or to purchase the book and the products directly from Jenny.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prenatal Pilates Review and Giveaway

My sister is currently pregnant and having a hard time dealing with her weight gain.She had just gotten down to her original weight after her daughter and two weeks later,found out she was pregnant again.When I was offered the chance to try the Prenatal Pilates' DVD,I immediately thought of her.

This workout is designed by Dale Shea,a graduate of The George Washington University.Dale holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science and has been a certified Pilates instructor for over 10 years.Dale currently operates her own studio in Long Island.The DVD is divided into 4 sections plus a warm-up and cool down.The 4 sections include mat,light weights,resistance band and stability ball workouts geared toward a womans' specific needs during pregnancy.The easy to follow exercises help you stay in shape when it is the most difficult to get other forms of exercise.

Even though this is designed for pregnant women,it is great for Pilates beginners too.I was able to follow along with no problems and my sister was able to complete the workouts with minimal stress on herself or her baby.Pilates not only help you to stay in shape,they help you feel better too.Prenatal Pilates offers many benefits including increased stamina,energy boosting,minimizing weight gain and back pain and much more.Plus women who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to have babies who are more fit and easier to handle.

You can buy the Prenatal Pilates DVD  on Dales' site or on Amazon.

Thanks to Dale,one of my readers will have the chance to try it for themselves.One lucky winner will receive their own copy of Prenatal Pilates!

Mandatory Entry-
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Giveaway open to US and will end at 11:59 pm on September 27th. Please leave your user names,links etc. for extra entries and email so I can contact the winners.

 *I was given the mentioned product to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for,receiving products.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stay In Touch For Less With TracFone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you tired of the cost of cell phones? Need to stay in touch with your kids,but can't afford the expense of phones for them? Don't want to get caught up in long contracts and monthly bills?

If you have experienced any of these issues,the answer to your problems could be a TracFone. Using a TracFone is simple and easy. With the pay as you go feature,you can keep your spending down and still know where your kids are all the time. TracFone offers the least expensive way to provide everyone with a great phone in America. Plus with no contracts,activation fees,credit checks or cancellation charges,you don't have to worry about a surprise bill every month. You get nationwide coverage and even International calling to over 60 destinations all for the same low price! You can even use the International Neighbors program to provide family and friends from Canada or Mexico with a local number for them to reach you at your TracFone in the US!

TracFone offers name brand phones like Samsung,Nokia,Motorola and more from the simple,basic phone to Bluetooth enabled Smart phones. So many features are available like camera,apps,web,mp3 and more for only $29.99. Pay online or with cards available at thousands of stores all over the country and get calling and texting for under $10.00.

TracFone lets you be in control and have the freedom to do things the way you want them done. It's that simple. Listen to Real TracFone customers tell you what they think too!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Friday, September 9, 2011

Face of Betrayal-Book Review

I love to read.I usually go through a book a week,sometimes more.Although I enjoy many different types of stories,I find myself drawn to mystery,suspense and drama the most.I was recently able to review the book Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl thanks to Book Sneeze.

When I read the information for this book,I was intrigued.The storyline sounded interesting,and I had heard good things about the author.The story is about a Senate page,Katie, who is home for Christmas break when she disappears.Jumping on a hot story,reporter Cassidy Shaw reports on the missing girl and soon takes on the case in an almost personal way.Teaming up with friends,Prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI agent Nicole Hedges.The 3 friends call themselves the Triple Threat and they use their resources together to solve crimes.

When one of the women uncovers Katie's blog,they begin to believe that something sinister may have happened to her.Katie tells of a troubled romance with a man they believe to be a US Senator.As the story unfolds,the women find themselves faced with many possibilities of what may have happened to Katie.Did she run away?Did someone kill her? Did she kill herself?

While I did finish the book,and though the twists in the story were good,I admit it is a little hard to get into at first.The writing is great and the plot works,but there is just something about it that makes you a little unsure if you want to finish it or not.If you are looking for a book that you just can't put down,this is not it.However,if you want something to fill in the time in the waiting room,on the bus or during the kids various practices,this is a good choice in my opinion.

I review for BookSneeze®

* I was sent a copy of this book to assist in my review.The opinions are my own and no other forms of compensation were received.

Mat Kearney-Young Love

I was recently sent Mat Kearneys' album Young Love to review as a member of  one2one. I admit I had never even heard of  Mat Kearney before,so I was willing to give it a try.The album debuted on the #1 spot on iTunes album and rock charts so I figured it must be pretty good.

When I received the cd,I popped it in to give it a try.I have certain music that I prefer to listen to,and I am sorry to say this is just not it.While I was listening to the album,my 5 year old daughter came in the room and asked why I was listening to this old music.This caused the boys to come in as well and they proceeded to tell me this was some cheesy 80's music.I started laughing and told them it was a new album that had just come out..I can't even explain the looks I got from them.I guess my music tastes have rubbed off on them too,because they all gave it a thumbs down.

That said,I want to make it clear,we like a different style of music.You will never hear any rap or hip hop playing in our house..ever.While this album was released under rock,it is not the kind of rock I am used to.I found the sound to be more of a pop sound.The songs are light and upbeat,although many of them sound the same.The beats are similar and the voice style really never changes.I couldn't even make it through the whole album,I listened to 8 of the 10 songs in full,and skimmed the others just to say I did listen to at least part of them all.I cannot really tell you what they were about though,as I couldn't get past the whine in his voice to really listen to the words.

If you like this type of music,I would say you will probably enjoy this album greatly.It is something catchy that would probably be a hit with many teens and adults as well.The songs are not too long,so they don't drag on and the beat would be good to dance to.You can catch Mat Kearney on tour at these locations this fall-

9/14Jacksonville, FLMurray Hill
9/16Charleston, SCMusic Farm
9/17Athens, GAGA Theater
9/18Carrboro, NCCat's Cradle 
9/20Charlottesville, VA       Jefferson Theater
9/23Louisville, KYHeadliners
9/24Cincinnati, OHBogart's
9/25Cleveland, OHHOB-Cleveland
9/27Interlochen, MICorson Aud
9/29Champaign, ILCanopy Club
9/30Milwaukee, WITurner Hall
10/1Des Moines, IAPeople's
10/2Omaha, NESokol Auditorium
10/4Bloomington, INBluebird
10/5St Louis, MOThe Pageant
10/7Oxford, MSLyric Oxford
10/8Pine Mountain, GACallaway Gardens
10/20Nashville, TNCannery
10/23Washington, DC9:30 Club
10/24Baltimore, MDRam's Head
10/25Lancaster, PAChameleon
10/27Allentown, PACrocodile Rock
10/28New York, NYWebster Hall
10/29Philadelphia, PATLA
10/30Albany, NYNorthern Lights
11/1              Northampton, MA             Pearl Street
11/2New Haven, CTToads Place
11/4Boston, MAHOB-Boston
11/5Portland, METhe State
11/6Burlington, VTHigher Ground
11/8Montreal, QCPetite
11/9Toronto, ONOpera House
11/11   Buffalo, NYTown Ballroom
11/12Pittsburgh, PARex Theater
11/13Detroit, MISt. Andrews
11/15Columbus, OHNewport Music Hall
11/19Madison, WIThe Majestic

* I received the mentioned item to assist in my review as a member of the one2one network.The opinions are my own and no other forms of compensation were received.

Reusable Bags by Laura Design with Giveaway

My sister is having a baby and is due on New Years Day.This will be my second nephew and I am so excited for him to get here.I have been working hard trying to help my sister,who is a single mother already,get the things she needs for the coming baby.When I was offered the chance to try the reusable bags from Lauradesign, I was thrilled.I had tried similar bags before but the purpose I had in mind for this one was an accessory for the baby.
 The lightweight cotton bag is lined with rip stop nylon,which makes it great for carrying snacks,toys and more.The lining makes these super easy to clean and use again and again.These great bags can be used for a wet cloth for cleaning baby or a place to keep treats as he gets older.I think it would be perfect for storing pacifiers in too.This way they will stay nice and clean but easy to find on the go.

The 7x7 inch bags have no exposed seams and the size is perfect for tossing in a lunchbox,diaper bag,purse and more.You could even keep one in the glove box for emergency band aids,ointment or even spare change.There are so many different uses for these bags that it wouldn't be difficult to have 10 or 20 different ones for different purposes.Available in a variety of colors and styles,you are sure to find one you like.

This is just one of the neat items you can find in Laura's shop,she also has these wonderful neck pillows.Perfect for travel or just someone who has a sensitive neck,this is a great thing to have.Right now Laura is offering a great Back to School deal,use the code SCHOOL to get 20% off your order!

Laura has offered one of my readers 3 bags of their choice-thanks Laura!

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Cool for School with Pannaz and Giveaway

Like most of America,we are getting back into the school routine.For us this means 2 going to public school and one doing K12 home school.Even though the Princess is staying home this year,she thinks she has to have new clothes and shoes just like the boys do..go figure.Princess loves pillowcase dresses and  has been infatuated with them every since I got her first one a couple of years ago.I have said a million times that I am going to learn how to make them,but honestly,I just don't have the sewing skills necessary to make a good one,so I buy them instead.

I was looking for sponsors for my Back to School in Style reviews/giveaways when I came across Pannaz Etsy shop.I love Etsy because I love hand made items.I like the attention to detail that is lacking in mass produced items and the individuality you get from them as well.
When I asked Brandi to be a sponsor,she readily agreed and sent me this amazing pillowcase dress to review.The first thing I noticed was the stitching.The lines are nice and straight,which is a must for me.I like the combination of patterns too.They match perfectly,yet provide a nice contrasting look.Being made in a smoke free/pet free home,the dress arrived in perfect condition.Brandi did a great job of choosing a dress for the Princess and she just had to wear it as soon as we opened the package.The dress held up perfectly through dancing,running and playing and came through the wash good as new.My favorite part? Brandi sews the ribbon in the center which keeps it from falling out.I can't tell you how great this is.I hate having to thread those ribbons back into the dresses when they come out and now,I won't have to!

The great thing about the Pannaz shop...she makes other items as well! I am a big fan of the juice pouch items.I think these are too cute (and another of those things I say I am going to make and never do).I think my nephew would be too cute in this adorable shirt...

and I love the receiving/toddler blankets too!

One of my readers will get to experience the quality of her work just like me.Brandi has agreed to give a pillowcase dress to one of my readers too! The winner will get a free dress up to a size 4 or they can choose to pay only $5 for a dress up to size 8! What a great deal! You can see in the picture,the Princess will get plenty of use from this dress.She normally wears a size 4/5 so the sizing is very generous.

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 *I was given the mentioned product to assist in my review.The honest opinions are my own and not influenced by,or required for, receiving products.