Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nursing Scrubs Are Fun To Buy

My sister is one of the hardest people I know to buy for. She doesn't really collect anything specific, she recently remodeled, so she doesn't need household items and with two small children, the choices really are limited. Through trial and error, I did manage to find something that she can always use and is always in need of, and that was scrubs. Being in the nursing field, between home health and nursing care, she can always use new ones.

The first time she told me she needed scrubs for her birthday, I have to admit,I thought that was kind of a boring gift. I wanted to get her something that stood out or that she would be able to use/wear often. When I asked her why she wanted something like that, she told me that between work and her kids, she spends most of her life in scrubs. She pointed out that they get soiled often at work and that she can never really have too many sets or pieces.

I set out with the goal to find her something that was cute and that she would like. I quickly found scrubs in white, black and every other color of the rainbow, and in many styles too. I discarded the variety of skirts I found, knowing that she was on the move too much for that to be comfortable. I had no idea there were so many choices for scrub pants. I found them in cargo style, crossover waist, utility, elastic waist, hip huggers and drawstrings, with leg cuts ranging from fitted to flare.

The tops were as much of a surprise as the bottoms. They offered selections on neck styles including yoke, v-neck, round and scooped, and a vast collection of shirts options too. I noticed several styles I had seen her wear before and started with those. The mock wrap was a style I knew she wore and so was the v-neck, as long as they featured pockets. She insists upon pockets because she always has keys, sanitizer, tissue, wipes or something else in them, so I focused on those choices first.

Here I was thinking I had this scrub thing all figured out. I knew the styles and the size I needed, all I had to do was select the colors.  She wasn't limited to certain shades, like some hospitals and offices are, so I was free to choose whatever I liked. I went to choose a few fun colors, and that was when I discovered prints. I am not just talking polka dots and stripes, when I say prints, I mean fun and flirty styles to suit just about anyone. I noticed florals, animal prints and lots of random patterns, as well as many of my favorite character and cartoon prints.

I even saw some really cute scrub jackets for those chilly days or environments and a nice selection of  shoes and lab coats too. You can mix and match colors and prints to suit your needs, or just grab a few of each and see how many outfits can be created with them. Throwing a printed top with the solid pants adds a nice mix of color and something fun for the patients to look at too. I really love the character prints for working with children.

To my surprise, I discovered that buying Nursing Scrubs really can be quite fun. They come in so many styles, colors and designs that you couldn't possibly own them all. It is a nice challenge to find just the right ones for your recipient and a delight when they are truly happy to have gotten them. Scrubs make the perfect gift for any great guy or lucky lady working in a variety of fields and places.

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