Sunday, October 9, 2016

Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose by Kelley General

This flexible hose is not as small as I was expecting it to be when not in use, but much smaller than my traditional hose. I like that it can be coiled, curved, or even stacked in a small box for storage, so it is much easier to put away than the stiff rubber one I had before.

The expandable hose can be used alone, or added to another hose for longer length, and it comes with everything you need right in the box. Connecting it is super simple, and takes only a minute to do, and the multi function nozzle lets you control the force and direction of the water flow. 

The spray options go from a thick, strong blast, to a soft mist, so I can switch from cleaning the sidewalk to watering delicate flowers with one twist. It sprays about 15 to 20 feet on most of the settings, a little more with the stronger spray, and a little less with the fine mist. 

The only thing I question about this is how well it will hold up to children. My kids love playing with the hose in the summer, and I am not sure if this can handle the abuse. It might be fine for filling water balloons and running in the sprinkler, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with them riding a bike over this or stretching it to the limits like they do with a rubber version. The material just feels too dainty for that. I still plan to use this because I like it better, but I might hold on to my old one for awhile, just in case.

*I received a free item in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own

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