Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rubbermaid Review-how we use them

First of all I should say we are die hard Rubbermaid fans in my house.I have the red lid containers that allow you to snap the lids together to keep from losing them.In my house we have so many little pieces and parts, it is difficult to keep them seperated.One day I was looking for something in which to put different beads my step daughter uses for making necklaces and bracelets,when my husband handed me one of my Ribbermaid containers.Although I didn't really want to lose one of them that I use for myself,I agreed and let her use it.Once we realized how great it worked,we had to go and get more.We have 5 children altogether,and have discovered so many uses for the containers,that we have had to go back more than once to purchase even more of them.My 3 year old daughter uses them to seperate her Polly Pocket pieces and accessories,as well as her Barbie shoes.My 3 boys ages 6,7 and 8 use them for temporary tattoos,parts to their Tech Deck skate boards,extra accessories for their action figures,and even to keep change in because they can see what is in them without having to open them.My oldest daughter ,aside from using them for beads, keeps lip glosses in one,she has pieces to her Barbie Hair Stylist set so she does not lose Barbies' hair pieces in another.I have also found uses for them myself,now that I am not so picky about using them for other things.There are so many uses for these containers around the house that sometimes you forget they belong in the kitchen, or at least you might until you open my refridgerator and see the countless nember of them used for leftovers or things that need to be put in a container after you open them,like chunk cheese or sweets.If you have never tried these products,you should pick up some for yourself,I'm sure you will love them too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Great Costume Hunt Update

Well one down and two to go in my quest for the best costumes..My Aiden has decided to be a black Bionicle and so we purchased it a couple of days ago.Now if I can get the rest done,I will be happy.I did get to put up decorations yesterday.I now have a witch,animated Frankenstein,and a tombstone in my yard as well as lights and others hanging in trees,deck,and house.Im so excited!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Great Costume Hunt

We have been hunting for costumes for about 2 weeks now,and everytime I think we are going to finally chose one..they change their mind.I have spent countless hours on ebay,amazon and various other sites as well as in stores trying to find..THE PERFECT COSTUME.I love Halloween and have passed that onto my children,much to my delight, but now they are so picky,they cannot choose.My oldest is 8 and he goes for the gruesome,scary and outright odd but he has tired of everything and cannot find anything he wants.My middle one is 6 and he did finally choose a Black Bionicle costume..now I just have to find the right laser gun accessory to match it..yeah for me.My princess however is all over the board..one day she wants to be a princess,the next a devil.She has decided on every Disney Princess at least once,Rainbow Bright,Tinkerbell,A devil,a fairy,uniqua from Backyardigans,and I dont know what else .Every time I find it,she doesn't want it anymore.My fault I know,as I spoiled her, still it can be tiresome.Anyway thats it for my costume woes at the moment.Happy Halloween from now till then.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a quick note..if you haven't had a chance to try out Cherry Doctor Pepper,give it a shot.I liked Dr. Pepper before but I am in love with the new cherry.I think I could drink it daily in fact.How they managed to add yet another flavor and still  keep it tasting so good is a mystery to me.
So it begins..the crazy time of picking out costumes for halloween.My angels are hard to please and little LULU,my daughter ,is a princess to the core,so finding the right costumes is a lengthy process to please them all.I love halloween,it is my favorite holiday and I simply cannot wait for it to come every year.HAPPY HALLOWEEN